How to look older

You often say that you look younger than theiryears, and in the store asked to show a passport when buying alcohol? Do not fall into a depression if it really bothers you. There are techniques that will help you look older.

Terms clothing

Most women after 30 years beginsearch for the elixir of eternal youth, and the 16-year-old girls tend to look more mature and older. It is very rare when a woman is completely satisfied with her age and appearance, so much of its unstable nature. First, I want to be an adult and mature, and then - to return to his youth. And for every person it is quite natural desire, however, there are certain methods of visual correction of age:

  1. Add growth - wear heels. This helps the shoes seem not only above, but also older. Optionally select pin, the main thing that was comfortable. It can be platform shoes or shoes with wedge heels, most importantly, have the same height with a total mass of the people. In order not to look ridiculous, first look at yourself in the mirror or ask the advice of an acquaintance. It is very important to avoid the reverse effect, and shoes are not stressed young age.
  2. Prefer quality fabrics. Throw in a side of T-shirts and tank tops for teenagers which only emphasize youth, get a stylish blouse or shirt. These things will add solidity to your image. If you do it is simply impossible without the stamp in the locker room, it is best to select the top of the figure and well, if it is with a collar.
  3. Buy clothes in shops for adult women,and not in the mall for teens. Items of high quality cotton, cashmere or jeans and linen dresses and silk blouses will give the impression that if you have a huge life experience and wisdom. Knitted trousers and clothes made of polyester is better not to buy.
  4. Things with a modest print look grown-up. Sometimes it is not easy to part with a painted dress, but if you replace it with a dress in a classic design, others will see you in a more mature person. Pastel and pale pink shades replace more saturated, which affect the perception of age.
  5. Do not wear clothing that looks like a child. It is quite obvious, but many often violate this rule style. Things with children's graffiti, especially if nature has been granted a child's face, it is better not to wear. Refuse should be from tiny shorts, short skirts, caps, all the things with the colorful logos.
  6. Experiment in the mirror. Dress strictly and see whether you like this image. Create your own classic style strict lines. If you want to look at 20 years old, wearing shoes with heels and a fancy things.

Rules in the care of a

There are a few rules that will help look older:

  1. Make the hair, namely:
    • no need to cut out short bangs as straight bangs above the eyebrows look cute and naive, making its possessor even younger. To seem more mature, better hair combed upward or sideways;
    • follow the accuracy of their hair and the condition of their hair;
    • hair cut short, and the perfect hairstyle forYou will be a penalty or a bob haircut in which the hair is shortened to the base of the neck. Prefer haircuts, which will give you confidence.
  2. Keep up laying on the head:
    • Use gel for styling, highlights the beautiful curls or shavings on the hair;
    • you need to give up the small and bright zakolochek and bows;
    • ponytails and braids on the sides on the contrary, reduce age;
    • flowing hair and visually lengthen the face will make it more adult.
  3. Makeup can change the appearance of anyhuman recognition. Choosing the right makeup you add wrinkles, bags under the eyes show and, in general, do everything that you want. However, in an effort to look older, just enough to place the right emphasis and apply make-up with the help of available cosmetics. Here are some tricks that can help visually grow:
    • dark tan skin tone or add a veryage. If you can not quickly get a tan, use a concealer shade of bronze, but apply it to the neck and that the difference was not very noticeable;
    • sign of youth - a broad brow, with whichage thinning. You can adjust the width, making the foundation more subtle. To look older, eyebrows must have a rigid horizontal form;
    • summing up the black eye pencil along the upper and lower eyelid with frosted shades of brown shades add your age at least 5 years;
    • dark colors, in any case of an adult, especially lipstick. To visually not reduce the lips, we can not allow the texture was too matte, but the sequins as well should be deleted;
    • properly fitted blush brown or reddish hues emphasize high cheekbones, in addition to - do over their possessor.

If you can not come to terms with their age andappearance, then, perhaps, it is well-chosen makeup will add maturity and rigor of your image. Overdoing with a layer of foundation or eyeliner on the face is not necessary, because the cosmetics should definitely decorate the face, not to spoil.


Adult man gives it demeanor:

  1. To look like a grown-up, and need to behaveaccordingly. Self-confidence should always be present, even if the character and style of communication do not meet your aspirations. You just need to be a person of that age, what you want. Alternatively, you can emulate his idol of the show business. In each situation should be guided by this man, imagine how he would have behaved in a given situation.
  2. Your gait should be such that if you are surea 100%. Watch your posture and gait. The head must be lifted up, and his eyes directed straight ahead. This helps not only look taller, but also adults. Gestures and behavior must point to the maturity and great experience.
  3. Be wise and reasonable, anyway,you should try to not talk too loud, and know when to say, and at what point the better to remain silent. Only children behave wildly and talking loudly, because they do not know about manners right conduct. Listening is the hallmark of an adult. We need to try to hold a conversation and speak confidently, if you understand what I mean, and are in the subject.
  4. Forget about the parasites that use fewer words and words like "here", "how to" and so on. To fill up your vocabulary, read more literature and develop a competent speech.

And finally, a few tips:

  • no need to get hung up on what you need to look older. In fact you need to enjoy your youthful appearance and proud of this quality, which is not given to everyone;
  • if you still really want to seem older, theYou can, for example, to talk with acquaintances or friends about politics, show off their political opinions and to receive respect from older people;
  • if something does not work, then scream and capricious is not necessary - it is important to behave like an adult;
  • you have to be yourself, to not look stupid.

There are many rules for howHe looks older than his years, but does not recommend healingandbodywork adhere to all of them. It is important to always work on themselves, to feel harmony, both external and internal. But it is not necessary to forget about the main thing: maturity - it will come with time and inevitable, so it's important to enjoy his youth and enjoy it.