How to do make-up for blondes?


Although blondes are sometimes subject toridicule associated with their intellectual abilities. Nevertheless, many dream of having it blonde hair. Because God and nature endowed blondes great charm, in front of which it is unable to resist more than half of the male population.

Blond curls make a woman elegant, fragile,a little naive and defenseless. A good make-up is able to further emphasize all the charm of this appearance. At the same time, preferably in advance to get acquainted with some of its rules. They will help to make the image even more perfect.

First of all, the emphasis in this make-up bestmake on any one detail: eyes or lips. Otherwise, the image may seem to others unnecessarily provocative and even vulgar. It is also important not to overdo the amount of cosmetics used. Her selected considering the natural tone of the skin, hair color, eyes, etc.


  • 1 evening and everyday makeup
  • 2 blondes Makeup for eye color

Evening and everyday makeup

Casual makeup for blondes should be natural, which means a minimum of makeup and a complete absence of heavy paint. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the state of the facial skin.

Of course, it is difficult to find a woman whoboasts the absence of any obstruction (rash, acne, signs of fatigue, early fading, wrinkles, etc.). To hide them use a light foundation. Freshen complexion can be a small amount of blush to the cheeks.

For the eyes, you can use a gray or bluepencil, which draws a thin line on the mucosa. Thus, the look will be more clear and vivid. From shadows give a best overlay them into a single layer. Their texture should be soft, satin. Lips emphasize using lipstick on the tone or two darker than the natural color or just a transparent gloss.

Regarding the creation of a festive way, thethe complexity of it is to make the appearance brighter blonde, not overloading its abundance of colors. For a start it is important to prepare the ground properly.

To do this, use a concealer thatdense layer is applied over the entire surface, without missing even areas around the eyes. The only way to hide the flaws and irregularities of the skin, especially visible in artificial light. Then go directly to the very make-up of eyes.

Colors can be different here: from the golden and maroon to brown, bronze, pale pink, pearl and blue colors. Finally a few strokes of mascara, and a perfect evening make-up is ready! If desired, you can not dye eyelashes and eyeliner or mascara replace eyeliner, drawing with them using the arrow in the style of «cat eyes».

This makeup is actively using all knownScarlett Johansson and Paris Hilton and many other stars. Another option festive makeup - is a red lipstick in the style of the great Marilyn. Of course, provided that the correct form of the lips or pre-drawn contour pencil. In this make-up can not forget about the eyes. For them, better to use light shades on the upper eyelid, raising thus, little eyebrows.

blondes Makeup for eye color

As is known, blond blonde strife. They differ among themselves, first of all, the eye color. Based on him, and listened to the advice of an experienced stylist, you can create a truly perfect makeup.

Blonde beauties who have eyessky blue color, suitable shade of bronze, gray, blue, purple hues. Also in their arsenal to be a pencil or mascara brown or blue. The final touch of the make-up - is a lipstick, for example, a gentle peach or coral shades.

Although blond or brown with green beautythe eyes of nature - it is very rare, stylists did not pass them by. For those of the fairer half of humanity is recommended to use a shade of golden, brown, green or violet colors. it is also suitable liquid eyeliner in the same key.

Wanting to stand out from the crowd, you can do moreaudacious make-up, the famous «smoky eyes», which are popular to this day. This technique is used by many celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Pink, Lady Gaga and others. It involves the use of just a few shades of shadows at the same time with a smooth transition between them.

Blondes that have the nature of a gray tint eyes, perhaps the most fortunate, as they can put into practice any of the above techniques of make-up for blue and green eyes.
Blonde lady, whom God gave browneyes, as rare as the green-eyed beauty. As a rule, it is not natural blonde. The color of their hair, they decided to change their own.

Therefore, the skin tone may not only belight, and dark, and sometimes what are the complexity of the makeup. Brown-eyed girls suit eyeshadow peach, coral, pearl, silver, light brown or golden shades.

For evening or holiday allowed more vividtone, for example, dark chocolate, lilac with haze, olive or yellowish-green. To lengthen the lashes and give them volume, you can use dark ink.

Thus, following a fairly simple tips stylists can easily and quickly achieve the perfect makeup for blondes.