How to look younger

The desire to look younger for every woman -absolutely natural; his performance - one of the first conditions of female happiness. If you want no one ever guessed the "scary" figures in your passport on your face, stop spoiling his childhood. Begin to "freeze age" at any time, but the earlier start to do it, the better.
It would seem that the desire to look younger for eachwomen - completely natural; as well as the desire to be beautiful and beloved, his performance - one of the first conditions of female happiness. But let me - where does the exact opposite to the first desire of young girls look older? Why eighteen we sincerely want to grow up as soon as possible, and in the forty - back eighteen? What's the duality of thinking?
I know girls who wear glasses and updo intwenty-five years, no one dared to suspect them yesterday schoolgirl; childlike face of such damsels consciously "sostarivayut" a great lot of makeup and fashions more appropriate to their mothers, are like a second skin. What we are seeking to bid farewell to adolescence, if then let us break the foreheads of the blocks the way to a happy life maturity?
Youth - a flaw that goes with age. So enjoy your "frivolous" views should be as long as possible - not to be ahead of time, "the woman in the age." Actually, with this and you need to start. If you want no one ever guessed the "scary" figures in your passport on your face, stop spoiling his childhood. Begin to "freeze age" at any time, but the sooner you start to do it, so can stay longer fresh as a May rose.

20-30. Unfortunately, this is not always

How to look younger
And you have to admit it. And as soon as you recognize that one still grow up, then immediately get down to business. The main task at this age - not to lose the fresh glow that emanates from your skin, your eyes; keep the flexibility of the body and mind. Right now, when all, with few exceptions, changes in appearance you will need to look for yourself! Trying on different roles, color and length of hair, look for the most suitable sport and the most pleasing your hobbies. The more experiments you leave behind, the easier it will take "his" style when it comes understanding, the stronger will love their way of life and the less worry about the fact that life has passed by. But the tranquility of this type - it is also young, young spirit.
As for the preservation of the outeryouth now you should abandon yourself conscious aging "adult" makeup and clothes. Wear jeans, sneakers, pigtails, mohawk, funny glasses - then you will be sorry that missed the opportunity. That the skin shone with freshness, do not forget to regularly take vitamins and to react to the appearance of the body of any problems. Believe me - something that can be easily cured in a youth can not give in to you at maturity, no matter how much power you have invested.
Tint only mute radiance of the skin,no matter how expensive they may be; the shadow on the eyelids and dust emphasize wrinkles around the eyes and gently circled lipstick mouth at a young age adds a couple of years. Our choice - a minimum of makeup, yet you can show the world the natural beauty! Years 14 and 30 the best cosmetics - regular use of moisturizing and nourishing creams, gentle peeling gels and scrubs; and I'm not just talking about the person - that requires the entire body. I recommend readers healingandbodywork use appropriate eye cream every day, and you start early - the fewer wrinkles around the eyes you will. And for anything, never spend precious minutes of your time in the solarium! Vo-pervyh tan is no longer fashionable, vo-vtoryh - it is extremely harmful to the skin (by excess exposure can dry it to the state of parchment covered with mesh and wrinkles), v-tretih - tanned face immediately looks for a couple of years older than it should.
And a few words about the figure. Everything typed in thirty years, after thirty leaves very reluctantly, leaving the body sagging skin and stretch marks. Lose you, of course, always have time, but the greatest success (and the least risk) is waiting for you, if you get rid of excess weight in youth - and accustom themselves to the daily hard work of keeping yourself in shape. In forty years to do this, again, is much more difficult.

30-40. Be careful not to give up!

How to look younger
"Freeze" age, of course, much easier,than to get rid of already adhered; but there is a way out of any situation. The main thing - keep thinking you're still young, that you are still very young and have yet to come; and God forbid you miss the daily rituals umaschivaniya uvlyazhnyayuschim precious skin and nourishing creams, especially - a cream for eyes. Now the effect can be just a regular - is it we will emphasize.
The most important thing at this age - to work out a strictyour life mode. Now that the use of decorative cosmetics and constantly justified, do not forget to remove it before going to bed, give your skin a chance to breathe: there is nothing that spoils the eyelashes, the remaining ink in the night, especially if you sleep face in the pillow. By the way, on the pillow - sleep low and thin, but better - without her at all, so you protect yourself from wrinkles on the neck, the annual rings. Any masks, which are applied to the face, and must be applied to the neck and décolleté; using facial cream twice a day, accompany the process of applying the cream on the hands - up to the elbows. And all this, once again, should be a regular!
Do not forget about the figure - think thirty-fiveand you can relax? Well, I do not. Morning exercises, jogging in the evenings or gym and yoga a few times a week will help you keep the body slim and young. Provided that you do not overeat. And the most important rule - if you have children, do not eat up for their lunch! It is a pity to leave on a plate? And the dream of eternal youth of his you do not mind? According to a rather interesting study, the majority of married women overeat, just trying to dish when cooking and eating the children's portions. Well, you will not overeat.

