How to get rid of the smell of sweat under the arms

Increased sweating in the armpits -perhaps the most urgent problem in the summer. Sweaty T-shirt can be admired except that after a fruitful training session in the gym. The rest of the time, sweating gives us a sense of shame and discomfort. That would not sweat at all! Beauty, unless you do not mind a bunch of dermatological diseases and serious deterioration of health.

physiology little

Sweating - a natural protective process, heIt indicates that the body is healthy. Because of this, at first glance, unaesthetic function regulates metabolism, supports normal fluid and electrolyte balance, appear dangerous to the organism toxic products. Additionally, perspiration underlies thermoregulation of the human body. Moisture, which produce sweat glands continuously evaporates from the surface of the skin and thus gives us the necessary cooling. Intensive production of sweat is also justified when a person is excited or scared - a good sweat makes us adrenaline, which is produced in such situations.

Sweat glands are located in almost allskin areas. Two types of sweat glands - eccrine and apocrine - produce a different composition liquid. The eccrine glands occupy 75% of the skin, they are responsible for the process of thermoregulation, emissions of sweat is odorless. Apocrine gland saturate the remaining 25% of the skin, being in certain places - that's armpits, the skin of the forehead, the perineum and genitals. They begin to work intensively during puberty, while the eccrine gland functioning since birth. Secretory fluid apocrine glands contain fats, proteins and hormones that during the decomposition in the environment and give specific sweat pungent smell. There is speculation that it was thanks to apocrine glands, we are able to influence the opposite sex in sexual terms.

A few words about cosmetics

Historically, the male bodyallocates sweat in 2 times more intense than the female. However, these women can hardly reassure - them in whatever was the wish to get rid of any external manifestations of sweating. Leading position in the fight for dry armpits take, of course, cosmetic products - deodorants and antiperspirants. The first part has a disinfectant and bactericidal nature, they eliminate unpleasant odor, blocking the multiplication of fungal microorganisms in a moist and warm environment. On the mechanism of sweating deodorants do not affect. Unlike antiperspirants. In English the word "antiperspirant" literally means "anti-sweat". Such cosmetic products slow down the production of apocrine sweat glands. And all because of their composition, usually consists of aluminum or zinc salts, which contribute to narrowing of ducts of the sweat glands, thereby actually and sweating diminished. However, a good antiperspirant - by no means a panacea. They should not use constantly, especially at very high temperatures on the street and during intense exercise. It is in such situations, in no case can not prevent the body get rid of toxins and impurities, which he then outputs.

When the deodorant does not cope

Hyperhidrosis, or intense sweatingarmpits, no harm does not suppressing "victim" in purely psychological terms. The causes of hyperhidrosis are quite a few. For example, a nice synthetic shirt in 30-degree heat. Have mercy on yourself by making a choice in favor of comfort for the body of cotton and linen items. Spicy foods and alcohol, too, we are not comrades, they cause severe irritation of the sweat glands and, as a consequence, the dark from sweat stains on clothing.

Intense sweating can be dictated bychanges in hormonal levels, all the charm of which is usually experienced by women on the threshold of menopause and adolescents during adolescence. Sometimes the sweat glands release the generous portions react to a stressful situation. Therefore, normalization of the nervous system also significantly affect the process of sweating. Often, to identify the causes of hyperhidrosis should seek medical advice. If the person on a background of excessive sweating observes the general deterioration of health, it may indicate the presence of his other, more serious diseases: hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus (endocrine disruption), tuberculosis, brucellosis (infectious diseases) and a number of neurological problems.

Radical method to get rid ofHyperhidrosis is a curettage armpits. This is an operation in which the surgeon makes a few incisions in the armpit, in its most hairy part. The purpose of such intervention - scraping sweat glands located in the subcutaneous tissue. Result - reducing perspiration by 80%!

Dry armpits: all good

If the removal of wet clothes in the circleunderarms - your only problem, you can resort to a number of therapeutic agents that help to cope with this sensitive issue. The official and traditional medicine to help you!

The basis of any kind of treatment - personal hygiene. Douches in the morning and in the evening will give your body "light wind" and a warm bath with the addition of pine needles, nettle, sage, oak bark or St. John's wort will keep the sweat glands are normal. Preparing broth bath is very simple: 2 cup of herb pour 2 liters of water, boil for 20 minutes, and then insist 1:00. Underarm skin several times a day can also be rubbing tincture of chamomile flowers with the addition of 2 tablespoons of baking soda. In the evening before going to bed can be cleaned exposed excessive sweating region (armpits, chest, neck) apple cider vinegar.

On the shelves of pharmacies you can find a lot of money foreliminate sweating armpits. Especially popular are now enjoys Etiaxil (aluminum chloride hexahydrate). Treatment (for night application) consists of two sessions, and then using the agent once a week. Also, a lot of good reviews earned Odaban (Odaban) and Dry Dry (Dry Dry) - a long-acting agent, they are absolutely non-toxic and have a loyal attitude to the activity of the sweat glands.

Iontophoresis - painless, but they are not lesseffective procedures in dealing with then. It is carried out by exposure to weak discharges an electrical current to the affected skin. Those who are not afraid of injections, have resorted to injections of Botox, the effect of which there is an average of 6 months. It is very important to find a competent doctor-cosmetologist and be prepared for the fact that the procedure is not cheap.

Well, where do without a thorough correction of the dietpower - less salt and "evil" seasoning, more vitamin C. Without it anywhere - it stabilizes the activity of sweat glands in our body. Lemons, pomegranates, fresh berries red currant and black should appear as often as possible on your desktop. Avoid caffeine - are our favorite coffee and tea stimulate additional production of sweat.