How to get rid of freckles

Freckles are often an indicator ofuneven distribution of melanin - a special skin pigment. These sweet spots on the face give you individuality. But in some cases, the owners of "otmetinok sun" dissatisfied with their way and are trying to get rid of freckles. How to do it, be discussed in the article.
Freckles on the face
Freckles, these lovely spots on the face, give youindividuality. But in some cases, the owners of "otmetinok sun" dissatisfied with their way and are trying to get rid of freckles. How to do it, be discussed in the article.

Causes of freckles

Freckles are often an indicator ofuneven distribution of melanin - a special skin pigment. By their appearance and can cause vitamin deficiency (lack of vitamin A and C), endocrine system disorders, liver disease. Therefore, if the freckles appeared unexpectedly, diagnose the body. Perhaps there is a very real inner cause of their symptoms.

How to deal with freckles at home

I will say from my own experience, the struggle with freckles- Troublesome. Home remedies can only make them much lighter, and that at constant care. But, nevertheless, make a note of a few folk remedies to deal with freckles.
Protein Whitening Mask
Important! During bleaching, do not expose the skin to UV light!

  1. Whitening Mask protein. This means not only the ability to whiten the skin, but also useful for her. Blending a protein of an egg with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice is applied on the face for 20 minutes (until dry). Twice a week, and after 5-6 sessions the skin rejuvenate and brighten. Checked! Just do not try to replace lemon juice with citric acid - burn the skin!
  2. In the morning, be sure to rub the face with ice. It is perfectly tones, awakens the skin. Living in a constant struggle with freckles, I wipe the face with ice, made from the broth of parsley. Chop the blender washed bundle of parsley, pour a glass of boiling water, let stand up for forty minutes. Strain, pour into molds for ice and freeze. I cook the broth every two weeks, is not a problem at all! Excellent whiten the skin and grapefruit juice, but only freshly.

As you can see, all of bleaches that contains in its structure a loading dose of vitamin C.
We strongly recommend readershealingandbodywork follow the "advice" of the girls from the forums that "burn" the skin with vinegar! This seriously affects its condition, and the effect is not so long, so to scoff at your skin!
Carrying out these simple manipulations, you are throughweeks notice that freckles brightened. They will not disappear without a trace, but now they can be easily mask the tone cream. A friend of mine regularly use tanning - freckles "hide" and no hassle!

How to get rid of freckles in the cabin

chemical peeling
For our purposes, there is a useful procedure - chemical peels with fruit acids, which exfoliate the top, dead layer of the epidermis, bleaching and rejuvenating the skin.
Also freckles can "burn" with liquid nitrogen. Only this procedure there are contraindications, and it is not taken for each specialist.
Good and fast results gives fotolechenie - after only a few sessions freckles are inconspicuous.
Suitable in the struggle with freckles and dermabrasion - this procedure "cleans" is not only the top but also the middle layer of the epidermis. Only young girls such manipulation is prohibited.
Well, and laser skin lightening. When there is no risk of damage to the skin, but the result is "forever" is still not promising.
To get involved in the struggle with freckles salon is not worth it. The result will be temporary, beauticians have not yet invented a procedure that removes freckles forever. Unfortunately…

Cosmetics of freckles

Cream of freckles
Apart from using folk remedies, it is necessaryto care for skin with freckles. As a rule, it is thin and light, so it is important to regularly feed it. Many manufacturers have special bleaching agent series produced "2 in 1", which is bleached, and nourish. We are talking about expensive creams brands. But there are means available.
Herself in his youth enjoyed Ahromatinom -penny cream (bought at the pharmacy), which perfectly bleached skin. But only in the winter. In summer, enjoy the cream should not be, and also did not want to abuse.
Recently I had got Klirvin. Ointment pleased. Lubricates congestion zone freckles and "old" stretch - freckles very outdoorsy already in two weeks (applied at night), stretch marks have not disappeared, apparently, need long-term use. By the way, this ointment perfectly and quickly removes traces of pimples and blackheads, his sister disappeared the scar from the burn. And it costs pennies - two dollars!
Modern cosmetologists do not recommenduse products containing lead, mercury and hydrogen peroxide. In general, with bleaching agents should be cautious - carefully read and follow the instructions!

Preventing the appearance of freckles

The girl with freckles
Spring is coming and spending a lot of effort togetting rid of freckles, do not forget about prevention. The first and most important - creams (day and tonal) with UF-filter (what it is, the stronger). Actions such cream enough for four hours, so do not forget to remove the remnants of cloth and apply it again and again. The second - vitamin complex: propene course multivitamin in late winter must! Get glamorous hat with a wide brim and at lunchtime wear it.
In general, if the number of freckles on his face is not critical, repaint the hair in honey-red color and become inimitable! It is easier to make friends with them than get rid of them for years.