How to sunbathe on the beach

You probably will not happen one day burn in thethe sun, so to explain what a sunburn is no need. Let's talk about how to sunbathe at your leisure and not get sunburn.

The yard already in May, the holiday season has long opened, andIt will soon open and bathrobes. After a gloomy winter so want to substitute your body caressing rays of the sun. Many have come, having arrived to the country, and undress, doing garden, begin to sunbathe, substituting back the spring sunshine. This is the easiest way to get burnt. You probably will not happen one day burn in the sun, so to explain what a sunburn is no need. Let's talk about how to sunbathe at your leisure and not get sunburn.

Lights up correctly

First of all, you need to immediately remember that sunbathingcan only during certain hours. In the middle of the day the sun bakes too much, you can get heat stroke. Much nicer tan when sunlight is not very intense. The best time for sunbathing from 9 to 11 am and from 16 to 19 pm. To get a good tan will take some time, but will tan more even than if you were sunbathing in the middle of the day. Lying on the beach (to work in the garden without clothes) preferably not more than 2 hours per day.

To get from the sun only good (in the form ofbeautiful tan and vitamin D), you need to take sun baths gradually. That is, after the winter, our skin is not used to that UV dose that you want to give it. To avoid an allergic reaction, do not rush to sunbathe. Going out in the sun, sunbathe, first 5 minutes a day, then 7 ... gradually bring the time to 2 hours. Do not just go out in the sun in some swimming trunks (bathing suit), open the body slowly, first hand, then his legs. And when the skin becomes accustomed to the sun, you can already sunbathe Teles. So you're guaranteed not to burn the skin and get a tan. Everyone knows how difficult it is to resist the temptation to tan as fast as possible. I assure you, a tan acquired gradually, it will look much better than peeling off tufts of burnt skin ...

It is especially important to protect from the sun face,eyes and hair. To protect yourself from the sun, do not forget to wear a hat and sunglasses. This is necessary not only when sunbathing on the beach, but when going outside on a sunny summer day.

Where better to sunbathe?

Nobody argues that the best place to getSun is the beach. And not in vain, because reservoir near the sun is much easier: the water reflects the sun's rays and enhances their effect. While bathing the skin also tans, the water does not reduce the effect of sunlight. And if you like to dry off after swimming in the breeze, the risk of burn increases significantly: a drop of water on the body are triggered as a tiny lens. Sunbathing by the water has another important advantage: the air is more humid, which means that the skin does not dry up in the sun. In order not to spoil the skin sunbathing, use protective sunblock.


To obtain a clean tan and the skin does not get burned, use sunscreen

To protect the skin better to use specialoily creams or oils. Nourishing Cream is absorbed too quickly, and provides insufficient protection. Tanner will keep your skin hydrated enough, and special components contained therein prevent burns. But if you apply it too thick, the effect will reverse: the cream heats up and will burn the skin. Thus, to obtain a clean tan and the skin remained unburnt, you need broad massaged rubbed into the skin cream from the hands and feet slowly moving toward the heart. To have a complete picture of the use of creams and rules them, healingandbodywork recommends reading this article "How to choose a sunscreen."

If you are using a special cream for sunburn,it not only protects your skin, but also enhances the action of sunlight. There are creams for sunburn effect "Tingle". Their action is based on increasing the microcirculation blood flow in the skin. Thus, stimulated by enhanced production of melanin pigment, the amount of which is directly dependent on the intensity of the sun. Be careful when using this cream is probably a manifestation of allergy. This is normal, when the skin after use of "Tingle" -krema reddens and itches a little, but the reaction of each person is unique, so that a new type of cream recommend that you first try a small area of ​​skin. Tingle-cream is good for strengthening an existing tan, and it is better not to use it at all, even if your skin is not tanned. healingandbodywork would like to keep you: this type of cream is strictly not suitable for the person.

If you do not want to risk, usecream with special additives to enhance tanning. They can be used not tanned skin. Cream accelerator also stimulates the production of melanin, but also protects the skin from aging and sunburn. Perhaps this is the best option for those who want to get a tan and not spoil the skin.

When you choose a cream, carefully readlabel: If the cream is intended for indoor tanning, it does not suit you. Why? It's simple: cream tanning does not protect against UV rays, and you will surely burn the skin. You need sunblock in the sun: it has a high degree of protection from UV rays, moisturizes and nourishes the skin and prevents aging.