How to quickly lose weight before the holiday, the summer diet

You have not thought about how to get rid ofextra kilos? Then this article is for you! It healingandbodywork give recommendations on how to quickly and efficiently make the body fit and beautiful for a maximum of two weeks. Following these recommendations, in two weeks you can lose from 4 to 8 kg, strengthen muscles of the back, abdomen and legs.
Summer. It's time to leave! Sea or river, beach, sun! How do you want to lie on the warm sand in the outdoor bathing suit and enjoy sunbathing. Vacation in two weeks, and you have not thought about how to get rid of the extra kilos? Then this article is for you! It healingandbodywork give recommendations on how to quickly and efficiently make the body fit and beautiful for a maximum of two weeks. Following these recommendations, in two weeks you can lose from 4 to 8 kg, strengthen muscles of the back, abdomen and legs.

What we are going to do

Summer - the best time to make the bodybeautiful and fit. To achieve quick and absolute result, we will use a complex effect. The combination of exercise and diet will help us in this.
In order to bring the muscles in tone, tightentummy, you will need to perform a set of exercises. Do not worry, this complex is simple and does not make you a long time to languish from lack of air. Instead an alternative to the gym, with a significant result in a short time: two weeks.
The complex is built in such a way that the classesit took no more than 20 minutes a day. Classes will alternate walking and nine exercises every other day. That is, the first day - walking, the next day - exercise.
The diet will be offered based on the season. During summer heat, you want something lightweight, unobtrusive and hearty. All offered meals for a diet fully comply with these requirements.


You probably thought that since the dayenough to go, but the question is not how to go, but rather how to go. Walking, which helps burn fat, has a certain rhythm and order. Proper implementation of this activity will be in the following order: easy - moderately fast - accelerated - very quickly - faster - moderately quickly - safely. Schedule time allocation to different rates of walk: 5 minutes - 15 seconds - 45 seconds - 60 seconds - 45 seconds - 15 seconds - 60 seconds. Repeat rates, starting from the second stage for one session 3-4 times, finish calm pace for 3-5 minutes. Such procedure gives a result which we want to achieve with you.
Identify correct the tempo youa simple check will help breathing. Calm pace - it is a common walking with a friend when you can talk "about that, about this" and relax. Moderate pace requires little effort, as if you were a little late. With the accelerated pace required more tension, breathing a little astray, you start to rush. Ultimately there comes quickly when you find it difficult to breathe, imagine that if you are late, you miss your chance forever.
The best way to engage in a comfortable walkingsportswear at any time. For example, in the evening after work. But if you walk in light shoes with flat soles, you can combine a lesson with the road work. It is particularly convenient for those who are hiking path will be 20-25 minutes. And for those who need to get to work much longer, healingandbodywork has to offer within walking distance to the bus stop, remote from you for 20-25 minutes walk or get out, not reaching to the destination about the same time.


