How to make a male manicure

Every mother has a son, to teachit not only to be polite and courteous to women. The boy from childhood should be able to care for themselves. Today we will talk not about fashion or hairstyle secrets smooth shooter on his trousers, it will be about ... the male manicure.

Do not be afraid and just mind - nobody will offer men learn to paint nails. And here is how to keep their hands in order to be well-groomed - tell healingandbodywork.

Men, as you often pay attention to your handsyour colleagues and friends? It does not become disgusting if you feel a handshake dry skin partner, see the yellow nicotine stains or dirt under the fingernails? Wrinkled? And if you thought about how often pay attention to your well-groomed hands of others: your colleagues, family and friends? And they surely made up for you a bad impression. To get rid of this once and for all, try to learn some simple guidelines for hand care.

Features of the male manicure

Care male hands at times different fromcare of women handles. The difference is, they are important. So, you do not need to cover the nail plate color nail polish, but refuse to do not need him. Clear lacquer with matt or gloss will allow easy to give your hands well-groomed appearance. And do not think that using a nail, you lose your manhood. Believe me, do so many successful businessmen, politicians and even ordinary programmers.

If you go to a salon for the procedure, youcan recommend to treat the nail plate by any means of softening: a pumice stone or scrub. If you do not have enough time to do a manicure at home it is as simple as in the cabin. Only you need to purchase a minimum set of manicure.

How to do a manicure at home

You mow the free edge of the nail everyweek scissors or clippers? How you struggle with unpleasant burrs? Also with the help of pliers. Excellent! You already have two tools at home for nail care. To this arsenal remains to add two nail files - one for filing the free edge, and the second - for polishing of nails.

What else do you need to prepare:

  • pure cotton towel small size;
  • glass, porcelain or plastic container (does not matter);
  • liquid soap (give preference to the addition of glycerol);
  • spatula or wooden stick from an orange tree;
  • Any suitable nail object that allows to clean the dirt from under the nail;
  • means for softening cuticles;
  • Nail oil (you can save and use olive, sunflower or corn).

Take the tweezers and shorten the nails to the optimum length. If you are not comfortable working with cutting pliers, remove the free edge of the nail using the nail file. Now we can proceed to the most important.

  1. The first step - to soften cuticles. Take a container and fill it with warm water. Add to a little liquid soap into a bowl and dip your hands. This will allow the bath to soften rough skin, remove dirt and allow to soften cuticles. When your hands are in the bath - not idle, you can make a light massage together - it will improve the circulation. No time for a warm bath? Use baby or olive oil.
  2. The fabric around the nail has become soft, and now it will beeasier to remove. You can make it safer by using a special tool for cuticle. Apply it on the skin around the nail and leave it on for three to five minutes. Now take a wooden stick or a spatula at a certain angle gently move your skin to the base of the nail. Start with the center and finish at the edges.
  3. Now you can remove unwanted dead skin tissue. Use nail scissors, and at the same time and remove the burrs. When getting rid of burrs, remember that they should be cut off right at the root, but so as not to traumatize the skin.
  4. Treat your nails nail file. It is not difficult, if you do it right. Hold the tool perpendicular to the nail to the nail. Movement should be directed in one direction - along the nail plate. Do not cut across the nails, because it will be faster than the nail thinning and split.
  5. The final touch - nail polishing. Use the special tool. Replace it can be a piece of soft cloth (felt or suede).
  6. After the completion of manicure, apply the cream. If you do the bath, use a moisturizer.
  7. There are times when a busy schedule of meetings and business trips as it is difficult to allocate half an hour of time to pay attention to the hands. In this case, you should learn to make an express manicure.

These simple tips will help you to always keep your hands in order:

  • cut the end of the nails every seven days;
  • buy a small brush to clean out the dirt from under his fingernails. Put it in the bathroom in a prominent place. Use a brush twice a day;
  • If you do not have with a means to mitigatecuticles, take a lemon slice and treat the nails. Remains of juice rinse with water. So you are at the same time get rid of the yellowing nails and cuticles, and your hands will get a pleasant aroma.

helpful hints

  1. Always wash your hands with warm water. Very hot or vice versa, cold water can make the skin rougher and cause peeling.
  2. Use soap with glycerin or always use liquid soap. So you get rid of dry skin.
  3. Wipe your hands soft towel.
  4. It is not enough just to cut regrown edge of the nail.
  5. To your nails do not stray, and did not break, cut the edge of the nail file.
  6. Do not use a metal nail file, it violates the structure of the nail. Buy nail tools with Teflon coating.
  7. Gently file nails, do not remove the corners to prevent ingrown nail problem skin.
  8. When time permits, take a salt bath for hands. In warm water, you need to add a teaspoon of sea salt. It operates smyagchayusche and soothe the skin.
  9. If your cuticle is growing rapidly, it is "meaty" and you is not easy to cope with it, ask for help from family or professionals entrust their hands.
  10. Since some of the features, to soften cuticles men need more time than women. Also deeply cut cuticle is not recommended for male manicure.
  11. Do not go against the natural nail and give a different shape. It would look ridiculous.
  12. The base of the male manicure is the nail polish. To get a good result, before using a polishing nail file, apply on your nails a little nourishing cream.
  13. Do not give up on clear nail polish, he will get rid of chipping and protects nails from the acrid smoke, if you smoke.

Do not be afraid to take care of nails, because it is such athe necessary procedure like taking a shower or shave. According to those men who at least once did themselves a manicure at the salon, you can not give up the procedures for all. After all, it is a pleasure and a necessity. So do not give up the opportunity to become more attractive!