How to get rid of Wen

Any, even the smallest health problemis able to deliver a lot of discomfort. And even if it is aesthetic and does not lead to serious consequences, but it has a negative impact on the appearance - spoiled the mood and low self-esteem simply guaranteed. One such problem is talc. What triggers their appearance and how to deal with them?

What is wen?

Wen (lipoma) - is the deposition of subcutaneousadipose tissue occurs due to its active proliferation. Even if its size is small, find it quite simply, it seems that riding a small (about 1.5 cm) soft ball under the skin. And if it will not compress the pain, but the discomfort is palpable. However, it happens that the ball starts to grow, thus compressing the nerves that can cause pain. This type of lipoma is a classic example of a benign tumor, which is bounded by a dense capsule and is not able to develop into malignant. There is a second kind of Wen - spilled, ie, it has no shell content. Here it is to be feared, because the scientists have proved that it can lead to the development of cancer.

If we talk about symptoms, it should be noted,wen that sometimes can be confused with an inflamed lymph node, but not the formation of a lipoma is an inflammatory process and is not accompanied by fever and pain.

Lipoma can occur in any part of the body, but inclinic treat people, if education were to the head, face (especially in the area of ​​the eye) or neck. I must say that this phenomenon is equally susceptible to both sexes and even children.

Causes wen

Modern medical science knows only a fewjustified causes for Wen on the human body. Sami education arise primarily because of the clogging of the sebaceous glands, but it can happen if:

  1. The body is intoxicated.
  2. It disrupts the bile duct, kidney, pancreas or liver.
  3. There has been a sharp increase in adipose tissue.
  4. There is a genetic predisposition.
  5. Meals irregular and unbalanced (by the way, we should not lose sight of the inadequate quality of advanced products).
  6. Man leading a sedentary lifestyle.
  7. Unfavorable environmental conditions.

I must say that the number of lipomas (they canbe single or multiple) depends on their causes. If the body was formed a large number of Wen, the most likely person to be diagnosed with "lipomatosis." However, do not despair, because, as mentioned above, this problem is often rests solely aesthetic burden, because the lipoma has a growing property, and this, in turn, makes it look pretty unflattering.

Wen Treatment with experts

Referring to the clinic, patients are usuallyThey complain of ugliness Wen, especially if it is located in a place where it is impossible to hide it with the help of clothes. However, it happens that there are a number of symptoms that require immediate intervention of doctors and cosmetologists:

  • pain;
  • proliferation;
  • discomfort in adjacent organs and tissues;
  • localization on the face.

Specialist initially assess the size of the tumor andthen prescribe treatment, because of its method depends on the size of the lipoma. If it is very large, the doctor will suggest to pass ultrasound, the results of which will be assigned to the mechanical removal, and then send the contents of a lipoma on histological examination to determine its nature and to exclude malignancy. The procedure itself is either in surgery or in the application of the laser and is performed under anesthesia, and it takes an average of about two hours. If lipoma reaches not more than 2 cm in diameter, and then directly injected into it a special solution, promotes resorption of fat (usually it takes about two months).

It is important to remember that an independent autopsyWen in non-sterile conditions is fraught with not only getting infections, but also the fact that the start spontaneous growth of adipose tissue, leading to relapse. By the way, there is a perception that you can get rid of the oil lamp, if lose weight. However, it is wrong, because despite the fact that the fat comprises lipoma cells, weight variations do not affect it.

Wen Home Treatment

Sometimes it happens that a visit to the cosmeticCabinet for some reason impossible, and then the question arises: is it possible to cope with self-wen? Yes, you can. MirSovetov offers its readers two ways:

  1. Spot moxibustion (not to dry up the skin around lipomas) using iodine, which should be done at least twice a day for 1-2 weeks.
  2. Drying using a salicylic or boric alcohol. A good option would be and calendula tincture. This method is best suited for removing wen in the eye area.

Another option is the use of masks, which come to us from the traditional medicine:

  1. Based on sunflower oil. For its preparation must boil unrefined slightly salted butter and apply it every day (hot) to the affected area until the scabs are not formed, which will disappear with the lipoma.
  2. Compress onion pulp is one of the most effective. It is proved that on the morning after his application talc begin opened. However, to sustain this process will not be all.
  3. Applying a lipoma fresh leaves golden mustache gives the desired effect after 10 days of application.
  4. Compress from the leaves mother and stepmother, both whole and crushed to a pulp, promotes the disappearance of Wen in a week after the start of the application.
  5. Remove the film from the inner side of raw chickeneggs and immediately imposed on the areas of skin affected by lipomas. Leave overnight. The mechanism of action of this compress is quite simple: the enzyme lysozyme contained in the films provides fast resolving and anti-inflammatory effect. The main condition - the egg have to be home. This method is recommended for the removal of facial skin with Wen.
  6. The use of cinnamon powder (1-2 h. L. Per day) that can be added to various food or tea.
  7. "Vietnamese balm" or "asterisk", whichneed to be lubricated regularly lipoma as long as the skin does not form an open wound. Then gently squeeze the contents should be Wen and disinfected. However, this method does not allow to get rid of lipomas the first time, and, therefore, have to repeat the procedure.
  8. Juice of celandine, which should be available inpharmacy, but you need to use it with care because it can burn the skin. Lubricate lipomas should be twice a day, as long as they do not vskroyutsya then attach Vishnevsky ointment that will help draw out wen, at the same time removing the inflammation and promoting the healing of wounds. After four days, the skin should be treated with alcohol.
  9. The lower leaves of aloe, pre-soak inrefrigerator for four days, should be applied to lipoma 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment this means is different for each case, so you need to use them as long until the effect. Incidentally, this method is considered the safest.