How to Get Rid of Cellulite

It is still unknown who and when for the first timeHe said the term "orange peel", but clearly know that cellulite is a problem in front of the female population for a long time. Many the fairer sex cellulite poisons life, causing hidden under shorts swimsuit, wear loose-fitting clothes and indulge in a choice of beautiful erotic lingerie. It is still unknown when and who first uttered the term "orange peel", but clearly know that cellulite is a problem in front of the female population for a long time. Many the fairer sex cellulite poisons life, causing hidden under shorts swimsuit, wear loose-fitting clothes and indulge in a choice of beautiful erotic lingerie.

What is cellulite?

Let's take a look the enemy in the face. Cellulite (sellulate (lat.) - Made up of cells, sotoobrazny, cellular) - a change in a woman's subcutaneous fat layer, which interferes with blood and fat cells limfosnabzhenie. Until now, the scientific community, there are disputes about the causes of cellulite, but it is safe to say that the direct and indirect causes of the disease are:

Cellulite is most likely to occur during periods of hormonal surges in the female body

  • hormonal imbalances (namely, disruptions in the ovaries, thyroid disease and other endocrine disorders)
  • hereditary constitutional factors (especially body, skin structure and metabolism)
  • violation of protein metabolism,
  • external factors (chronic fatigue, stress, diet violation)
  • environmental factor (the use of products containing hormonal additives, dyes, substitutes, as well as general environmental deterioration)
  • smoking.

Under the influence of these factors occurmikronarusheniya blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissue, causing the cells no longer flow oxygen, and the cells of adipose tissue dies. Since fat tissue is in the cells form dense clumps of fat, which create the effect of "orange peel".
There are statistics that tenthparts of all women develop cellulite during puberty. One-fifth of women finds a cellulite during and after pregnancy, and a quarter of women - with the arrival of menopause.
Thus, the most likely cellulite will appear during periods of hormonal surges in the female body.
We are accustomed to thinking of "orange peel"deffekt aesthetic skin, however, as we have seen, it is still a disease that requires a comprehensive approach to treatment. For cellulite - it is just a manifestation of the disease, and the root of the problem lies deeper.
So, we know the enemy, so you can now pick up a weapon in the struggle for a slender figure and buttocks tightened.

Beauty care in the treatment of cellulite

In modern cosmetology clinics can offer you elektrolipoliz and lymphatic drainage In modern cosmetology clinics youcan offer a whole program of treatment for cellulite. For example, elektrolipoliz. This hardware method is that the destruction of fat is due to a low-frequency current transmitted through the input electrodes under the skin.
Another example is the treatment of cellulite - Hardwarelymphatic drainage. In the area affected by cellulite are attached electrodes to stimulate muscle contraction, thus speeding up the process of elimination of toxins and fat degradation products.
In addition to a variety of hardware techniquesfrightening names (and the price factor, and exposure methods) in the arsenal of beauticians have also much more pleasant procedure to treat cellulite. For example, massages. Just do not expect anti-cellulite massage minutes of bliss and pleasure, after all the purpose of massage is to soften accumulated fat under the skin. During the anti-cellulite massage using different techniques. Those areas where cellulite is formed, knead the skin vigorously in a circular motion, tapping chopping motions, stroking and rubbing. With the help of massage can be achieved fairly good results in the treatment of cellulite, massage regulates blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxins from the body, burns fat, and thus, reduces the volume of the waist and hips.
With the arrival of thalassotherapy and the opening of the SPA-centerthere are new methods of getting rid of "orange peel". Beautiful and intriguing names in the "menu" centers hide behind a following treatments: anti-cellulite and anti-cellulite honey jar obscheozdorovlyayuschy massages. Honey massage in addition to its main semantic load and cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and silky.
Unfortunately, hiking in the beauty centers and clinics - not a cheap pleasure. Therefore healingandbodywork willing to share with you how to cope with cellulite.

How to get rid of cellulite at home

So, the most important thing in the treatment - how to eliminatepossible factors affecting the appearance of "orange peel". And we should start with food. Overeating, irregular meals, hormone-modified foods or foods with dyes, substitutes - all this, of course, can lead to the formation of cellulite. Therefore, try to stick to a certain schedule in the diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, eliminate alcohol.
Sedentary work, lack of exercise,Riding in the car is also slow down and disrupt the body's metabolism. And if does not add mobility to your work, try to carve out a small breaks for workouts. Even if you just jumped for a moment on the ground, randomly throwing your hands up or to the side (a wonderful exercise Yogi), you have pochuvstvuyute blood flow to all parts of his body. Try not to use elevators, climb the stairs on foot. Do not forget to make at least a small morning workout. Do not forget that it was during exercise the body is freed from toxins.
If you smoke, you should immediatelyto get rid of such a pernicious habit for the female body. The fact that smoking promotes vasoconstriction. As a result - the lack of blood flow (oxygen) to the fat and kletchke - cellulite.
No matter how trite statement, but it is healthylifestyle is the key to beauty and health of your body. If you want to get rid of cellulite should be ready for an absolute change in lifestyle.
In addition to control over their diet and physicalload, you can also use advanced anti-cellulite creams. They contain aminophylline or caffeine derivatives and extracts of herbs and plant - all these substances improve circulation.
You can help itself to get rid of cellulite, if several times a day, for example, in the morning after showering and at night before going to bed, you do yourself a little massage:

To enhance the blood circulation, it is desirable to use special massage gloves for massage

  • firmly knead the outside of the hips (asyou do it when knead the dough), while rubbing the skin cellulite cream. To enhance the blood circulation, it is desirable to use special and thus massage brush or mittens;
  • if there are no available tools for a massage there,increase blood flow to the affected areas of cellulite and can be self-massage. Use the various methods such as tapping, slapping and chopping motion of the side of his hand. And the more active your movement will be, the better. In addition, this you just speed up the absorption of anti-cellulite cream;

Especially for those who do not accept for a visit to the beauty salon, healingandbodywork ready to tell in detail how to make anti-cellulite massage at home and without anybody's help.
In addition to massage once a week you can alsoarrange home wraps, which have become so fashionable in recent years. In areas with "orange peel", apply anti-cellulite cream (clay, mud, algae), wrap with plastic wrap for half an hour. To enhance the effect, you can use a special anti-cellulite pants or warm clothes. Then rinse with a lot of healing water and apply moisturizer.

This is not all the possible ways of getting rid ofcellulite, but the most popular and therefore common. Try to make the execution of all these methods of healingandbodywork included in your usual way of life, then you can omit the quotation marks with the phrase "orange peel" and understand these words just peel of citrus fruit.
Be healthy!