How to improve complexion

If you have pale, unhealthy complexion, evengood cosmetics are not always able to help out. With this skin woman looks gaunt and unattractive. Why in the world we have come up with many ways to improve the complexion. To help the skin should be both outside and inside.

Proper nutrition

One of the surest methods on the way to a healthycomplexion - do it yourself fasting days and diet. If the diet is chosen correctly, the body will be able to deduce toxins, which the body accumulates during life. Also replenish pantry vitamins, which are very important not only to improve the complexion, but also to rejuvenate all body cells.

When choosing a product that will well affectskin and its color, preference was given to vegetables and fruits. Well to use the so-called salad "Blade," which is becoming more popular in the world of healthy eating. To make it, you need to cut into julienne apple, carrots and beets, chop cabbage. You can also add herbs, dried apricots, prunes and pour all the sour cream or vegetable oil, can be added to taste a bit of lemon juice. This salad will bring out all the unnecessary intestine, it is well cleans the body, hence it got its name. In addition, it will reduce the cholesterol level in the blood, will spur the pancreas and intestine.

In addition to food can help the body to another and cocktails on the basis of herbs, you can both drink and take for compresses. MirSovetov recommends to prepare such herbal preparations:

  1. Since the color of a person directly associated with the workbowel, it is well suited cocktail based on psyllium. It needs to be brewed and drunk as a tea. You can add to the plantain and chamomile, which not only soothes the nervous system, but also stops the inflammatory processes. A glass of tea with chamomile at night provides a healthy sleep, the morning after which the skin will look fresh and rested.
  2. Very good tones skin of ice cubes,are prepared based on herbs. St. John's wort can make or leaves of birch and willow. Wait until the infusion cool down and pour it in molds, and put in the freezer. Every morning should start with wiping the face of these cubes. They are great skin tone, reduce shine and tightens pores person.

Masks to improve complexion

Even if you have a full set of decorativecosmetics and various store means for skin care, they still can not replace the mask made from natural products. The most effective mask made from cucumbers, Take a cucumber, cut it into slices, separate the yolk from the protein and add protein to cucumbers, to add the teaspoon of moisturizer for the face. Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Apply the mask on your face, wait 20 minutes and rinse. The skin will be well hydrated and fresh in appearance. Additionally cucumber is possible in the summer season should be used even watermelon and cantaloupe. It is necessary to crush the pulp and apply it for 15 minutes on the face. If you repeat this procedure for every other day of the month, the skin will be fresh and healthy.

Women after 35 years it is recommended to do thisMask: grate on a grater medium-sized carrots, put her egg yolk, a tablespoon of warm a spoonful of mashed potatoes or the same amount of potato flour. Mix well and apply on face. After 15 minutes, rinse the mask heated beer, if not, in extreme cases, first with warm and then cold water. And there's even a recipe for beer-based mask, it is also great influences healthy complexion. It all the same ingredients as in the previous mask, but still need to add another 50 grams and light beer is not cold. If after mixing mask turned watery, then bring it to the desired consistency, adding a little flour or grated carrots. wash away the mask from the face of warm beer After a quarter of an hour, and then cool water.

Makeup for a good complexion

Every woman in this life happensthe situation is that it simply is an urgent need to look stunning. And what do you do if the complexion is not conducive to this, then come to the aid of a good makeup. Its application also has its tricks:

  1. Instead of loose powder is better to use liquid foundation tone, which contains light-reflecting particles. They give the skin a gentle glow and hide minor flaws.
  2. It is important to choose a good base for make-up,which is right for your skin type. If you have a skin inclined to fat content, it is best to use a light cream with a matte effect. If the skin is dry and prone to irritation, you should choose a cream that has a dense structure and that will be a long time to keep makeup. If you choose the right base, herself visually change the complexion for the better.
  3. If you are using avtobronzatami to emphasize your complexion, choose lighter shades such as peach or gold.
  4. Do not forget to apply blush. They have something irreplaceable in the process of improving the complexion with makeup.

helpful hints

  1. Do not forget to drink water. If the body it will be missed - it primarily affects the skin. To your complexion pleased you need to drink a day at least 2 liters of pure water. Ideally, if the water is from a spring, or even melt.
  2. The skin needs fresh air. Anyone who spends the whole day in the four walls, will never have a healthy complexion. Because the skin is important to be enriched with oxygen. In addition, the air is saturated with vapors from paint technology and smokers, which is also not conducive to the health. So try to go out at the first opportunity.
  3. Movement - is not only life, but also a healthycomplexion. It speeds up metabolism and increases circulation. If you can not go to the gym, then at least do a full charge and how much you walk in the fresh air.
  4. Complete rest our body needs preciselyas well as exercise. And when a person is asleep, it is updated all the body's organs, including the skin. And if you often do not get enough sleep for some reason, your skin reacts to it first. Adult needs about 8 hours of sleep, and go to sleep you need to 10pm. Only in this case, you can count on a healthy skin appearance.
  5. Down with bad habits. Such addictions like alcohol, smoking and excessive coffee craze affecting complexion. If you are unable to give up their addictions, then at least try to reduce the number of drunk and smoked.
  6. Stress, depression, emotional excitementaffect the skin adversely. And if you can not somehow protect themselves from the negative, then we must at least try to react calmly to stressful situations.
  7. And the most important advice - is to try to begood mood and smile as often as possible. When a person is easy on the soul and he wants to share that state with others, he even looks different, as if lit from within. Therefore, we should try to be kind to people, and your body will thank you for it is not only a beautiful complexion, but in general health in general.