How do anti-cellulite massage at home

What is cellulite - knows, perhaps almost everyfemale. That just does not come up to fight cellulite! One of the most effective anti-cellulite massage is. About him we're going to talk to healingandbodywork.
How do anti-cellulite massage at home
What is cellulite - knows, perhaps almost everyfemale. The infamous "orange peel" - the result of changes in a part of the adipose tissue of the skin. That just does not come up to fight cellulite! This diet, and special creams, and a special belt. healingandbodywork already wrote about this in his article "How to get rid of cellulite."
But still one of the most effective anti-cellulite massage is. About him we're going to talk.

As there is cellulite?

Most often, cellulite appears on the thighs, upper arms, buttocks
Most often, cellulite appears on the thighs,upper arms, buttocks. In these areas, resulting in disruption of normal circulation of the fluid that collects body fat is not released in a timely manner. Sami fat later and become a cause of violations of circulation of fluids in the tissues. It turns out a kind of vicious circle, which is very difficult to break.
Incidentally, cellulite - is not only a cosmeticshortcoming, it disrupts the normal blood supply to the cells. Feel the skin on the thighs, or other areas of the body where cellulite is firmly established - is not it, it feels a little colder skin, free of "orange peel"? And not enough intensive blood circulation is insufficient supply of cells with oxygen and various nutrients.

What happens when an anti-cellulite massage?

Rubbing and kneading "problem" areas of the body is not just a pleasant warming up the muscles.
In the body the blood begins to circulate more quickly, bringing in the subcutaneous fatty tissue oxygen and washing out the toxins from it.
Under the force of the mechanical action of the hands of a masseur subcutaneous fat tissue is gradually resorbed and excreted excess fat
Under the force of the mechanical action of handsmasseur from subcutaneous adipose tissue is gradually resorbed and excreted fat. Cells seem to revive, in the whole body metabolism improves and the skin becomes taut and toned.
In the fight against cellulite, in principle, beuse a regular classical massage or self-massage. However, the use of special techniques gives a much more noticeable results. These two techniques - anti-cellulite massage using a special brush and honey massage. And he and the other is quite capable to do at home.

Anti-cellulite massage using a special brush

Anti-cellulite massage using a special brush
To start with buy in a drugstore brush massage. It is important that the bristles of the brush have been genuine, and the handle - comfortable and long. When choosing the degree of hardness of the bristle guided by their personal feelings. You can start with a soft bristle, and then, when the skin gets used, go to a rigid or semi-rigid. Be sure to occasionally wash brush with soap and water, and then well dried it in the sun or near the battery.
To avoid stretching the skin healingandbodywork do not recommend anti-cellulite massage immediately after a bath or shower, when the skin is softened. Massage is performed with a dry brush on dry skin.
Located conveniently, by putting one foot aboveother. The stand can be used as a stool, edge of the tub or a sofa. Now begin to massage the soles of the toes to the heel, gradually shifting up to the buttocks. The circular motion brush with alternate movements along the muscle fibers, and do not be lazy several times to work out areas affected by cellulite.
We finished massaging his feet? Go to the top of the body. Anti-cellulite massage of hands right thing to do, ranging from palms gradually moving to the armpits, but not vice versa. Shoulder and back massage along the waist toward the stomach. Carefully work through the circle the front abdominal wall.
The entire procedure takes you about 3 to 5 minutes. Do not get carried away! Too intense and prolonged massaging brush may cause severe redness and irritation even some of its sites. Please respect to your skin, go to massage the neighboring areas, as soon as there is a slight reddening. But it is better to abandon the anti-cellulite massage brush, if the skin in problem areas there is any damage (bruises, unhealed wounds, and even just a scratch).

Honey anti-cellulite massage

The strength of the effects of honey massage is based on a combination of useful properties of honey
The strength of the effects of honey massage is based oncombination of useful properties of honey - this fount of biologically active substances - with effect from the use of traditional massage techniques. By the way, after the course of honey massage is not only smoothes cellulite, and improves the general condition of the skin: it becomes soft and silky, like a child.
So as a result of honey massage has become noticeable, it must be done within 15 days. And, note to myself that this procedure is not daily, but with breaks between sessions in one day.
For the honey massage you needany natural honey - lime, floral, Buckwheat. Make sure only natural that it was without any extraneous component. Also, do not suitable for massage and long standing, who had sugar honey.
To promassirovat thighs and buttocks, enough 2teaspoons of honey. If you want to turn the anti-cellulite massage in a pleasant procedure can make a mixture of honey to your taste any essential oil (lemon, eucalyptus, grapefruit or any other). The essential oil is added in the proportion of 5 drops of oil to 1 teaspoon of honey. True connoisseurs of honey massage comprise complex mixtures of honey and a few essential oils. For example, in a mixture on the basis of 2 teaspoons of honey is added 3 drops of lemon and juniper, and 2 drops of orange and lavender oils. However, any other may be formulated mixture, most importantly, to follow the rule: first mix oil and then adding the resulting mixture to honey. To achieve maximum effect immediately, use the prepared mixture, do not leave it to turn sour in the fridge overnight.
Technique of anti-cellulite honey massage is simple. Apply honey on the palm and start patting yourself on the places affected by cellulite. As a result of the honey will be transferred to the body, and the other - will be on hand. After a few minutes, honey absorbed into the skin, and hands will stick to it. Continue Clap movement, gradually increasing their strength, but not lupite himself with all his might, and firmly press down hands to the skin and then abruptly tear off them for a couple of seconds. Unaccustomed to such a procedure seems uniforms torture, but the beauty demands victims. However, after a few sessions, the skin gets used, and the pain will be less noticeable.
Five minutes later, you'll notice how long leather onmassaged area will begin bold white mass, which is popularly referred to as slag. When most of this weight will go on the palm, wash your hands with soap and water and pat-continue pressing for as long as it does not cease to be allocated.
Once you're done with the massage, takewarm shower: wash away with itself all the honey and at the same time further toniziruete skin. Do not be alarmed, seeing the bruises - they will disappear. Be sure to lubricate the skin moisturizing lotion or cream. All! Gentle, soft, velvety skin, an indescribable feeling of purity and lightness throughout the body will reward you in full for deferred torment.
Against the use of anti-cellulite technologyhoney massage can only say one thing: and honey and essential oils are potent allergens. So, before you lubricate the honey all the affected cellulite place, check the reaction on a small area of ​​skin - for this purpose is ideal wrist. Notice the redness, irritation, itching - well, then to fight cellulite you better choose other methods.

Important in their quest to get rid ofcellulite - do not overdo it. No anti-cellulite means can not deal with "orange peel" in one go. Moreover, the sharp change in body condition no one will benefit.
Anti-cellulite massage is just not sojust a nice method, and gradually your body. In addition, all of these procedures can not only carry out home against cellulite, but simply to improve the condition of your skin.
You just need to try it and you will understand how it yourself easily and effectively!