How to get rid of bags under the eyes

No matter how well you do not get enough sleep, not usedquality cosmetics, but if you have bags under the eyes, the face will still look tired. The reasons can be very different and, therefore, to deal with them can be surgically or traditional methods.

Causes of bags under the eyes in the morning

Under the skin around the eyes is almost no fatdeposits, so it is very delicate and sensitive to all external stimuli. And if the organism occurs any failure, then, first of all, this affects the eyes.

More often than not, swelling and bags appear under the eyes in the morning. The reasons may be diverse:

  1. If swelling is not constant, and only from time toTime, then, most likely, the reason lies in the excess fluid in the body. The water in the cells may be delayed due to salty foods, if eaten for dinner. So try to avoid these foods. Also, do not drink coffee at night and plenty of water. It is enough to make a couple of sips to quench their thirst.
  2. Use of alcoholic beverages in the afternoon. Alcohol as the salt, retards the body fluid.
  3. Strange as it sounds, but the lack offluid that enters the body, too, leads to swelling. To avoid this, drink enough to 2 liters of water per day, most of which you need to drink in the morning. If you drink less than this, the body begins to store water and set aside in the form of edema. By the way, and too intensive training, if after they did not make up for the water balance, may trigger the appearance of edema.
  4. Chronic fatigue and lack of sleep - it isSome important causes of edema. Man to look rested, you need about eight hours of sleep. And it is important to go to bed before 10 pm. Only hours sleep from 22.00 to 6.00 to help the body recover. And do not cry at bedtime, because you can wake up with big bags under his eyes.
  5. Pay attention to the position of the head during sleep. We should choose a pillow on which the head is slightly above the body.
  6. Poor nutrition and diet affect your looks exactly like a late dinner. Therefore, all should be in moderation.
  7. Be sure to remove makeup from the face before going to bed,allow the skin to breathe. And it is not necessary to apply a nourishing cream just before you go to bed. Especially if your cream creates a film on the skin, in the morning you can wake up with edema.
  8. Swelling can occur and if you overexert eye muscles. This happens when a long time to sit at the computer, draw, watch TV. Eyes necessarily need to rest.

In all these cases, remove the bags under the eyes can be eliminating the very cause of occurrence.

Medical reasons

One of the factors that affect the appearance of edemaunder the eyes are age-related changes in an organism. So, over the years, the muscles around the eye atrophy, skin loses its elasticity and hangs. In this case, you will help to massage the area. In addition, with age, the skin under the eye can accumulate fat. In this case, it helps control body weight and massage. And if such bags do not disappear during the day, it can only help the operation.

But the swelling that occur due to illness, difficult to cure. Because you need to know what kind of disease is triggered under-eye bags. A lot of them:

  1. Kidney disease, liver and gastrointestinal tract.
  2. The problems of the endocrine system, unstable hormone levels.
  3. Sinusitis and sinusitis.
  4. Unhealthy cardiovascular, genitourinary and nervous system.
  5. Allergies that may be triggered by different factors. In this case, you need to eliminate what the allergy and taking antihistamines.

If any swelling rapidly and accompanied bysome symptoms, such as headache, MirSovetov recommends seek medical advice immediately and not to self-medicate. If a person is healthy, the swelling under the eyes have to go up to the next day.

Edema in children as well as adults are for two reasons:

  1. Because of diseases such as kidney problems, increased intracranial pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular system and the thyroid gland, allergic reactions.
  2. In these cases it is necessary to consult a specialist, who will send for tests and prescribe the best treatment.
  3. Due to factors not related to the disease. Thus, the swelling can cause a long cry, drink before bedtime, salty food and sleep, in which the head is below the torso. If you remove all these reasons, the swelling will pass by itself.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes

If the edema provoked the wrong waylife, then it will be enough just to review your diet, dieting, stop abusing alcohol, get enough sleep, and you will forget what puffiness under the eyes. But what if you need to urgently deal with them in a short time. You can refer to the beautician, it serves to pass the peeling skin around the eyes, lymph drainage or infrared laser, and you can use folk remedies.

If you have a swelling, herbal brewan infusion of chamomile or calendula, pour it into molds for ice and freeze. Every morning wipe the face such an ice, swelling will disappear and your skin will look taut. Do not forget to use a special cream for eye skin, yet nutritious and healthy to do to mask at home. MirSovetov recommended to do such a mask on a regular basis, if your skin is prone to the appearance of edema.

To prepare the herbal compress, you musttake the choice of chamomile, lime, mint, rosemary, arnica, series. A tablespoon of any of these herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, wait for cool down and do warm compresses on the eyes, constantly changing to fresh. This compress quickly removes dark bags under the eyes. Of chamomile can be cooked and lotions. To do this, take a tablespoon of dried flowers, mix with the same amount of dry tea leaves of tea, pour a glass of boiling water and allow to cool. Another warm lotion can be applied to the eyes. Good help and birch lotion, do it in five pieces of fresh birch leaves, which poured a glass of water and insist night.

The mask works wonders from potato with the skin. It has a rejuvenating effect. Prepare the mashed potatoes and warm place in cheesecloth and apply to the eyes. If you do not have time to cook potatoes, you can raw tuber cut in half and attach to the eyes. And you can rub on a grater, add finely chopped down dill or parsley, put in cheesecloth and apply to the problem area. Instead of potatoes, you can take the cucumber and rub it on a grater, ready mush lay eyes on the skin, moisten a cotton ball in milk and put on top of the cucumber. This mask does not leave a chance to the bags under the eyes.

Good help in the fight against puffiness and sour creammask. To prepare it, you just need to mix 2 teaspoons of sour cream, preferably homemade, with a teaspoon of chopped greens. And apply on face for 20 minutes, carefully treating the area around the eyes. But after 20 minutes the mask should be washed off with warm water.

And do not forget to drink as much water as the liquid in the body should not be delayed and must constantly circulate. All of these methods in combination will remove puffiness and make your skin healthy.