How to learn to walk on his heels

Graceful gait on heels always fascinatedmen. And women wearing beautiful shoes with heels, feel more beautiful and confident. And no matter what the doctors said about the harmfulness of high-heeled shoes, no one refuses to wear. As they say, beauty demands victims. But what if you do not have a friendship has developed with high heels? Learn!
Graceful gait on heels always fascinatedmen. And women wearing beautiful shoes with heels, feel more beautiful and confident. And no matter what the doctors said about the harmfulness of high-heeled shoes, no one refuses to wear it as a heel makes it possible to look taller, slimmer and sexier.
As they say, beauty demands victims. But what if you do not have a friendship has developed with high heels? Learn!

Choose good shoes

Beautiful gait depends on many factors. And, perhaps, the first - it's shoes. If it is inconvenient, it is appropriate and gait. It is therefore necessary to choose high-quality shoes is not very high heels (5 cm) in order to feel comfortable. And it's not even in the height of the heel, and a comfortable shoe. Look for shoes as long as you feel "like in slippers." Do not skimp - it is better to buy one pair of good than 5 pairs of "no such".

Take the example of a model

How to learn to walk on his heels
Until you got up on his heels, reviewseveral programs with a fashion show. A good example - as a go model - a theoretical preparation for training at home. The position of the back, head, setting stops, as beautiful to hold hands - all that you can "spy" on the catwalks. There are bad examples, but the confidence they can borrow.

The body must be prepared in advance

For a beautiful gait, and heels including answers flexibility and plastic body. Fluttering girl on his heels will only fluttering if her muscles are ready for it.
An excellent result will give classes at fitness centers, gyms and other cultural institutions of the sports direction. But it is not too difficult to prepare yourself at home.
Various extensions are for the benefit of the feet, whichto walk in high heels a lot of responsibility for the result. Remember the string, start with a little exercise to the next morning, you could not get out of bed in pain.
It is useful for posture, and health in general walk on tiptoes. Such exercises can be executed on the morning on the way to the bathroom or preparing breakfast.
Think about a bicycle. This is an excellent trainer for the whole body, and especially for the legs.

Workout at home

How to learn to walk on his heels
The first outing on his heels before making housemirror. If the shoe has already picked up, get in the wardrobe fitting outfit, the better to see their successes and mistakes. The ideal location for the first training will be a corridor or a large room where there is a mirror. Begin!
Stand in front of a mirror, straighten shoulders,straighten your back, pull your tummy, lift your chin perpendicular to your body. The eyes should look only into the distance, but not under his feet! Ideal rack easy to do, even leaning against the wall - heels, calves, buttocks, back and head.
Many know the old grandmother's "recipe" beautiful posture - book on his head. Take the book with a hard cover, "install" it on the train and head to walk nicely to book did not fall.
It is equally important to put the foot. Step should start with setting the toe and a smooth transition to the heel. Socks must be diluted slightly to the side and heel must walk the line. Knees do not bend, go steady gait "from the hip". Optimum step - is the length of your foot. Too small steps will look ridiculous, and more - you'll be very clumsy.
Now it would be good to draw a straight line in the room. On her desk with a smooth gait need to work out to automaticity. You can start with 15 minutes a day, increasing the daily workout time.
It is easier to walk on the carpet, much harder forslippery tiles. Therefore, learn to walk on his heels for a variety of surfaces, and compare, where and how to put the foot to avoid slipping, for example, and do not fall. Do not make sharp turns - it is possible not only to break the heel, but also fall. At the turn of events graceful pause.
To keep the balance of doing the followingan exercise. Stand exactly in front of the mirror, lift one leg is perpendicular to your body, bending it at the knee. Try to hold out for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. On the heels is not easy to do, but the result is worth it.

The publication

How to learn to walk on his heels
If the house you already feel in heels very confident, go out on the street. But not far away! Good training will hike out to the nearest supermarket.
Surely you have noticed that the asphalt to goharder than the floor of the house. So do not rush, go in peace. Yet you may find that you all look. If you have mastered the previous lessons on setting posture and confident step into comfortable shoes, you can pay attention only to that of admiration. So do not worry!
In the supermarket, take the trolley, even if you do notYou are going nakupat products for the whole week. With the truck you will feel more confident, and it will provide an excellent support "just in case". Buy something big, so you do not skewed by gravity on the way home.
The campaign was successful? Congratulations on the first successful access to the world! The next time you select a route a little further, but do not try to break the record and Buy Shoes in shoes with heels for a whole working day. Get used to it gradually.

Heel height and health

How to learn to walk on his heels
If you value your health, you shouldto listen to the advice of doctors. They are advised not to wear high heels if you are under 18 years of age. And it is not related to age. Just the body still forming, and high heels may adversely affect the posture in the future.
If you suffer from varicose veins or other disease, not get carried away by walking in high heels.
For everyday wear perfect shoesheels no higher than 5-7 cm. It is better to carry a replacement pair of shoes to give the legs a rest. If you allow the operating mode, briefly remove your shoes at all, for example, at lunchtime. Otherwise, by the end of the day your gait becomes easy to mouth.

Avoid bad surfaces

Even the most skillful model will not work confidentlygnarled asphalt, wet tile or other uneven surfaces. Therefore, avoid places where you have to walk a tightrope without a net. At best, you will be served hand and at worst - you can even break a leg.
"Enemies" of women's heels - the rough road,wet surface, sand, gravel, grass, and ice. Avoid them. If you have started to fall, do not try to keep his balance. It is better to correct "landing" - avoid injury.

How to relieve fatigue

Arriving home, take off your shoes and make the contrast foot bath for five minutes. Once a week can make the tub with decoction of chamomile and oak bark - they perfectly deodorize the skin.
If the legs are very tired, do the massage by rolling the bottle on the floor. You can buy a special massage with soft spikes and do exercises regularly.
Kneading foot the fingers - a great way to relieve fatigue and relax the muscles. It is also useful to do an exercise "Birch" when lying on his back, legs raised at a right angle to the body.
And the main thing. Not so important, how much are your shoes, a dress designer sewed to you - your opinion is important and mood. Radiant smile, sparkling eyes, good mood, confident gait - and the success is sure in your hands!