How to get rid of dandruff

Meet on clothes ... not argue with that. Hair - a "odezhka" of our head, and if they are not in order, the modern man is difficult to feel comfortable. Especially hard it is necessary to those whose head and shoulders covered with dandruff.
How to get rid of dandruff
Meet on clothes ... not argue with that. Hair - a "odezhka" of our head, and if they are not in order, the modern man is difficult to feel comfortable. Especially hard it is necessary to those whose head and shoulders covered with dandruff. Dandruff can also appear on oily and dry hair, no one is immune from its inception. Therefore, I advise everyone to read this article to find the "enemy" fully prepared.

Causes of Dandruff

The appearance of dandruff is caused by a fungus thatis always present on the skin of the head and a "waiting" for suitable conditions to begin to multiply rapidly. Good conditions for the development of the fungus can create stress, illness, changes in diet, dehydration, and others. In other words, the fungus reacts to lowered immunity, and as soon as the resistance decreases, the fungus starts to "act".
To get rid of dandruff, it is necessary not only to pick up shampoo, but to revise your diet
To get rid of dandruff requires not onlyindividually selected shampoo. First of all, you need to revise your diet and eliminate ... all very tasty. That is necessary to refuse from the flour (especially baking), fried, spicy, salty foods and alcohol. At your disposal are all kinds of porridge, unsweetened fruit, vegetables and dairy products. By following such a diet need to take a multivitamin, it is necessary to restore balance in the body microelements. Believe me, such a diet would benefit not only the hair, but also figure as a whole. If you strictly observe this diet, your hair will certainly become better.
To completely get rid of dandruff, go toconsult a beautician, he will recommend a special shampoo. There are folk remedies for getting rid of dandruff. The vodka, diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1 was added aloe juice. This "cocktail" rubbed into the scalp in a small amount. The procedure is repeated every other day. You can make hot water nettle leaves in a ratio of one to one (100g to 100g of water leaves) and also rubbed into the scalp or used to rinse after washing.
It is useful to wash your hair clean, soft water -best buy distilled water, or, at worst fit melted the frost from the freezer. This water is not chlorinated, it has no impurities, and because it can negatively affect the state of the scalp and hair.

Dandruff can be different: dry ...

When dry dandruff dead skin cells build up and constantly itchy scalp
When the operating head sebaceous glandsweak dandruff will dry and appear in large numbers. Sebum is not enough, but the division of skin cells too quickly. Dead skin cells accumulate and begin to crumble. At the same time constantly itchy scalp, and hair become brittle and lose their luster. This disease is called "dry seborrhea." In order to win it, sometimes just enough to moisten the hair. To do this, drink plenty of fluids, especially important during the cold season. When it's cold outside, thirsty rare, but in fact the body needs about the same amount of water at any time of the year. Sneaking up dehydration. And one of his "first signs" could be dandruff.
Escape from dandruff can be, giving the bodysufficiently fluid. Sometimes this is enough. Just drink half a glass of water between meals. Well moisturizes the hair and scalp mask of kefir or yogurt. Apply yogurt on your scalp and hair, leave on for half an hour. Then rinse the hair with warm water, which mix a tablespoon of dry mustard. Kefir give hair nutrition and moisture, and mustard spur blood circulation in the skin and strengthen hair growth.

... And fat

When oily hair dandruff is not showered in solarge quantities, as in the dry. skin flakes (dander) are impregnated with sebum, stick together in "flakes" and stick to the hair. This dandruff - an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria. As a result of the activity of bacteria clogged the mouth of the hair follicles, hair starts to fall more often. When greasy hair and dandruff useful 2-3 times a week to wash my hair infusion of marigold. Tincture rubbed into the skin, wrapped head with a towel for 30 minutes and then wash off with warm water infusion.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

When you select the anti-dandruff shampoo, look at its composition
Shampoo - not a cure for dandruff, all the problems itnot solve. But as one of the means to combat dandruff shampoo is indispensable. When you choose a shampoo, look at its structure. In a good anti-dandruff shampoo must include components such as zinc pyrithione (zinc pirythione), selenium disulphide (selenium disulphide) - they relieve scalp from germs. Medical tar (coal tar) reduces the rate of growth (and withering away) of the skin cells, and sulfur (Sulphur) promotes peeling already formed dandruff. And yet most of the shampoo is only able to remove the "Flakes" of dandruff. But to significantly reduce the activity of the fungus that causes it, is possible only with the help of special anti-dandruff agents. These drugs are sold only in pharmacies and, as a rule, are much more expensive than any shampoo.
It is difficult to figure out why there was dandruff- From the failure in the diet, stress, or entered in the barbershop fungus (yes, this is possible and if the barber forget disinfect instruments). Therefore, I advise you to refer to the beautician. It will determine the cause of dandruff, select the right tools for hair care and carry out the necessary health treatments (masks, lotions, etc.)