How to remove the lugs on the hips

You have a beautiful figure, but you yourself do not like tomirror. Grieve, when put on a slinky dress, and look attract bulges on the hips? Do not worry, everything is fixable. healingandbodywork come to you for help and tell you how easy it is to remove the tabs at the hips, and teach you how to gain confidence in themselves.

All what you need to understand is that your earswere you not a single day and not overnight. Stress, poor diet, sticking problems, snacks and much more contribute to the accumulation of fat in this area. Consequently, and in one day you will get rid of this problem. So, please be patient.

What is the problem?

First and foremost, consider your diet. How do you eat? A cup of coffee in the morning and run to work? It is not right. Your breakfast should be complete. The following meals to be distributed on several, 3-5, but without a quick snack! If it is absolutely unbearable hunger or overtake you in public transport, you can afford to eat some dried fruit or apple. For dinner you can eat a light meal - a salad of vegetables or yogurt. Remember, you need to dine in 5 hours before bedtime! Perfect dinner - this is when you sit down at the table about 6-7 pm.

A few golden tips:

  1. Reduce your portions.
  2. Chew food carefully, take your time.
  3. If you can not without sweets and starchy foods, it is better to eat them before dinner.
  4. Reduce your intake of salt and sugar
  5. Totally eliminate sodas.
  6. Mayonnaise - this is your enemy!
  7. Avoid fried foods, replace it with boiled or steamed.

About predisposition and causes

Unfortunately, there are women, which nature has endowed this wealth. Many people believe that fighting is useless, but they are wrong. In humans, there is always a chance. The main thing is to follow the simple rules:

  1. Try to move more.
  2. Do sport.
  3. Reduce the consumption of high-calorie food.
  4. Biscuits and cakes - it's your taboo.

The layer of fat in the hips, just where there are "ears", is divided into two kinds: it is superficial and deep.

The first form of fat is accumulated due to a sedentary lifestyle, overeating. What to do: start to walk more, engage in physical exercise, eat a healthy diet.

In the second form of body fat is locateddeeper. Accumulating the girls in the 13-16 years when there is maturation. And when the menstrual cycle is set, layer ceases to perform its main function and compacted. Because of this natural natural maturation, the woman becomes the owner of the excess fat. This problem is much more difficult to fix.

Simple tips for all

Fat accumulation in the hips or "ears ass" is very difficult to like diet and exercise. How to remove the tabs from the thighs?

  1. If you would like to become your hipsslim, and pop - tightened, you should do special exercises. Start small, just 15 minutes a day is enough that the body was involved. Once you will not feel pain in the muscles, you can increase the time and workload. Precautions need to do the exercises for women who have recently become mummies. After birth, the body is not yet fully recovered, so the sharp exercise to give is not worth it.
  2. It lends itself well to burning fat while jogging. If you run every day, and your hips and butt will be beautiful and fit.
  3. Advice for young mothers. Do not worry that you do not have enough time to exercise for long. Taking a walk with the baby on the street, look for the road when you need to roll the stroller on the rise. At the same time, try to stretch the thigh.
  4. Take charge. In addition to the basic set of exercises, type a few extra to be targeted to deal with your problem.
  5. Do not forget the dumbbells. Do the exercises with weights. You will only need dumbbells weighing 1-2 kilograms. Do not forget about exercise for the legs.
  6. Add to your complex fizuprazhneny another -the most effective. In its implementation does not need to spend a lot of time and effort, and you can do at home, at a party, and even transport. Just open and close the muscles of the buttocks.
  7. Remember, and that over time, your bodyget used to physical activity. So try to diversify the standard physical exercises with new exercises. You can alternate ordinary exercise with yoga and pilates.
  8. Do not miss and do not hang up his nose. If you believe in the success and actively work on it, and all will be!
  9. And finally, some exercise is not enough. Do massage and rubbing problem areas.

perform exercises

  1. Let's start with a warm-up. Your body needs to be prepared and warmed. Start with the inclinations of the head, then perform torso and circular movements. First, do a warm-up slowly, and then gradually increasing the tempo.
  2. Exercise "dog." Get on all fours, straighten your leg and pull back, bend it at the knee. Remove the knee to the shoulder. Perform each exercise in the following sequence: right foot - right shoulder, left - left. Try to work actively, caving in at the waist.
  3. Lie on your side and gently lean forward slightly. Upper thigh lower to the floor. Pick up 10 to 20 times the leg, pull it back and drop. Try not to lower to the floor. Then turn to the other side and do the exercise again.
  4. Lie on your side. Arm Cast of the head - the elbow should be facing up. Legs keep straight. Lift the body and reach for an elbow to the top of the thigh. Try to do the exercise correctly, the legs must be lifted up so that the waist and lower part of the thighs were pressed to the floor.
  5. Again, lying on your side, bend your legs at the knees,cave in at the waist back, get on his feet, and the upper leg, without straightening the knee, try to pick up. From the side it would seem that you are pulling it back.
  6. Relax and start the exercise: We go to the pope. Sit on the ass, leg pull and simulates walking, and you must move forward. Helping hands in the air. Do this exercise 10 times forward and back 10 times.
  7. Rest hands against the wall. Start exercises swing leg to one side, do 20 times and the other - 20.
  8. Squats. Perform a lunge. Set one foot forward and squat. Exercise difficult but effective. Do 10 times, then change legs.
  9. Lie on the floor, on your back, pull your hands along the body. Lift your buttocks off the floor, hold them for a few seconds. Lower. Perform such movements, first 10, then 30, 50 and 100 times.
  10. Perform ordinary squats. It is possible with the weights.
  11. Jump on both feet when tired - on one, then the other. Do 100 jumps.

Try to deal with every day. If you can not - then every other day. Exercise two or three sets. And each exercise, start with 10 repetitions and gradually increase. Note that one hour before training and two hours after you can not eat. If you really want - you can drink some water or herbal tea, eat a cucumber. Adhering to a healthy diet, remember that your diet should not be sudden, the body has to get used to the regime. If you decide to spend the day fasting, do it once or twice a week. Preference was given to mono-diet, when in the day you will have to eat one thing, for example, apples, cheese and green tea with milk.

In addition to diet and exercise can do massageessential oils. Prepare a mixture of lemon and rosemary oils. Add the blue clay. Heat the mixture and rub it in a circular massaging movements in the region, "breeches". Wrap up the thigh with cling film, wrap a towel. Leave for 30 minutes, after - rinse with water and apply a nourishing cream.

And do not worry, the nerve cells as doctors say, can not be restored, and the body fat can win. Good luck!