How to create the perfect face?


Every woman likes to look at his face and body. But, unfortunately, not everyone pays due attention to his lips, from which they peel and crack.

All efforts will go down the drain if a perfect face and clear eyes will be added to chapped lips. And all of us know how men like plump and juicy female lips!


  • 1 Proper care for lips
  • 2 Caring for the health and beauty of teeth
  • 3 Remove the chin
  • 4 Swan neck

Proper care for lips

Proper care of the lips - it is not just lipstick. Moreover, sometimes resistant gloss or matte lipstick can damage the thin and delicate skin. So, having decided to pay attention to this part of the face, ready for the great work.

The first rule states that the softness of the lips, that theirmust be lubricated every day with warm vegetable oil, preferably olive. In extreme cases, suitable fatty hygienic lipstick (there are special treatment) or petroleum jelly.

It is also useful to do various mild scrubs. One of the most popular means is candied or honey scrub from a piece of black bread.

Like any other part of the body, the lips neednourishing mask. There are many kinds of masks, but among them the most distinguished tool of grated cucumber and a teaspoon of thick cream or egg yolk. Well in the care of the lips showed massage. Making it very simple: choose a very soft toothbrush and gently massaging the lips for 10 minutes.

If you are a regular decorativemakeup before applying persistent lipstick, use as a basis for normal hygienic. By the way, chapstick need, even if you prefer the naturalness. It will help protect the affected skin from wind, cold and direct sunlight.

However, even the most beautiful and plump lips will not look properly, unless they hide unkempt teeth or bad breath. So, please also have over their teeth.

Concern about the health and beauty of teeth

Caring for the state of their teeth - veryan important task, because every day they are exposed to the harmful effects. Judge for yourself: the bacteria, the effect of coffee, sweet drinks, eating too hot or cold foods, solid foods, smoking. And it is not a complete list of things that affect the state of our teeth.

If you can not devote enough time to care about theirsmile, you can not rely too much on the preservation of their teeth healthy and white smile. And as the ideal woman is perfect in everything, it's time to learn the proper care.

First of all, you need to learn how to conductregular cleaning. So, choose the right toothbrush, toothpaste, do not forget about the rinse aid and carry out the procedure twice a day. In the morning, brush your teeth after breakfast, and be sure to repeat before bedtime. During the day, after a meal to remove food, use toothpicks, dental floss and the desired gum.

dental health depends on the fact that weeat, so try not to take a very hot or cold food - the food should be warm. Negatively affects the teeth alcohol, smoking, bad drinks. But among other things, tobacco and coffee lead to ugly yellowing, which we will not add points.

Sometimes, regular treatments help to improvecolor, but often this is not enough. For the natural whiteness of the teeth, use a special toothpaste, gels, end caps. Find the network various folk methods. Anyway, you can whiten your teeth in dentistry. But. In pursuit of a Hollywood smile, do not overdo it, otherwise you can do to remain without teeth, and we need it?

We remove the second chin

Second chin - it is a nasty surprise,which is able to spoil even the most spectacular appearance. In addition to genetic predisposition and weight fluctuations appearance of "extra" chin favors bad posture. Accordingly, the problems and solutions - from the gym to the plastics.

When the second chin is usually marked by excess weight in the body, so that the most effective, but complicated way is to weight loss.

However, not all so simple and often worried about this problem slender girls and women.

Besides weight loss, there are the following reasons for double chin:

  • heredity;
  • bad posture, slouch;
  • too high pillow to sleep.

As you can see, most of these problems are solved, it is necessary only to want. So, watch out for food, their posture, sleeping without a pillow or a very low, do special exercises.

The posture importantly, do not slouch and do not lower his head too low and decided to do special exercises, do it regularly and conscientiously, and then gradually you get rid of this problem.

Of course, you can harness the power of aesthetic medicine and make a mini-liposuction of the chin, but often without this surgery is possible to do.

Swan neck

Every woman should know that itage issue is not the face, neck and hands. But, unfortunately, most people forget about this part of the body and does not pay any attention to her at all. And, as it turns out, absolutely nothing.

The skin on the neck is much thinner than on the face, so it is often in addition to the lotion at a cream, it requires special care.

So, be sure to wash your neck with cool water,desirable decoction of herbs, use tonic, cream, make nourishing mask. As for the cream, it is best suited for dry skin, which is applied to the very neck and near the collarbone. And still useful at night to do massage.

Apply a rich cream and gently massage the skinfrom the bottom upwards. For comprehensive care should not forget about the special gymnastics. By performing simple exercises, you will make the skin elastic, will remove wrinkles.

In addition, regularly visit salonsbeauty. Now there are many programs for the care of different areas of the body, and the neck is no exception. Inside, you will be offered to make a soft peeling, special massage, surging (a type of lymphatic drainage), and even cryotherapy. All these procedures will help keep the youth of your neck for years to come, so indulge yourself and be beautiful.