How to make Smokey Eyes

Flawless makeup - an important componentexquisite image of every girl, because it also has its own fashion. One popular trend has been the effect of the "smoky eyes" in which the main focus is on the eyes. Makeup Smokey ice allows us to give the look of expression with a light haze of mystery.

In English the word «smokey eyes» means"Smoky eyes" as a make-up style involves just such an effect. He appeared in the era of the birth of cinema, where directors and stylists do not have enough funds to black-and-white film to convey the whole story lyricism viewers. Therefore, smoky eyes were a sure sign of every other beauty of 1920-1930.

Not less popular smokey makeup and among icecontemporary Hollywood stars. This style is best known, conceding the championship only natural make-AAP. Following the example of famous beauties, many girls aspire to master this technique. healingandbodywork tell you how to make the desired valid.

Smoky makeup is not limited and cancomplement both evening and daytime image. Dark deep tones give expressiveness and bright or neutral colors do look easy and seductive. This staining technique helps to visually enlarge, adjust the shape of the eye, hide flaws and highlight the advantages of the existing appearance. Some ladies learn technique applying makeup for a couple of sessions, while others may take several months. But for the successful creation of a "smoky" look should observe a few general rules and subtleties.

What you need to have on hand?

  1. Eyeliner. Eyeliner contour can be applied in different colors: gray, black, blue, coffee, or dark blue.
  2. Tonal basis, colorless face powder or concealer. These funds will help align the complexion, make grooming and conceal redness.
  3. Shadows. They can be taken as a warm and cool shades. The main rule - do not use pearly variations, since it will give my eyes are tired and swollen appearance.
  4. Eyebrow Pencil, the tone of which must match the color of the hair.
  5. Brushes for drawing shadows.
  6. Sponge for shading.

Instructions for applying makeup

The first task - preparation of the skin. Use the tonal foundation and concealer to hide the uneven color, possible redness or bruising. In addition, you should apply a little powder on the eyelid skin to shade light more evenly.

Next, go to the eye coloring. In order to properly apply makeup, follow these instructions:

  1. Eyeliner trace the contours of a century. At the same time lead the line as close to the lashes. It is easier to make a soft pencil or eyeliner, but make sure that the circuit was very thin.
  2. Proceed to the application and shading shadows. According to the procedure Smokey ice near eyelashes applied the darkest hue, and toward the brow color should become lighter. The main mistake, which many admit - Use only the gray tones. Shades may actually be different: coffee, green, gold, blue, purple, beige. It is important that all the colors harmonize with each other, and could not see clear boundaries.
  3. At the end of makeup emphasize the eyelashes. The requirement makeup technique - applying mascara, sparing no content. At the same time more highlight the lashes in the outer corner of eye.
  4. With shadows or special pencil to move the contour of eyebrows, but do not they spend more than the eye.

Smokey eyes on brown eyes

The effect of "smoky" look with languid languishingthe easiest way to give a deep brown eyes. However, when applying makeup is to pay close attention to shading boundaries between tones. For the lucky owners of dark skin is best suited for coffee and olive shades. But light-skinned women of fashion should pay attention to matt violet, purple and cornflower blue color.

Make-up on blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes expressive needsproper selection of colors, as such holders often have fair skin. Usually cold colors are used to make-apa, as well as soft shades of gold, blue, sand, or silver.

Girl with bright face should be extremelycautious as golden tones can give a look sickly. In this case it is better to apply makeup gray-black shadows, to the extent of using dark shades. But the owner of bronze color easily use all shades of beige and chocolate colors.

Smokey ice on green eyes

Most of all lucky owners of emeraldeye. This is a universal color that suits all shades for a smoky combination of ice. Here the main thing - to try a few combinations on itself, because to choose a flawless combination of the first time is difficult.

Mysterious "zelenoglazkam" after applicationMakeup give coffee and golden hues. In this make-up artists recommend to sum eyelids blue. And if your goal is to create an evening make-up, then fit purple, plum or cornflower blue shade.

Green-eyed blonde is applied smokey ice in classic shades of gray, but green shade only hide the natural beauty and will give a kind of swelling.

Smoky eye makeup on gray

This is a classic version of dyeing gray eyes. His application beskhlopotno enough as such suit owners of different shades of colors. In addition, by using certain colors can change the shape of the eye and hide minor flaws. Shadows applied carefully, emphasizing the contour of the century dark pencil. The use of golden and beige tones give a blue hue and thoughtful look. A coffee, purple and lilac hues provide a transparent emerald eye color.

Professional makeup artists like to apply smokeyice is gray-eyed beauties. The use of black, gray and white colors makes expressive eyes, aspirations and confidence. A simple variation of the color saturation does makeup versatile for any publication.

Subtleties makeup techniques Smokey ice

Languid eyes irresistible look and smokydragged can be given if all pay attention to the eyes. Pick a lipstick in shades of natural, without the use of eyeliner. Also under smokey eyes fit gentle lip gloss skin color.

Before applying the shadow is necessary to consider the nuances oftheir appearance. So, if you have charming eyes, which are close to the bridge of the nose, it is not necessary to conduct the contour closely to the inner corner of the eye. On the other hand, it is not recommended to draw arrows on the nature of the large eyes.

Makeup artists are paying attention to the fact thatthe optimal number of shades of makeup Smokey ice - only two. We should not forget the eyebrows eyeliner, giving them a neat shape and well-groomed appearance. And, of course, you do not need to use this method if your eyes look red or tired, in such a case will not help even a professional "smoky" makeup.

Always choose quality cosmetics, givenits expiration date. Also, avoid fatigue and sleep position 8 hours a day. And you will look irresistible, regardless of the color of hair, eyes, or age.