How to make the Brazilian manicure

Well-groomed hands with a nice manicure fashionable -business card of any woman, regardless of her age. That hand is judged on how much a woman respects herself. But our life today is so loaded with cares and problems, which often do not have time to visit the nail salons. Nevertheless, there is always a way out.

procedure Overview

Brazilian manicure - a real discoverymodern nail industry. It is completely safe, as is done by the individual disposable set consisting of the following tools:

  • special gloves impregnated emulsion;
  • nail file;
  • manicure sticks of orange tree for the treatment of cuticles.

This kit can be purchased at specialty shops or ordered from the online store. Most beauty salons are already included in the list of the services the Brazilian manicure.

Benefits of Brazilian manicure

Brazilian manicure has several advantages over other types of this nail care:

  1. Suitable for hand skin of any type. The emulsion, which are impregnated gloves, moisturizes and nourishes dry, normal skin.
  2. The procedure is simplified by eliminating the need to maintain the hands in the water, because the emulsion is very well softens the cuticle.
  3. Do Brazilian manicure can be in any situation, even on the road, because you do not need bowls, towels, water and other instruments, except for those that are in the set.
  4. The entire procedure takes less than 20 minutes, and it is also an important advantage, especially for business women and young mothers.
  5. Brazilian manicure eliminates the additional cosmetic products for skin care hand and nail plate, again, due to the fact that all the necessary care will perform an emulsion.
  6. This can be called a kind of manicure and hygieniccompletely safe. Carrying it, you can not be afraid of infection by various bacterial and fungal infections that is not excluded in the classic manicure.
  7. No risk of injury to the skin, which often happens when using nail scissors and tweezers.
  8. Brazilian manicure is perfect to prepare the nails not only to the coating varnish, but also to the procedure of capacity with acrylic or gel.
  9. Not contraindicated in people with a Brazilian manicurea diagnosis of eczema and other skin diseases hands. Moreover, manicurist even recommend it for problem skin of the hands. They argue emulsion ability to reduce inflammation, reduce itching and return the skin a healthy look.

The properties of the emulsion

All unique Brazilian manicureis magic properties of the emulsion, the inner surface of which is impregnated with plastic gloves within the individual set. The components included in its composition, has several functions:

  1. Natural antiseptic - tea tree oil nourishes normal skin, moisturizes and restores dry. In addition, it performs an antibacterial and antifungal function.
  2. Hamamelis promotes healing of wounds and fractures, reduces inflammation and redness of the skin.
  3. Allantoin helps exfoliate dead layers of the epidermis, softens the skin, making it smoother and rejuvenates.
  4. Calcium strengthens the nail plate, and restores nails affected by increasing acrylic and gel, prevents brittleness and cracking of nails.
  5. Under the influence of keratin nails are smooth, smooth and shiny.
  6. If your nails are thickened structure,Brazilian manicure will help get rid of this drawback due to the presence of the emulsion softener. In addition, the emollient beeswax soften the cuticle facilitating their removal.
  7. Polymer R236 - the latest development of the Brazilian. He will prepare your nails to the procedures for building and coating paints, bleach them, soften the skin. After the Brazilian manicure acrylic, gel and varnishes will be held for longer than usual. Moreover polymer is protective against water and different chemicals, which are in contact with your hands.

Contraindications to the Brazilian manicure

The emulsion consists of only natural ingredients, and therefore does not bear any harm to the body:

  • the only contraindication, which hasBrazilian manicure, this idiosyncrasy of one of the components. Check this can only after wear gloves. If you feel discomfort, a burning sensation, an urgent need to take the gloves off and stop the procedure;
  • Brazilian manicure is not suitable for handsrunning with a rough skin and the general cuticle. First make a classic manicure at the master, bring the skin and cuticles in order, and in the future take care of your hands and nails with the help of Brazilian manicure.

Brazilian manicure at home - performing appliances

Brazilian manicure is not difficult to perform at home. You need to purchase a special set, which has already been mentioned above, and follow the instructions:

  1. First you need to wash your hands with antibacterial soapor to treat them with a special antiseptic composition. This is to ensure that the emulsion soaked in clean skin. If your nails are varnished, remove it using a special liquid that does not contain acetone. Then you can slightly adjust the shape of the nails using nail file, which is included in the kit.
  2. Try a little push back the cuticle stick, which is also included. This will help to faster and better absorb the components of the emulsion.
  3. Unpack the gloves and put them on the hands. After 2-3 minutes, try to distribute the emulsion so that most of it was on the tips of the fingers in the cuticle.
  4. After 5-7 minutes, stick a little nadorvitethe tips of the gloves in the nail area. Do not do it all at once on the fingers frees them gradually - one treated, proceed to the next. So you give the opportunity to work longer than the emulsion on the skin and nails.
  5. Pick up a stick and start to pushcuticle. It will be hard to do, the emulsion is well softened cuticles. If you suddenly remove it completely does not work, use the nail scissors. Most often this occurs when the skin is very rough. The next time will last longer gloved hands, then the action of the emulsion will increase.
  6. Once finished with the cuticles, remove the gloves and massage your hands lightly, rubbing the skin emulsion residues.
  7. If you want to varnish the nails, remove them with emulsion residues, otherwise the varnish will not stick.

Care of hands and nails after a manicure Brazilian

Since the Brazilian manicure includes the whole range of relevant skin and nail treatments, after his hand care simplified:

  • Do not start the hand, do this kind of nail polish on a regular basis, then the classic manicure, you no longer need;
  • 1-2 times a week to do the herbal baths and lubricate the skin nourishing and protective cream, not to bring up deep cracks and peeling;
  • do not get carried away build-up, it does not affect positively on the nail plate.

Now that you know about all the benefitsBrazilian manicure and made sure to make it a snap even at home. If you doubt that you will succeed, MirSovetov recommends that you seek help from a master of manicure.