How to paint a pencil eye

Pencil - a tool of the artist, talentedhands able to create masterpieces. Ability to apply beautiful makeup - is a kind of the same art. Learn how it can be anyone who has the desire, patience and time. The cosmetic industry offers to help us a whole arsenal of various means, among which we can find exactly what underline, highlight and decorate our personality.

Since ancient times, the ladies learned to emphasizeeyes, making them the most expressive part of the face and winning. In the east, for example, for this purpose used antimony - crushed into powder is a natural substance, through which Eastern women have a reputation for the standard of beauty eye to this day. In our time, there was a set of tools to create the perfect view, including first place can rightly give the pencil. Due to the variety of its forms, textures and colors, each woman can create a unique image. MirSovetov help understand all the intricacies of using this tool.

Choosing pencil

Choosing a good pencil - a process in whichshould not be neglected. Remember that the area of ​​application of this tool - the facial skin, which means that you need to pay due attention to its quality. Otherwise, you can earn an allergic reaction, and as a consequence, the red eyes or swollen eyelids. Let's denote the properties, which should have the correct pencil:

  1. Choosing a wooden shell, givepreference to that which is made from a single piece of wood. In this case, the rod will be better protected and will not break if dropped from a height. Pencil out of glued chips is lower quality and, moreover, badly sharpened.
  2. Plastic housing must also be strong and not cave in when you press it with your fingers.
  3. In pencil lead should not be white bloom. His presence means that the pen is already very old, possibly outdated.
  4. The one-piece, tight-fitting cap - one more important detail.
  5. Note the line that leaves the pen. It should be expressive, clear and continuous.

By the degree of hardness of the pencil is:

  1. Soft. It is convenient to draw an arrow, it turns fat and distinct, easily applied on the first try. Hold this line is not very long, it can be smeared, so soft pencil is better to apply for short-term make-up.
  2. Solid. Arrow painted such a tool, usually thinner, it looks more severe, and suited to concise business make-apa. Sometimes it is necessary to direct it several times, but the make-up is preserved for a longer time. Remember that pencil in any case should not scratch the skin.

Besides the degree of hardness, pencils can also be divided into mechanical and wood.

  • the mechanical advantage is: it is not necessary to grind, and the lead length is adjustable depending on the wishes;
  • wooden pencil require periodic sharpening, but its shell has a protective properties to the microbes that cause diseases of the eye.

There is also a separate type of pencil undernamed Kaya. This device is often used to create an image of the actress oriental beauties. By such means can draw an arrow on the inside of the eyelid. Kaya difference from the usual pencil lies in its special safety: extreme softness prevents injury to delicate surfaces, as contained in the composition of antiseptics exclude the possibility of infection in the eye.

Choose a color pencil

Having defined the type and quality, can beproceed to the choice of a suitable color pencil. Making the decision to be based on the individual characteristics of the girl: eye color, hair and skin tone. Let us consider in detail several basic types:

  1. Brunettes with dark skin. So ladies have to choose from, they will go to face many colors: purple and dark purple, olive and plum tones and classic brown and black.
  2. Light-skinned brunettes can use dark brown and dark gray to highlight the range of eye. black arrows them slightly better shade.
  3. Blondes bright colors suit most: silver, gray, soft blue and even pink. Too light-skinned is better to refrain from using black pencil, because it can give a vulgar kind.
  4. Red-haired beauty is best to stop the election on the golden, brown, bronze, green and rich blue colors.

Technique underscore eye depending on the type

So, we have decided on how to chooseperfect quality pencil and color depending on the features of appearance. The next stage will examine different types of eyes, because they underscore equipment will be slightly different.

  1. Eyes correct form. Their happy owner does not need to invent anything, the main goal - to emphasize that the nature of the beautiful, and do not overdo it. Outlines the contour of the upper eyelid, drawing a straight line from its inner corner to the outer. Arrow can be slightly thickened, since the mid - it will give a special charm to the look.
  2. Eyes with a large cut made to emphasize the waythe same as the previous type. But there is a small nuance: it is necessary to pay attention to the eyebrows, making them as clear as possible. On the big eyes will look advantageous contour dark tones.
  3. Overly protruding eyes is best to delineateup and down. The color of the upper line should be much darker than the shadows caused, and the lower eyelid is necessary to sum or light colored pencil.
  4. For large eyes with a small iris has acunning. Use shadow and pencil one shade, make up arrow thick enough, expanding in the center. Bottom loop should be thinner, but also to look rich. On the inside of the lower eyelid, draw a line in gray or blue.
  5. Owners of small eyes should not tracetheir entirety, as well as apply makeup to the inner eyelid - it visually accentuate their small size. Instead, take a pencil bright pastel colors and paint the upper arrow, gradually extending it toward the temple and bringing a bit of the eye contour.
  6. If you omitted corners of eyes, correct it using the arrows. Back down on the upper eyelid and draw a third line just above the lash. Bottom contour eyes move fully.
  7. Makeup girl with slanting eyes mustIt looks simple and neat. Draw the upper contour of the inner corner of the wide line, a couple of millimeters not bringing it to the outer corner. Lower eyelid better to emphasize from the middle of the eye.

How to use a pencil

In conclusion, I would like to highlight a few basic rules for the use of eyeliner. By following these recommendations, you can do your make-up nice and neat.

  • if you use a wooden pencil, always make sure, that he was a well-sharpened;
  • Apply a line on top of the basics, shading or powder - so it will not smear and will last longer;
  • Enter arrow from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, making it possible in one motion;
  • if you can not draw a straight line, without lifting your hands, then draw small strokes and then align the end;
  • failed crooked eye should be completely washed off makeup remover, and then start the process all over again.

Practice as often as possible and spent efforts will not go in vain.