How to get rid of acne on the chest

Acne can appear on the chest not onlyteenagers, and they always say that the body has failed. So, you need to treat not only the effects and, in the first place determine the cause of the rash.

Causes of disease

According to doctors, on the chest and backpimples occur as frequently as in the face, but the people are in no hurry to deal with this problem in a medical facility by hiding them under clothing, and hoping that it will be itself. But as a rule, if a person does not determine the cause of pimples on their own, they will appear again and again with surprising regularity. After they leave scars themselves and this is another reason why MirSovetov recommends still consult a dermatologist for help.

Most often in the upper chest pimples appear for the following reasons:

  1. When there is a blockage of the sebaceous glands andducts through which passes the pot. In these cases, there are small acne, but a lot of them. It happens that these eruptions are talking about an allergic reaction to cosmetics.
  2. In case of violation of local thermoregulation, skinchest may be red pimples. They appear if the person has long thick warm clothing from non-natural fabrics. This is the reason for the appearance of the culprit becomes rashes under the breasts. This problem is especially characteristic of fat people that lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Failure of viscera - one of the mostcommon causes of pimples. Most often, this problem occurs due to the hormonal failure in the body, eventually straying mode sebum, which affects the hydration of the skin, strengthen its immunity, and any violation in this area immediately respond rashes on the skin. By the way, hormonal changes affect the appearance of acne in pregnant women, they usually disappear after childbirth forever and restore proper operation of the mother's body.
  4. Sometimes pimples appear on the background of endometriosis or malfunctioning of hormones in the sexual sphere in women. In this case, the only cure woman ensures the disappearance of acne.
  5. Between the breasts spots appear as a result of a stressful situation. They are accompanied by eruptions along the spine or along the intercostal nerve location.
  6. If you see a festering pimple, you should immediatelyIt is to find out the reason for its occurrence. Such eruptions are often those who are suffering on severe uncompensated diabetes mellitus, as well as immunodeficiency states. If the cause is not treated, the condition of the person can worsen acne and lead to sepsis.
  7. If the acne on the chest and shoulders a lot, it can talk about any allergies: food or drug.

Prevention of disease

If you know about their susceptibility to rashes, then you need to follow these recommendations, which will not appear hated acne on the chest.

  1. The clothes need to buy and wear onlynatural materials. Your skin will breathe linen, cotton, wool, through which air flows to the skin. This applies not only summer clothes, but also winter. And of foam deposits in a bra is better to forget forever.
  2. With abundant sweating skin must be constantlykeep clean. Shower wash several times a day, each time you sweat sufficiently strong. Once a day, you need to take a shower with soap and water. It is best suited for this purpose tar soap, it is antiseptic and wound-healing agent. It may be substituted or alternated with soap and water on the basis of camphor.
  3. Twice a week, use a natural scrub. To cook it you need to grind in a blender three tablespoons of oat flakes, add to it a teaspoon of baking soda. Pour the mixture into a little hot water to make it mushy and leave to cool. This scrub should be applied to the chest, hold for 10 minutes, then a little massage and rinse under warm running water.

Oats is good to cleanse the skin of old cells that clog pores and is not give the skin to breathe, and soda will act as a disinfectant.

acne Treatment

To proceed with the treatment of acne inneckline is likely you will need to pass a comprehensive examination, which will help to find the cause of the rash. Usually assigned US of internal organs, laboratory tests of blood and urine. With the test results need to see a doctor, who will determine further treatment strategy. If, however, limited to only one beauty treatments, you can expect only a temporary improvement in skin condition.

The first doctor may prescribe a diet in whichlimit the intake of carbohydrates, but it is the body with a balanced amount of food do trace elements and vitamins. Be sure to eliminate all possible allergens.

Dermatologist will tell you what clothes you needWhat to wear and hygiene use. And prescribe treatment, removes the cause of the first, and then and pimples. Cope with the latest help and folk methods.

Treatment of acne with traditional medicine

To get rid of acne on the chest, you canuse lemon juice. Because it is made of toner. Prior to this, you will need to buy a spray bottle of water and cook for himself useful product. To do this, you need to take three tablespoons of lemon juice and water and add to it eight drops of tea tree oil. All the ingredients are mixed thoroughly and pour into a container with a spray. Such containers can be purchased in a beauty shop in the department, which sells products for home preparation of cosmetics. Remedy spray on skin chest, do not wipe, and wait until it dries itself, and then take a shower. This toner is a good antibacterial agent.

To dry up pimples and bacteriaon the skin to neutralize the need to prepare a toner, add the water a little bit of sea salt. The solution should be concentrated. Rather weak, so as not to damage the skin. It must be applied in the same way as in the first case.

You can make a medical scrub for thisjust take a little bit of baking soda, add water into it so as to obtain a paste consistency. She rubbed the skin massaging movements in the neck area and leave for five minutes on the skin, and then wash under a warm shower. But applied to the skin, any warming means cosmetologists do not recommend. Since they provoke a rush of blood to the chest, and it's not very good for the heart. For this reason it is not recommended to use fresh-water sponge, or funds based on it.

These methods of treatment of folk remedies suitboth girls and boys, who are also on the chest pimples. That treatment was particularly effective, can be added to it, and medications such as Baziron, Zinerit. Although the girls just these drugs are not recommended for use because of the fact that they have very dry skin, and it quickly grows old. In any case, you can always turn to a professional beautician, who will pick up all the necessary tools and procedures to hold himself.