How to get rid of wrinkles

You turned 25 or 30 years and you becomeDisturb the first wrinkles on your face? Do not be upset, it's a natural process of aging and from no one not released. No need to put up and "get used" to the appearance of wrinkles, it is best to start prevention now.

Each person has wrinkles. This is due to age-related changes - the organism will eventually wear out, and all processes are slowed down. Wrinkles appear on the face, not only because of the age-related changes, is now on the street you can find a young girl with a wrinkle on the nose or forehead. Few people know that the appearance of wrinkles on the skin due to a decrease in skin elasticity. These include constant stress, an unbalanced diet, unhealthy lifestyle, poor environment and lack of moisturizing the skin. How to get rid of wrinkles and stay young, tell MirSovetov.

The first wrinkles appear on the skin around the eyes -she is thin and delicate. If the time to start prevention, it is possible to avoid the appearance of these wrinkles, and later in life to reduce their appearance. If you find that you are not only small, but also the deeper furrows, then it needs a "heavy artillery." Consult a dermatologist, cosmetologist, visit the doctor and go through the appropriate treatment. Optionally, you appoint expensive cosmetic products and procedures on their own at home can also eliminate wrinkles.

This can not be done

Many women believe that if they purchasedtube advertised remedies for wrinkles, then after 1-2 days of application, you can count on excellent results. Miracle Cream, perhaps, has a certain result, but only temporarily. If you stop using a popular tool, the skin will return to its former state and, possibly, will look even worse. The main problem of such cosmetics is that they are in the short term are addictive, and the first siyavshaya freshness of the skin begins to age rapidly. Given such a syllogism manufacturers should carefully consider before buying the like.

How to stop aging

Since the appearance of wrinkles reason lies in our behavior, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow these simple rules:

  • eat a balanced - to include in the daily diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products;
  • daily drink 1.5-2 liters of purified water;
  • renounce the use of alcohol and quit smoking;
  • before bedtime to wash off cosmetics;
  • use cosmetics (lotion, foam, tonic) appropriate type of skin;
  • do not forget about prevention;
  • use sunscreen in summer and sunglasses;
  • During the application the day / night cream to do light massage on the skin;
  • sleep at least 8 hours a day, avoid stress.

Get rid of wrinkles on their own

Not necessarily to buy expensive cosmetics and beauty salons to attend - at home, you can make effective masks from natural ingredients.

To begin with, let us remember how often youclean the skin from traces of makeup? Cosmetologists strongly recommend morning and evening, wipe the skin tonic and wash off cosmetics foam. 2 times a week, depending on skin type, it is necessary to apply the mask. The delicate skin around the eyes will help to protect and strengthen the decoction of flowers of chamomile and parsley roots. Broth make in advance and pour into molds for ice. Every morning, you need to "wash" so icy broth. Such a method would be to tone and strengthen the skin.

To always keep the skin in goodcondition, vitamin E olive oil with vitamin E should be used in its pure form is applied to the area where there is a large part of wrinkles. But after taking a bath, a good moisturizer for the skin will be extra virgin olive oil.

There are many effective home recipes masks wrinkles, healingandbodywork proposes to use these recipes:

  1. Smooth wrinkles will popularmask. Ingredients for its preparation are available in every home. Take yolk, 1 hr. L. honey and the same amount of oatmeal. Med must be liquid, so it is necessary to pre-melt in a water bath. The ingredients you need to mix and apply on the skin. Time exposure mask - 15 minutes, after which it was rinsed with warm water. Instead of oatmeal can take a meal or flakes grind in a coffee grinder.
  2. For smoothing and deep facial wrinkles: Take almond powder (core grind on a coffee grinder), add a little of the warm cow's milk. The resulting mush apply on the skin, leave for 30 minutes. The remains of the mask can be removed with a cotton pad and then wash your face under running water. Make a mask to 30 times every day, and then - 1 every 3 days.
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  4. Mix one egg yolk with 3 tbsp. l. warm milk and 2 tbsp. l. rye flour. beat with a mixer until smooth paste and apply it on the skin. After 20 minutes, the mask can be washed with cold water.
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  6. Take the yolk, castor oil (1 tbsp. L.), Mix the ingredients, apply on the skin for 15 minutes. Instead of castor oil may be any vegetable oil, including peach oil, sea buckthorn, almond and apricot.
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  8. Mix sour cream with a high fat content with fresh pomegranate juice. The mixture was put on face and leave for 20 minutes, then wash with plain water.
  9. Another effective anti-aging recipe: Take 1 tbsp. l. olive oil, one egg yolk and lemon juice. Mix ingredients until smooth and apply on face and neck. Mask should be left for 20 minutes, then rinse with water.

Oils for the skin:

  1. The popular anti-aging skin home remedy -olive oil. When there is no time to prepare a mask, you can put on your eyes soaked in warm olive oil, cotton pads and soak 10 minutes. After a warm compress Treat the skin with a light massage. Rinse off the remaining oil is not necessary.
  2. Few people use butter to fightfine wrinkles, but in vain. Spread soft butter (preferably homemade) on the eyelids and leave for the night. Oil not only get rid of existing wrinkles, but will also contribute to the prevention of new ones.
  3. Oil-based cream may be prepared good. Take the flowers of linden and chamomile (half a teaspoon), fill it with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. Broth strain and 2 tbsp. l. add 1 tbsp. l. castor oil. Mix the ingredients - you'll have a soft cream. Use the cream every evening, lubricating the eyelids.
  4. To fight wrinkles, you can use essentialoil, as they are the natural biostimulant. Obtained by cold-pressed oil. Tiny molecules penetrate esters even in deep layers of the skin and nourish it. Best oil "work" as warm applications - it is necessary to heat up a certain amount of oil in a water bath, put on the skin and covered with a clean cotton cloth. Exposure time - 30 minutes, after which the oil residues can be removed with a paper towel. Effective essential oils: almond, peach and pink.

The healing power of herbs and not only

Good remedy for wrinkles - grass. Considered the most effective aloe and the Virginia hazel. Aloe juice can not be thinned, and hazel preferably added in aqueous solutions. Natural drugs can be applied twice a day for 30 minutes, after which, if the need arises - rinse with warm water. In addition, well established rose extract and pomegranate.

Most women do not suggest that around them there are many effective means of wrinkles. It is worth paying attention to the grape, banana or pineapple. These fruits can work wonders.

The use of grapes: the grape crush in a blender and apply slurry on the face. Exposure time nourishing mask - 25 minutes, after which it is necessary to rinse with water.

Smooth wrinkles helps banana. Chop pulp of banana and apply slurry on the face. If you do not have time to mask and remove the core of ripe pineapple and rub face. After 15 minutes of pineapple juice can be washed under running water.

Cheap pharmaceutical preparations can alsoeffectively fight wrinkles. If you have a not very deep wrinkles, it can clean tocopherol solution (30%). It is necessary to lubricate the affected skin every day. But before using make sensitivity test and use the tool very carefully.

Expensive wrinkle serum substitute rose water(Firm Rose of Bulgaria) or rose oil from Elfarma producer. It is desirable to use cosmetic oils since they contain a maximum quantity of valuable substances. Take 200 ml of rose water, add 15 drops of oil and 1 vial of nicotinic acid (10 mg). Mix ingredients, pour into a comfortable glass bottle. Wipe this lotion the skin twice a day.

In the fight against wrinkles is important not to be lazy and to comply with all of the above recommendations. And after a few months you will be pleasantly surprised in the mirror. Good luck!