How to make your lips plump

Beautiful juicy lips - it's not just fashion, itsymbol of sexuality, youth, as well as the result of the proper care of the skin of the lips. Of course, the shape and size of the lips is predetermined genetically, so anyone what nature bestowed but careful and competent care makeup can work wonders. Thinking about plastic surgery? Do not hurry!
Beautiful juicy lips - it's not just fashion, itsymbol of sexuality, youth, as well as the result of the proper care of the skin of the lips. Of course, the shape and size of the lips is predetermined genetically, so anyone what nature bestowed but careful and competent care makeup can work wonders. Thinking about plastic surgery? Do not rush, there may be a more humane method to increase the lips.

the first method. Plain

How to achieve plump lips effect
And it is simple because it does not require any financialthe cost of cosmetic treatments and creams. But an important link on the way to the beauty of your lips and maintain their youth. The main components of proper care - it is protection, hydration and nutrition delicate lip skin as well as skin care around them. I recommend readers healingandbodywork make it a rule every evening to make some simple manipulation of the mirror. Once clean teeth, massage the lips tooth brush - this procedure will help exfoliate old cells of the epidermis, as well as enhance blood flow, it is important to saturate the skin with nutrients.
Several times a week, do not forget to donourishing mask for lips. The most available and very effective Honey Mask - a smear honey lips and so leave for the night. The result was not long in coming - the lips are soft and velvety. You could also try a mask of fat cottage cheese, rubbed with cream - liberally lubricate the lips and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and lubricate the mouth hygienic lipstick.
Do not forget to moisturize the lips. For this purpose a mask of suitable cream, with the addition of a few drops of lemon juice and vegetable oil. This mask hold on the lips for 15-20 minutes.
And one more rule - the thin skin of the lips needsprotection all year round. In winter, protect them from chapping, summer - from dehydration. Use hygienic lipstick. Get rid of the habit of biting her lip, this leads to the appearance of cracks and dehydration. Meanwhile, it provides the necessary amount of moisture the lips.

the second method. Cosmetic

Effect plump lips can be achieved with the help of a stick
Immediately comes to mind is a cosmetic pencil,which you boldly outlines the lips, giving them the desired shape. The most important thing is not to overdo it. A strong deviation from the natural line of pigmentation of the lips will make you look like a clown! Try just a little to go beyond their own lips, while giving preference to the tone color pencil lipstick or a little darker. Very different from the color of lipstick pencil conceals volume from your lips.
Try to resort to yet another wonderfulstratagem - on the upper lip white pencil draw a line, follow the contours of the lips. Blend. Apply concealer on the lips, then light lipstick or gloss. The effect is stunning. This trick is used by many movie stars and TV presenters.
As for the color of lipstick, preferlight natural tones. Between matte and glossy texture choose gloss over lipstick or apply colorless shine. Some makeup artists are also offered use of several shades of lipstick make-up to achieve a volume effect. But you need to be a true artist: the corners and bottom edge of the lip paint in a darker tone, and the middle - light. If you are using color brilliance, then choose the one which is composed of light-reflecting microparticles. In addition, in any store cosmetics are now a large selection of tools for the lips, giving them a visual volume. These lipsticks tend to have thick creamy consistency, in part also includes some aroma oils, causing blood flow to the lips, whereby it is possible to achieve a real increase in volume of the lips, though minor.
Since I started talking about cosmetics, and rememberpermanent make-up (this was in the article "Why do permanent make-up"). With the right approach, perms give the desired effect and the increase in the volume of the lips. To this end, it is important to choose a good professional. To lip contour traced a permanent, natural look, can make shading pigment throughout the surface of the lips, thus, the circuit will not be different from the primary color of the lips. Pigment should pick up closer to the natural color.

the third method. Operational

The least radical method operatichnogo lip augmentation is the contour of the lips
If you still intend to significantly increase thethe volume of the lips, so that it became apparent, that can not do without surgery. The least radical method of lip augmentation is considered by introducing a gel, so-called contour lips. In this case, a special gel is injected lips hyaluronic acid. This effect is achieved due to the fact that one molecule of acid is capable of attracting water molecules around a thousand. Due to water the lips look fuller. This hyaluronic acid is perfectly safe for the body. procedures downside is that eventually dissolves acid, and water leaves. About a year after the operation should be repeated.
There is a method of correcting a lipofilling. In this case, instead of the gel body is introduced into the mouth of the patient cells taken for example, from the abdomen. A definite plus in the fact that the effect will last a lifetime. But there is a minus - from all entered the cell survives only half as a result of the lips can be formed on the bumps. You will need to go through this process several times until the desired result is achieved. In addition, this method is very doubtful, because the lips do not have your own fat cells, and therefore does not take root adipose tissue, introduced artificial method. It may be that the effort is not worth it.
In any case, the operation should be performed by a qualified specialist. Both methods are contraindicated for health reasons.

the fourth method. Radical

Surgical repair of the lips can look unnatural and absurd
Surgical repair of the lips - this is the mostradical method for the most daring. After unexpected result may be, as in any other plastic surgery. In this case, the increase in volume of the lips is achieved by the introduction of implants (gorteks, silicone). After surgery, the scars remain, but they are hardly noticeable. Definitely worth getting professional advice and think carefully about whether you need this at least. Would you like to become an owner of an unnaturally plump lips ?! Most often, the plastic surgery is visible to the naked eye. It is necessary to undergo a medical examination. Surgical repair of the lips is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the heart and blood, have skin diseases. In addition, the operation will have to repeat years through 10. This need is associated with age-related changes face at which the previously selected shape of the lips will look unnatural and ridiculous.

And a few more tips

The natural shape of the lips - is, first of all, youra feature that gives you a personalized way. More often resorted to drastic measures under the influence of fashion, and not for reasons of real necessity. Love yourself a natural, broad smile, instead of prim lips. Kiss And more! Daily kisses your lips lead to an unprecedented tone!