How to make a beautiful shape eyebrows

Eyebrows, whether thick or thin, and catchy andelegant decorated face is not worse than the most careful makeup. Conversely, sloppy eyebrows can ruin the work of even the best stylist. Therefore, your eyebrows are worthy of special attention. Make them attractive enough simple, but you need to know where to start, what to do and when to stop.
How to make a beautiful shape eyebrows
They are dangerously shifting to the nose, showingYour dissatisfaction is happening, or slowly and gracefully climb up when you take a surprise gift for you. They reveal the way you think, they are dependent on the expression of view. They have a business card of your mood. It's about the eyebrows.
Eyebrows, whether they are thick and catchy, likeMadonna, or thin and delicate, like Drew Barrymore, decorate the face better than most careful makeup. Conversely, sloppy eyebrows can ruin the work of even the best stylist. Therefore, your eyebrows are worthy of special attention.
Make eyebrows attractive simply,but you need to know where to start, what to do and when to stop. Normally it takes a bit: either something to remove the excess, or a little bit somewhere to paint on or smooth. It all depends on your type of eyebrows.

Thick eyebrows

If you are too thick and thick eyebrows,it is not difficult to fix. Typically, the owner of this type are a brunette with brown eyes, although there are exceptions. healingandbodywork gives you a few guidelines to help you make a more graceful eyebrows attractive.

1. Plucking

If you do not visit the beauty salon, the best and most practical by the plucked eyebrows to the desired shape.
Beauticians are advised to pull out the hairs ontheir growth direction. Eyebrows, like the rest of the hair on his body, covered with sebum, so tweezers can simply slide off. To prevent this from happening, before you start a little powder the eyebrows.
Nature has created a unique pattern of youreyebrows, there are only a little to correct it. To properly calculate the length of the eyebrow, use a simple technique: take a pencil and put it on the line from the wing of the nose first to the inner corner of the eye and then to the outside. So a simple way you can see the border, where it will begin and end each of the eyebrows. By adjusting the shape of eyebrows, look at the shape of your face. Women with elongated face healingandbodywork advise smooth brow line, plucked them along the top edge. Chubby eyebrows better lift, pull out their lower edge. If you have heavy eyelids when the eyes appear to be veiled, increase the distance between the eye and the eyebrow: leave only the uppermost hairs.
Do not forget to pull out all the hairs that are on the bridge.
After plucking treat skin around the eyebrows alcoholic tonic and put on her moisturizer. So you can avoid irritation and redness.

2. Soften the pain

Plucking eyebrows - not the most pleasant experience. Some women do not deal with the eyebrows of the fear of pain. If you are one of them, then the following advice for you. The pain is not as strong, if, pulling hair, squeeze this place for 10-15 seconds. But remember that your hands are clean! Dirt getting into the hair follicle, causing its inflammation.
If you are still uncomfortable after plucking, five minutes put on the brow a cold compress. For example, a tampon soaked with cold water or an ice cube wrapped in a napkin.

3. Work on the bugs

If too thick after plucking their eyebrowsthe form does not suit you, wait at least ten days, all the hairs grew back again. When eyebrows take its original appearance, it will be easier to give them a nice shape.
If you are still in doubt about their own success, contact the beauty salon for a modest fee beautician will make you desired shape eyebrows.

scant eyebrows

Rare eyebrows: Use a pencil
If the last time you did overdoneeyebrows are too sparse, the only way out - leave them alone and wait until the hairs grow back again. For the eyebrows rare by nature experts have come up with a few little tricks that will make your eyebrow more expressive.

1. Use a pencil

If you think your eyebrows insufficientthick paint on the missing hairs finely sharpened pencil for eyebrows. For black eyebrows, take a black pencil, and for more light - brown suit. To strokes do not catch the eye, apply them without any pressure, and short, and then gently rub the brush for the eyebrows or a simple cotton swab.

2. Change your view

Cosmetologists believe that women with largeeyes and brows are too rare to be paint on the inside of the eyebrows, slightly extending it to his nose. If you think your eyebrows too short, they should paint on the outside, on the outside corner of the eye.

3. Chemical coloring

Chemical eyebrow
If you do not want paint on eyebrows everyday can make a chemical stain. By taking this step, you should go to a beauty salon, where it will safely and efficiently. The dyes used in salons, held for about a month.
For most decisive healingandbodyworkIt recommends permanent makeup. He skillfully mimics real hair and lasts much longer than ordinary paint. Such eyebrows last you six months to three years.

unruly eyebrows

Take the brush and use it to fix the eyebrows, giving them shine
Unruly hair can deliver no less trouble than too dense or sparse eyebrows.
If you notice that the eyebrows during the dayrazlohmachivayutsya, trim the too long and unruly hair nail scissors, and then smooth the eyebrows special brush or old toothbrush, a little sprysnuv her hairspray.
In addition, commercially available special tubes of gel, provided with brush for eyebrows. Take the brush and use it to fix the eyebrows, giving them shine.
In addition there are clear gels and color, which greatly save your time. Fixing the eyebrows, at the same time you dye them. This type of gel is suitable girls with blond eyebrows.

Eyebrows have always depended on fashion. They shaved, painted, pierced or even removed. Recall, for example, the famous Mona Lisa no eyebrows.
In the modern world it is stupid to follow the fashion, tootoo often it changes. healingandbodywork believes that the best solution would be to leave what you bestowed nature, and only slightly adjust the natural pattern, if necessary.