How to draw an arrow on the eyes

Beauty female eye always beckons, attracts andwins men. It is this part of a person devoted countless songs and poems. Many women dream of being the owner of the eyes are not worse than the notorious oriental beauties. The right make-up will help to achieve perfection in this matter.

Not the least role in eye make-up playdirection. Well-chosen and skilfully drawn, they are like a magic wand, can make a great any of us. These little helpers will emphasize that it is necessary to allocate, fix flaws, give the image of charm and playfulness, sexuality and mystery - all that wish mood. Choose for yourself the right arrow and learn how to draw will help MirSovetov.

Tools for creating arrows

Circle tools for drawing arrows is quite extensive. Select the appropriate option should be based on the situation of the image, especially the eyes, as well as skill.

  1. The most popular tool is a pencil. It is optimal for those who are just learning the art of drawing arrows and has gained sufficient experience. In addition, it is affordable and durable to use the device.

    To make their appearance unclutteredrigor, give preference to hard pencil. Painted with the help of the arrow will look neat, clear and hold for a long time. If you are a beginner, it will be easier to hold the line, putting the first few points of the lashes, and then connecting them together. Do not forget to lift the "tail" of the arrow, so that the eye did not look sad.

    Soft pencil will help to create a naturalquiet way. The drawing their line will be thicker and will not last for too long, so choose that option for short-term make-up. In addition, a soft pencil is useful to create a foundation for the subsequent application of shadows and eyeliner.

    When choosing a pencil note on its quality. It should not crumble and contain paraffin and mineral oils, and lose their properties under high temperature.

  2. Eyeliner make arrows incomparablymore vivid and clear. But the required skill and a steady hand to use it. Draw a line of liquid eyeliner, is not having enough experience, it will be difficult. Instead, you can proceed as follows: to put on lashes several points of a pencil, put them in one line, and then bring the result with the help of eyeliner. We must remember that this tool is not suitable for tinting the lower eye contour.
  3. Liner-pen - another inventioncosmetology, allows you to draw neat lines clear, using a minimum of experience and time. The advantage of this tool is its portability and ease of use, and a minus - the fragility of life due to fast drying pen.
  4. Higher degree of skill is considered to be the ability todraw arrows using shadows. For such a process will need additional tools: a clean and fine brush applicator. Wet it and dipped in the shade of the selected color, draw a line along the contour of the century. This method is good to use for daytime makeup application, hand this gives a neat and sophisticated. The applicator is useful in case you want to make a wider circuit. For bright effect, wet applicator in water and using shadows, slide it over the edge of a thin arrow. When applied dry, line color will be more muted.

Select the arrows under the shape of the eye

In order to look beautiful image of a woman andgently, arrows have to conform to the shape of her eyes. If you make a mistake at this stage, you can achieve the effect of vulgarity or caricature, spoil all the impression of makeup. Let us examine more in how they are and how their eyes can be emphasized.

  1. Almond shape - a classic in the world of beauty. The owner of these eyes - a real lucky, because it can afford to experiment with arrows, all will look great on it.
  2. A round shape of the eye can be corrected ifPencil assistance. Draw a line needs a little shade, thus creating the effect of «smoky eyes». News arrow goes from the inner corner to the middle of the century, and then in the direction of the outer corner slightly raised above the level of eyelashes. Initially, the band should be thin, gradually thickening the end. This technique helps to visually lengthen the form, making her almond.
  3. Small eyes suitable thin needle,the applied black eyeliner or pencil. The narrow dark line makes the eye appear larger. To achieve the same result is possible by means of the arrow of light colors: gold, silver, beige or smoky gray. Keep in mind that you can only sum up the upper eyelid and the line itself should display a little outside corner of the eye or slightly lift.
  4. Narrow shape can adjust the arrow at the corners of a thin and wide in mid-century. To put it best pencil or shadow.
  5. Wide-set eyes, too, is not a problem, if properly let them down. Take a pencil or eyeliner, draw a broad arrow on the inner corner of the eye, gradually narrowing it to the outside.
  6. Close-set eyes can be correctedas follows: spend a thin, barely visible line on the upper eyelid from the nose, thickening it in the end. The arrow on the eyes as such can be drawn from the mid of the upper eyelid, extending it towards the outer corner.

Features drawing arrows

In order to make up went nice and neat,you need to take seriously the underscoring eyes. Curve, wavy arrow can ruin all previous efforts. To avoid this, you need to sum up forever firm, sure hand. To do this, place the mirror at eye level and arm Abut in a hard surface.

Hold the line on a closed or fully open eye is extremely uncomfortable. It is better to draw on the half-open eyes, it will give the opportunity to see how smooth the results.

Arrow thicknesses should initially dothin, and then inducing in those places where it is needed. In addition, the circuit is easier to draw in two parts, drawing a line from the inner corner to the middle, and from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

A mandatory rule is the full symmetry of the shooter, their similar length and thickness. Otherwise, the eyes will appear different, even if they are perfect from nature.

The arrow can be raised relativeoutside of the century, but it is unacceptable in the inner corner of the eye. eyeliner line at this point must necessarily touch the eyelashes, or makeup will not look neat, and the effect of the density of the eyelashes is lost.

Hurry - the main enemy in emphasizing circuiteye. Rush is not necessary either in the process of drawing the arrow, or after, especially if the line is made of liquid eyeliner. In order to ship dry, not smudge and is printed on the upper eyelid, just cover your eyes for 20-30 seconds.

Makeup loves the correct sequence. First apply a base - so shadow and pencil eyeliner will lay hold on smoother and last longer. The second step, use shade, draw an arrow on top of them. Eyelashes should curl and paint in the last turn, after the eye contour already circled.

Hopefully, the tips above will help the fair sex to choose the appropriate version of the shooter drawing, determine the methods of applying them and to become more irresistible.