How to lose weight quickly before holiday
Now for the rules of exercise. As I said, the complex will take you a maximum of 20 minutes per day. Total exercise 9, each of which is performed 8 times in 3 sets. That is, do all the exercises for 8 times, give yourself a little break (5-10 minutes) and repeat everything from the beginning to the end again. And so 3 times. If desired, you can make a break and longer. For example, one approach is made, went to prepare dinner, after a second made.
The golden rule: doing exercises or doing walking, remember that even with a very strong desire not to drink 15-30 minutes before and after school.
The main part of the exercise we will perform sittingon the edge of a chair or stool with a soft cloak. Work will over the muscles of the back, arms, shoulders, press, buttocks and legs. Perform complex gently and slowly. Feel every muscle, manipulation during exercise. You can help yourself to focus and choose the right pace, including music. It should be neither fast nor slow, and, of course, your favorite. I would prefer the classics such as Vivaldi and his composition "Four Seasons". What you choose depends on your musical preferences.
Exercise first thing. We work with the back: stretch, strengthen and make elastic muscles, improve posture. Starting position: sitting on the edge of chair, feet shoulder width apart, bent, following the shape of the chair, the entire sole stretch the floor, palms uprites just above the knees. Tighten your thigh muscles. Sliding his hands up her thighs, gently arches her back, lifting her head up. We retract the belly and rounded back, lowering his head down and his hands slide towards the knees. Delayed for 2-3 seconds and return to starting position.
Exercise the second. We work with the back and chest: to strengthen and stretch the muscles. Starting position the same. Rounded back, lean forward so that the head was between his knees. With all the forces tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly lift your head, look ahead. Along with the head bends back in the opposite direction, slightly exposing chest and stomach forward. Return to the starting position.
Exercise third. We work with the back: the flexibility of the muscles are working out. Starting position the same, but the hands at the top of the thigh. Slowly draw in the stomach, turning the whole body to the right and slid his left hand to the knee. Make sure that the feet remain in the starting position. Just follow the turn to the left. Stops between turns right and left should not be.
Exercise fourth. We work with the body and the upper part of the thigh: strengthen muscles. Sitting on the edge of a chair, pull your stomach, legs together, hands grasp the back seat, back slightly tilted back. Lift both legs in a bent position above the floor. Tighten your abdominal muscles. We provide a smooth kick their feet alternately. Straighten your right leg parallel to the floor, drop the original position, the same as do the left foot.
Exercise the fifth. We work with the press and the upper part of the thigh: strengthen muscles. The starting position in the previous exercise. Make sure that the back muscles are relaxed. Lift the legs off the floor, pulling socks. Make circles with both feet 4 times to the left, then 4 times to the right. Without stops.
Exercise to sixth. We work with the shoulders and neck: develop the mobility and flexibility of muscles, shooting pain. Stand with your legs apart at shoulder width. Hands raised horizontal to the floor, forming a straight line with your shoulders, then bend at the elbow, the bend angle of 90 degrees. Palms facing forward. Make a smooth circles shoulders, without changing the position of the hands 4 times, first left, then right as much. Make sure that the muscles of the buttocks and legs were stretched like a chord.
How to lose weight quickly before holiday
Exercise seventh. We work with the back: strengthen muscles. Stand in the position of the feet shoulder width apart, hands behind his head, pull your stomach. Group together with your weight supported on the heel, tighten your buttocks. The upper part of the body (the hips) carry the left and right wheels by 4 times.
Exercise eighth place. We work with the stomach: strengthen the press. Sitting on the floor, bend your knees to a position until the stop abuts the entire surface of the floor, legs slightly apart to the sides. Hands put on his knees. With all the forces straining abdominal muscles. Perform tilts back at 45-65 degrees to the floor, back to the starting position. Perhaps at first will need to hold the feet, for example, caught the feet of the sofa.
Exercise ninth. Last thing. We work with the back and press: to strengthen and stretch the muscles. We get up on all fours, pretending to smooth stool, straining abdominal muscles and buttocks. We carry out exercise "cat." Alternately bends and flexes back, pausing at each end point for 8-12 seconds. Between deflections return to its original position. Try to get a feel for what kind of work the back muscles.


Try to enter in your diet as many fruits and vegetables can be
Within two weeks until you performcomplex exercise, watch your diet. I'm not talking about some kind of a strict diet, I just want to emphasize the fact that the summer - it's time to fruits and vegetables. Do not forget about it. The hottest time of the body and so hard, it is necessary to reduce this burden eating "light", refreshing products. So try to enter into your diet as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Preference is better to give the vegetables that can be eaten raw. Do not get carried away fried and baked vegetables. On weekends, eat only half, give up breakfast, you can drink only a glass of green tea without sugar.
healingandbodywork draws your attention to the factthat products such as honey, olive oil, bananas, muesli bars, cereals, bagels and pastries, dried fruit, yogurt, juices and purees are a very high-calorie foods. Limit their use, but rather give up entirely on these two weeks. It is best to replace all these tartlets, such as chicken and pineapple skewers of fish, such as salmon, dishes from the sushi bar. And in the moments between regular meals, if you want a snack, eat fruit (pears, green apples, for example).
A few dishes to maintain the summer diet.

  1. Spaghetti with tomato sauce.
  2. Shrimp grilled.
  3. Beef steak with lemon and green salad.
  4. Tomato salad with mozzarella cheese and olive oil.
  5. Chops of lamb and green salad.
  6. Boil eggs, breaking them into boiling water, eat with toast and tomato.
  7. Mineral water without gas, and fresh lemon juice.
  8. Salads from boiled vegetables.
  9. Salads of fresh vegetables, dressed with light mayonnaise.

Eat often, but little by little. Carefully chew everything. If you happen to be present at a party with a table - buffet table, it is best to stay away from it, find something else to do, for example, help the hosts to entertain guests.