How to get rid of acne on your back

Elastic clean skin has always been considered the mainthe condition of all the canons of beauty. Therefore, in this age of high medical and cosmetic technology, it would seem, it is not and can not be a single problem, which does not respond to treatment and decorative adjustment. But no, argue people who have long and unsuccessfully trying to clean up your skin from acne.

We will not dissemble - that each of us knows about itcosmetic damage firsthand. It takes a shame when a few inflamed bumps, and if the number is in the tens? They suffer the most, as a rule, face, forearms and back.

As pimples?

Skin carpets the huge number of sebaceous glands,thanks to their secret greasy skin hydrated and protected. But if the gland produces more secrets than you have to, sooner or later clogged and inflamed. Where inflammation, and bacteria there. The result of their reproduction and life is a pimple.

Open comedones are called black dots,which are formed after the sebaceous gland duct emerges from the skin surface and under the influence of oxygen darkens. Sometimes the fat is under the skin, forming a white rod, or closed comedones. More complicated its shape - a major sore spot. The spectacle is not very attractive, so a person as soon as possible trying to get rid of red bumps on the skin, squeezing their own. This can not be done - the pimple will disappear, but leave to the memory of his spot or, in the worst case, the scar, the extended time or pothole.

Why suffer from acne back?

Speaking of comedones, the skin back anything fromface no different skin - the sebaceous glands are everywhere, on the back of their percentage is very high. Everything takes place in the usual way: the excess of sebaceous secretion - blockage of the sebaceous gland duct - inflammation. In addition, there are several reasons for the appearance of acne on the back of it.

External causes:

  • temperature regime. Dressed too warm in the winter to keep warm, we achieve the opposite effect - the back is covered with perspiration under several layers of clothing. In summer the high demand for the harmful synthetic skin tight clothing, as well as the temptation to turn to chocolate, exposing shoulders and back the sun. It turns out that in the winter and summer for the appearance of acne on the skin of the back are identical greenhouse conditions;
  • improper hygiene. Shower should be taken as needed. At the same time, we can become pathological Neat! This will only multiply the number of existing acne. The black dots on the skin - this is not dirt, and oxides of sebaceous. Too frequent bathing deprives the skin more moisture, reducing its resistance to infection, and thus provoking the emergence of new inflammation;
  • squeezing pimples. Sometimes acne on his back scratched and hurt, but their hands to touch and combing is strictly prohibited. Just as squeeze. The result of this initiative may be penetration of the infection into the deeper layers of the epidermis and develop further inflammation.

Internal reasons:

  • hormonal failure is relevant not only for teenagers, but for pregnant women; suffering from PMS and menstrual cycle unstable; who have abortions;
  • disorders of the endocrine system. Acne may well be an external signal of some internal disease. For example, there is an opinion that the state of the back of the skin is directly related to the work of the liver and stomach, but without specialist intervention to put a diagnosis can not be;
  • stress. From bad mood acne does not appear, but their appearance provoke hormonal changes under the influence of stress storms;
  • poor diet and a violation of the gastrointestinal tract. If you are a supporter of pepper cakes and fatty foods, are more likely to acne on the back it will have;
  • a weak immune system opens up all infections and microorganisms "doors" in our body, and acne in this case - is not the worst problem!

Try to determine which factor provokes inflammation of the skin is in your case, and fix it - so you make the first step in the struggle for a "clean" my back.

Treatment of the skin of the back: the internal and external funds

And what to do with acne who have already"Settled" on your back? healingandbodywork recommends to proceed immediately to the treatment of this illness at home, but if the situation in a month and a half does not improve, contact a dermatologist.

Note to treat - not to squeezeand independently to open comedones, and abscesses. Treat - to do everything possible to remove already existing inflammation and prevent the emergence of new pimples on the back.

Give up bad habits - alcohol,smoking, fast food, and normalize your diet. In general, Minimize the number of toxins that the body receives from the outside and outputs the later through the skin. Your daily diet should prevail fruits, rice, lean meats, fish. A perfect complement to the right healthy foods will multivitamin complexes containing useful for skin vitamins A, E, folic acid and zinc ( "Aevitum", "Vitrum Beauty", "Perfectil", "Merz").

During the morning and evening shower can be backrub the soft washcloth. From peelings should be discarded - they only injure the inflamed areas of the skin, and the usual creams and lotions after bath covered with a back rack film that does not transmit oxygen and promotes violent activity of bacteria on the skin. Prefer a line of cosmetic cleansers (gel, mask, toner and moisturizer the same manufacturer), aimed at eliminating acne. Take note that a wonderful event for cleansing the skin can become a bath with aromatic oak broom.

Review your wardrobe. Perhaps there are too many synthetic tight clothing which rubs anyway diseased skin. Wear loose-fitting things from a less "aggressive" to the skin material.

Well established baths with the addition ofsea ​​salt. They soothe and cleanse the skin suffering from acne. In water at a temperature slightly above room should add 0.5 kg of salt. A notable effect is not long to wait if you take such a bath every day for 20 minutes.

When acne on the back is not very inflamed,Use a scrub made from iodized salt and baking soda. Two teaspoons of salt extra mix with one teaspoon of baking soda, add as a shower gel and a little water to make paste. The mixture was put on wet skin back massaged for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with water and apply skin cream. Scrub disinfects and cleans the pores.

On the revenue you can come and baby powder. A small amount of it to mix with 3% hydrogen peroxide so as to obtain a creamy mass. Apply on your back after water treatment. The tool softens the skin and reduces inflammation.

Pay attention to the range of pharmacy: metrogil gel, chlorhexidine, salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide, chloramphenicol, boric alcohol, an alcohol tincture of calendula, furatsilin - any of these means (of your choice), you can wipe the skin 2-3 times a day.

In addition, the pharmaceutical preparations can be prepared mash of acne. take:

  • camphor alcohol - 80 ml;
  • 2% solution of salicylic acid - 30 ml;
  • pills chloramphenicol 0.5 g - 2 g;
  • Tablets streptocid 0.5 g - 5 grams (about 1 teaspoon).

Tablets need to grind to powderstate, add the camphor alcohol and salicylic acid, stir and insist one - two days. Shake before use and to test for sensitivity (a small amount of money to put into place the elbow). If during the day the skin does not react to the inflammation of mash - in your hands a great remedy for acne.

Positive effect on inflammation of stadayuschuyuskin mask of white, black and blue clay with the addition of a few essential tea tree oil drops as an antiseptic. The mask is applied to the back and is covered with polyethylene, 10 - 15 minutes wash off.

The most powerful tool in the fight against acneIt is perhaps the solution of potassium permanganate. It must be sufficiently saturated, but without any undissolved crystals, which cause burns! The solution before use must be thoroughly stir. Apply product to areas of greatest congestion of inflamed acne.

The path to a healthy and radiant skin is not close, you need tothoroughly patience. However, a positive result is bound to be: the more we invest in ourselves, the more our body responds gratefully. I wish you success!