How to lose weight in the legs

What is the ideal legs? There is a simple test. Go to the mirror with your feet together in a position of "heels together - toes apart." Touching, feet in certain places form a four lumen. If you think that you have a full leg and you urgently need to lose weight in the legs in the article recommendations will help in solving your problem.
If you think that you have a full leg and you urgently need to lose weight in the legs, healingandbodywork tell by what means to achieve a stable and significant results.
But if without jokes, the first thing thata perfect legs. There is a simple test. Go to the mirror with your feet together in a position of "heels together - toes apart." Touching, feet in certain places form a four lumen, between the foot and the ankle, below the knee, above the knee, and near that interesting place, where the legs begin. When looking at his reflection in the mirror, you can see at least four lumens, it's time to do the correction of feet.
The following tips are designed not onlyfor those who know that he has full legs, but for those who do not want to leg got better. For, as they say, better to prevent a problem than to get rid of it.

On Charging is!

How to lose weight in the legs
One of the most effective means - this is certainlysame exercise to strengthen the leg muscles. This can be aerobic, jogging, dancing any style of swimming in the pool, the fitness club, the self-employed. The main condition for a lasting effect - exercise should be regular, besides their duration should be at least 40-60 minutes, and the frequency - at least three times a week. Any physical activity will be useful not only for the legs, but also improve their health.
If, unfortunately, you do not have time, then go to the gym daily duration of 15 minutes. Make it possible, both morning and evening after a half hours after eating.
The ancient Greeks used to say: "Do you want to be beautiful - run, you want to be smart - run, you want to be healthy - run."

Use hiking obvious

How to lose weight in the legs
Walking at different speeds - one moreeffective means of physical activity section. It would seem that unusual here, but there is a little secret. In the process of committing walking walking speed change, namely: 1 minute or 100 meters walk at a slow pace, the next 1 minute (100 meters), the maximum accelerating, then go to the average pace in the same way: 1 minute (100 meters). Repeated as many times as far as the time and effort. Such an interval is called the walk, it helps strengthen the legs, reduce their volume, spend the extra calories and weight.
Do not forget about the simple methods. Coming from work or to work - exit transport one stop earlier and walk the remaining distance to the office on foot. Instead of to use the elevator, go up the stairs and down. If you work in an office, do not make a phone call to a colleague in the next room, go to him to solve the problem. Do not hesitate to show your imagination to once again give the load legs.
Unfortunately, some girls and women sport is contraindicated for health reasons, but do not despair. There are other, equally effective methods for leg slimming.
The most pleasant and efficient way - this massageand wrapping. Hand massage - a wonderful healing method that helps eliminate centimeters in problem areas, and in conjunction with the wrapping gives an amazing effect. The synthesis of these two procedures aimed at improving skin tone, weight loss and making beautiful forms of full foot by aligning their relief.

Make an appointment with the beautician!

How to lose weight in the legs
In an age of technological progress on the importantbody care acquires hardware cosmetology. Currently, there are innovative methods that give a truly fantastic result for a short time and can significantly reduce the amount of full feet.
Vacuum and mechanical massage (Endermologie method)LPG is carried out using the apparatus, it takes about 35 minutes with the obligatory focus on the modeling of body contours and causes no discomfort. Duration about 10 procedures, and then to control and maintain the resulting effect procedure should be carried out in one month. This massage can solve four main problems associated with full legs: reduce, eliminate local fat deposits, to adjust the severity of cellulite, strengthen and restore skin elasticity. Doctors cosmetologists say that one such procedure replaces 6 trips to the massage therapist.
Myostimulation (electrical), it is stillcalled fitness for lazy. Through the application of pulse currents stronger muscle tissue at the same time there is a strengthening of lymph and blood circulation, lipolysis, leading to a marked reduction in the total volume of the legs and cellulite disappear. 10-15 should be made of procedures in a day or twice a week.
Pressure therapy or massage compressed air,to reduce the volume and to effectively fight against obesity and cellulite, improves skin elasticity. Required course consists of 10-12 procedures lasting 45 minutes each.

What you eat?

Whatever efforts we did not put inSlimming full legs, one of the most important factors is control of power. From how and what you eat depends on half the battle. You should avoid fatty, fried, spicy food (meats, mayonnaise, cakes, candies, etc.), preferred plant foods, and meat and fish is better to boil or bake. Portions should be small and at night there is nothing. I think a balanced diet rules are known to all. Our motto is: "Do you want to eat - eat an apple, the apple does not want - do not want to eat!".

Optical illusion

Those who have full legs, do not wear pantsand tight jeans, you need to avoid too short skirts and wear heels. Yes, do not be surprised, heel height of 5-6 cm visually reduces your weight by 3-5 kg ​​and, as a consequence, the volume of your feet.
And generally, girls, do not forget, our womenTricks to use in practice. Well, there is such a lack of a full leg, but we have plenty of other advantages. With the help of clothes is easy to emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses. Take true friend, spend a bit of time in the dressing room clothing store and try to combine a variety of clothing, even this, that you have never worn. Remember or take a picture of the most successful images in which there is full focus on your feet and start to form a wardrobe of dresses, which would only have decorated.
Choose methods of slimming full legs, experiment and invent their own methods. Be beautiful and desirable, and healingandbodywork always help you.