How to increase growth

A man always dissatisfied with their appearance, theHair color is not the same, the shape of the lips, the nose, but there is little reason for dissatisfaction is? Who does not like their own growth ... But if you can repaint the hair, the shape of the nose or mouth to change with the help of plastic surgery, what to do with the growth? Really nothing can be done about it?

Even growth can affect and increase it at almost any age, this will be discussed in our article today.

Bone skeleton is formed of up to 25 years, and hence increases the man is before the age milestone. It is believed that if you're up to this age group have not grown, then in the future it is unlikely to happen.

But many people, the growth of which is below average, dream to become higher, making it possible at any age, but first you need to understand the reasons that influence human growth.

  1. First of all, the reason for low growth canbe a genetic predisposition. It is clear that if your family did not have anyone above average height, the chances that your growth will reach, for example, 180 cm, very small.
  2. It is also important is proper nutrition andavoiding harmful habits in adolescence, and when there is an intensive growth. As you know, an intense period of growth occurs in girls from 10 to 14 years, but the boys during this period lasts from 13 to 18 years. Smoking and drinking alcohol can lead to dramatic shifts in the dynamics of growth or even its complete cessation.
  3. The third reason to treat the individualespecially the body, someone is growing very slowly, and someone's height is increased by several times just a couple of months. There are those that grow throughout life.
  4. Endocrine and trauma can also cause short stature.

But in any case, if you wish, you canincrease its growth, there are a number of special exercises and some techniques. But, determined to at all costs to achieve positive results, it should be noted that the image of your life should change radically:

  1. Sports should strongly come into your life, wellhelp stimulate the growth of swimming, basketball, volleyball and jumping. But do not overdo it, all's well that in moderation, too Strenuous exercise can significantly slow down the process of growth or stop it altogether.
  2. Complete rejection of bad habits. It is better to be engaged in hardening, it is possible to sign up for a massage and a complete overhaul of their diet food, let him prevail healthy foods - fruits and vegetables, especially those in which there is a high content of calcium and potassium.
  3. You should also pay special attention to posture, because if it is correct, even visually you look taller.
  4. And now the exercises, but before you begin to study them, you need to know that only their systematic implementation may lead to the desired result.

The first set to increase growth

  1. A set of exercises begins with a warm-up, 5-7 minutes of easy running is enough.
  2. The next 20 minutes are devoted to exercises thataimed at increasing flexibility and relaxation. For this purpose, fit a variety of swings and kicks, you can do a bridge, sit on the splits, shake hands and feet.
  3. Now we need a crossbar or a horizontal bar, onIt will need to hang about 20 seconds. Exercises are performed in 2 approach first involves simply hovering, and for the second you need weights of 5-10 kg will be enough to be tied to the feet. The feet are fixed with special straps.
  4. Now, proceed to jump. Try to make 70 jumps, reaching out to more and more distant mark, a mark need to draw on the wall. You need to perform 4 series of 10 jumps, the first 2 of the complex need to make, starting with one foot, and in the subsequent series repels both feet. Jumping should be performed in a special way, you need to push off hard.

The second complex to increase growth

  1. To perform the first exercise turn to the wall and stretch as much as possible up, thus you need to get up on your toes, the back should be as straight as possible.
  2. For the second exercise, you will needcrossbeam, on which you'll have to hang as much as possible and relax the muscles of the body to swing like a pendulum from side to side, for maximum effect bind the feet of small weights.
  3. The third exercise to increase growthIt is pulling up on the bar, after you caught up, get down and stay in this position for 5 minutes. Make sure that the body is most relaxed. Repeat this exercise six to ten times.
  4. Exercise number 4 again to hangthe bar and gently rotate the body of the housing from one side to the other to perform the exercises you should go for at least three minutes. You may also want would be if you tie a heavy load to the legs, as we did in the second exercise.
  5. In the next exercise, you need to re-hangon the bar, but this time upside down. You will again be useful weighting, only this time they will need to fix in the area of ​​chest, legs should be secured with special straps.
  6. In the sixth exercise, you will need toto make a simple jump, jump to the right and left foot alternately, then jump on both legs. You can make this exercise more effective if during the jump you will try to reach high hanging objects such as chandeliers.
  7. The seventh exercise, you will need to straightenlegs and lie on his stomach, hands folded in the lock on the back. The maximum sag back, his head at the same time must be raised, and shoulders should be kept at a height. It is better to repeat the exercise 15 times, but only if you master this complex exercise, even 10 times would be sufficient.
  8. To perform the exercise eight roll over from stomach to back, legs straight, leave. Somknite legs and lift them out of this situation. Exercise should be repeated 20 times.

If you decide to succeed in whatever was clear and follow all recommendations healingandbodywork, then you certainly will succeed!