How to make thick eyebrows

Length, thickness, width and depth eyebrow coloringdependent on fashion trends, but regardless of this, their grooming is always relevant! Now in vogue thick, fairly thick eyebrows and every beauty from fashion magazine can boast of, it is not surprising that almost every woman dreams of today it is about these eyebrows.

Eyebrows - one of the most amazing parts of the face, but few people think about it, and yet they perform several functions:

  • protective - help prevent moisture getting into the eye, protect against sweat and safeguard against the ingress of dust;
  • communicative - only one person is capable of eyebrows convey a range of emotions: glad, angry, upset or disappointed.

And the appearance of the eyebrows affects the image of women in thewhole. Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows will pay attention to the beauty and depth of the eyes, will help draw attention to your personality, but if you are not well-groomed eyebrows, without a specific line of growth - in this case, they will make even the most thoughtful unkempt and trendy makeup.

How to make thick eyebrows

In fact, in the nature of an ideal eyebrowthere is not very often, but what we see on magazine covers - hard work of stylists and makeup artists. But to become the owner of bushy eyebrows quite possible either with makeup or with the right care.

If you choose the latter option, it is sufficientto give the eyebrows a day for 15-20 minutes. The most important thing - it correctly chosen tools that not only help strengthen the hair bulbs, and help to give the eyebrow hairs luster, density, well-groomed, make them strong and beautiful. Proper care of eyebrows involves several steps and to show off their beauty and density, eyebrows definitely need:

  • comb;
  • supply;
  • Do massage.

for Eyebrow care products should bechosen individually identify all possibilities for your wallet and the effect that you will eventually want to achieve. Now cosmetic market offers a huge number of means by which to take care of eyebrows quite easy and simple, but there are also excellent folk recipes for the care of the eyebrows. Corn, olive, burdock, almond, castor, even the most simple - sunflower oil is excellent to help acquire your so touchline trend now density.

So MirCovetov stop at the stages of care for the eyebrows more:

  1. Combing. If you want to become the owner of bushy eyebrows, they just need a daily special comb to comb or stiff brush. If special equipment could not buy, then suit from unnecessary brush mascara or an ordinary toothbrush, always with a hard bristle brush. Comb eyebrows should be first against the growth of the hair, and then growth. This will help you clear them from the dust, as well as enhance blood circulation and remove dead skin flakes of the eyebrows. If suddenly you notice on the brush hairs dropped, do not be afraid, combing the eyebrows you get rid of weak hair and at the same time, the growth of new admirably prostimuliruete. To make eyebrows density in the short term, to brush the eyebrow apply a few drops of castor, olive or jojoba oil, then just comb. Excess oil can be easily removed conventional tissue paper, is not necessarily a cosmetic.
  2. Food. To eyebrows become so desired thickness, it is possible to apply special packs, masks and infusions of herbs, with which boasts traditional medicine.
  3. Massage is a must to your eyebrows. In fact, besides the fact that it helps to boost their growth, massage eyebrows also help relieve fatigue from his eyes, and will be an excellent prevention of migraine headaches.

Folk remedies for increasing the density of the eyebrows

Oil packs - one of the best meansmake eyebrows thicker. Oil packs are very easy to prepare even at home. Simply mix 20 ml of olive oil and 15 ml of linseed oil and burdock. Thoroughly stir, until smooth, then take a cotton ball and soak it sponzhik resulting mixture, and then attach to the eyebrows for 20 minutes. This oil compress well kept in a cool and dark place, just before use do not forget to slightly shake it.

Remarkably established itself and the nextOil compress eyebrow: peach, almond and peanut oil should be mixed in equal proportions, slightly warmed, then moisten it cotton swabs, and then impose them on the brow, closing the top of parchment or other similar paper and secure with bintik or gauze bandage . Twenty minutes for this will compress enough, then oil must be removed in the usual tonic for the face.

Make a thick eyebrows, using a mask. Brovki necessarily become thicker, if you do not be lazy and make a mask of calendula flowers, popular name which "calendula". To prepare this mask, just pour vodka marigold flowers in a ratio of 1:10 and let infusions per day. Each time before use should be diluted tincture necessarily boiled water in a ratio of 1: 1, to moisten a gauze bandage, slightly wring out and put on the eyebrow line and hold for about an hour. Three times a week is enough to very soon your eyebrows are more dense.

Your eyebrows will find the desired density and healthyshine with the help of rum-beaver mask. Take 15 grams of castor oil and rum, but rum must be of high quality, mix well and heat in a water bath to about 40-50 degrees. Dampen a cotton sponges rum mixture and attach them to the eyebrows, and then wound around the forehead a towel or scarf and leave for 20 minutes. This mask is preferable to do before going to sleep.

Oriental women are mostly employed usma notfrightened of the mysterious name, in our case it is known as woad dyeing or Rugolo. The juice of this plant has a truly miraculous properties, saying that it was thanks to all usma oriental beauties and famous and beautiful bushy eyebrows. Buy usma can in the vegetable market, although it is quite a difficult task - we have this plant occurs very infrequently. But the result is worth the effort to look for, because after a week of application your eyebrows will become much thicker and darker. If you are blonde, we recommend to treat usma carefully, otherwise the risk of getting too unnatural color of eyebrows.

adjust the eyebrows

Eyebrows can also be made more visuallywide and thick, using all sorts of corrective means: you can draw the cosmetic pencil can do permanent makeup, although the wizard for this procedure should be chosen very carefully, because the most important thing - it's natural, and having got to the unqualified wizard, you can get the opposite result, it is possible to make a special chemical staining. Eyebrows can also be made visually more broad and thick with the help of all sorts of corrective means: you can draw the cosmetic pencil can do permanent makeup, although the wizard for this procedure should be chosen very carefully, because the most important thing - it's natural, and having got to the unqualified wizard, you can get the opposite result, it is possible to make a special chemical staining.

Top makeup artists recommend carefully applied toeyebrow shade of brown or gray shade, it can create the appearance of thick eyebrows. And in order to adjust the shape with tweezers, to do it best when the skin enough to steam, t. E., After a bath or shower.

Stay beautiful!