40-50. Stylish age

How to look younger
There comes a time when you - the woman in theprime of her beauty - must finally decide already fully and completely, you are not going that you paint, and that makes look stupid. This period of thoughtful, complex external images: the original pilings on carefully shaded from gray hair, stylish haircuts, expensive cosmetics on the face (cheap to use absolutely not mature skin - better once again not to dine). Well, if you figure allows, I hasten to please: all expensive and expensive-looking elegant women's clothing, which is created today, it is created based on your age! Why? Yes, because the young girls to such no money, no royal posture or refined femininity, which is most pronounced after forty - if a woman is, of course, loves himself.
If you started to love myself recently, and beforethis - especially on the issue of wonder, then grab saving up for a rainy day funds, and running to the masters! In cosmetologist you get comprehensive information about the condition of your skin and how you need to take care of it. A good stylist will "make your head" - without it looking younger will not work. Do not ignore the help of experts! Yes, youth your age goes hand in hand with financial costs, but it is better to spend money on expensive cosmetics and hairdressing services than on food. And when he saw himself in the well-doctored image, you will not want to ever leave him.
And further: the main component of youth - do not lose interest in life. Do not turn in on themselves, be open to the world: listen to popular music, read fashion magazines, watch the news, start to teach a foreign language - all it really works. The more you're interested in life around, the younger you will look and therefore feel younger.
And very importantly, perhaps, no less important thanhairdresser and cosmetics. Take care of your teeth. Repair all that is necessary to return to the place that has fallen or been taken out, bleach teeth; snow-white smile that you show the world, rejuvenate your face for five years, or even more.

50-60 years. No verdict

How to look younger
Even if your husband is already a grandfather, it is unlikelyI want to sleep with her grandmother. Be younger than those women who regularly require a seat in public transport! However, we should not give in to the other extreme: bright cosmetics or jeans in rhinestones on the contrary, very much older. Now use all the accumulated wisdom of the years to hold on eternal youth positions. MirSovetov reader should remember the main thing: a light - refreshing, bright - laugh, dark - ages. Shapeless robes - down; lightweight fabrics and classic blouses pants - in wardrobe. Pearly shade emphasize wrinkles on the eyes, mascara lets look expensive to be fresher and brighter. Groomed brows add years, drawn - make a person evil; corrected in the cabin and carefully dyed make the face clear. Long hair in adulthood - it is almost funny, especially when they are NOT,. To the best short hair on blond, caramel, or ashen hair - an unambiguous "Yes".
Such things as the average manicure on nailslength, quality slimming underwear and neat shoes and handbag are not even discussed - they must be, otherwise to any claim youthfulness and do not have to. Cosmetics - only high-quality and appropriate to the age, active lifestyle - a walk with their grandchildren, shopping trips, theater, cinema and exhibitions - is mandatory. But the most important thing here and now - proud of what you have achieved! Proud passed by, believing wholeheartedly that this is only the beginning. Only the beginning, and how much has already been done!

Summary: "I am proud of my grandmother"

On the street where I grew up, I lived a boy ...just an ordinary boy. He is very fond of his grandmother; I kept saying what she had "cool", "cool" and it's always good to understand it. And once we saw it: a slender woman with a straight back, hair 'hair to hair ", in trousers and heels, smiling wise and serene smile, showing white teeth for the quarter. She was not young, just was not: but the years of her burns have left. "Did you see?" - Excitedly whispered to us, girls, ten-loving grandson. "Cool it with me, right?".
And in general - continue to think that you stilltwenty. Nothing charges vivacity of spirit, as the absolute faith in their own strength; so do not even think to call themselves "adult woman", and even more so - "old woman."