How to lose weight in the hips

The problem with many women - it's fat inthe thighs, the fat is stored there easily and quickly, and get rid of it at times very difficult. The blame for this lack of exercise and poor diet. The article contains effective recommendations for women who want to lose weight in the hips. We guarantee - you are sure to enjoy themselves and others.
The problem with many women - it's fat inthe thighs, the fat is stored there easily and quickly, and get rid of it at times very difficult. The blame for this lack of exercise and poor diet. healingandbodywork give effective advice for women who want to lose weight in the hips.

Eat right - not to starve!

How to lose weight in the hips
A balanced diet - is the key to success forthose who want to lose weight in the hips. Products are steamed or baked. The menu includes lean meats and fish, high in fiber and vitamins: fresh fruits and vegetables. Alcohol stimulates the appetite, spices and seasonings rule forever (sometimes permissible to drink a glass of dry red wine). Since salt retains fluid in the body, you need to eat salt in moderation, and not during the preparation of meals and immediately before use.
On the most difficult step - you need to tryeliminate sweets. All cakes, candy, cookies, gingerbread and sweet carbonated water and sugar. I want sweet - use honey, dried fruits (in moderation), fruit desserts and jellies.
Periodically clean the body of toxins to which once a month for 5-7 days, drink 2 liters of clean water per day, excluding the rest of the liquid in the form of tea, soup, juice and so on.
Enemy fat - calorie deficit. It is an axiom requiring no proof. Determine desired to have a daily quota of calories, count their numbers in the eaten foods and make sure that you to eat less than you spend.
Before you eat something, try speaking the following words: "Each piece eaten remains in the mouth for 2 minutes, 2 hours in the stomach and 2 months on the hips."

Physical activity - without them not to lose weight!

How to lose weight in the hips
Exercises - an integral part of a comprehensive approach to weight loss in the hips, that you strengthen the muscles on the inside and as a result reduce the thigh.
Proceed to charge. First, you need to for 5-8 minutes to do a warm-up (Mahi hands, bending the body in different directions, the circular rotation of the shoulders, hips, completing a run in place). Then proceed to exercise complex. It is better to carry out two-three sets, and then more. So you load evenly and efficiently do the exercises. The basis of the complex:

  • squats - 10 times. Feet shoulder width apart, feet parallel to each other, arms stretched in front of him. Crouching, keeping your back flat and set aside the ass. Squatting should not be deep, while lowering down the end position - thigh parallel to the floor. We go up to the starting position.
  • outbursts feet backwards or forwards - 10 perfoot (can be alternated: a week perform lunges forward, a week - back). Feet shoulder width apart, hands on the waist, keeping your back straight. Lunges forward: taking a big step foot forward and simultaneously squat on it, return to the starting position. Lunges ago: its original position, too, taking a big step back, squat but already on the supporting leg.
  • gluteal bridge - 10 times. Lying on his back, hands on the waist, bend the leg at a right angle at the knees, feet flat on the floor. Raises the ass and hold it for 30 seconds, omit.
  • Mahi feet - 10 times for each leg. The options are many strides feet: from a standing position or lying down; swings to the side or forward / backward - take your pick. I recommend changing the various options strides feet every week.

As you can see, there are no super complex loads. Daily exercises supplement twice a week jogging. This not only contributes to weight loss in buttocks and hips, but also strengthens the cardiovascular system.
Notice of exercise equipment. Proper technique will give the best result was in problem areas, wrong - not only strengthen the muscles, but it can lead to injuries.
In addition to exercise, try to move as much as possibleduring the day. At every opportunity you walk. Especially useful for hips is walking up the stairs, so eliminate from your life a lift. And at lunchtime before a meal walk a few times up and down the stairs at least to the level of the fifth floor. If you are at home and bring up children, go up the stairs along with the child, set him on his shoulders for an even distribution of weight on the spine, and the child's weight - 15 kg. Be sure to listen to your well-being and adjust the load.
Important: The exercise will give a slimming effect only when the control power.

Other measures to lose weight

How to lose weight in the hips
Salon treatments are varied, I advise to payattention to hydro thighs and cellulite massage in combination with wraps. From hardware procedures performed well LPG massage is carried out on special equipment. All of these procedures, the courses do not only reduce the volume of the hips a few centimeters, but also significantly improve their appearance, reducing the appearance of cellulite.
Traditional methods sometimes do not yieldexpensive care in the cabin. A very effective way to remove not only the hips and make cellulite less noticeable - a honey massage with a rolling pin. For it will need a rolling pin with rotating handles and honey, preferably dark. Apply honey on dry hips, take a rolling pin and begin to roll it without any pressure on the thighs, "lugs". Kata 15-20 minutes, soak much, because the procedure is not pleasant. Massage is considered complete when the body will appear instead of honey gray patina.
Russian bath I called the national salonbeauty. One of the most popular procedures in the sauna to lose weight in the thighs - is rubbing them with a mixture of honey and salt (the proportion of one to one). I go to the bath once a week and do so: to start to open the pores of the skin (it is two or three call in a steam room and rest in between), then wash well and then rub the thighs and buttocks prepared mixture, and again in a steam room. You will see how to strengthen the sweating problem areas. This is a great way to remove toxins and activate blood circulation in the body fat, as well as a means for peeling and combat cellulite.
For those who have no opportunity to go to the bath,it may be advisable to go home course baths with sea salt, they should take in a day. The water temperature is about 35 degrees, the salt should be about a pound, duration of procedure - 15 minutes. Before and after the bath should be rinsed, and then smeared with moisturizer. This procedure is aimed at increased sweating, improving current lymph and blood circulation and fights cellulite.
Regular exercise, moderation innutrition and lack of bad habits will help you lose weight and achieve a result in the hips. Use these recommendations MirSovetov and we guarantee noticeable results - in a new way, you are sure to enjoy themselves and others.