How to choose a hairstyle for yourself?


The correct style is able to radically change the appearance of a woman, so that many of the fair sex often experimenting in search of the perfect option.

In general, the style - a good combination of all the parts that are appropriate to the nature and characteristics of appearance. Among the selection of clothes, make-up, nail polish is not the last role played by well-chosen hairstyle.


  • 1 Choose a stylish image
  • 2 What to look for when choosing a hairstyle
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    • 2.4 Rule 4
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  • 3 hairstyles for special occasions

Choose a stylish image

Unfortunately, very often, so thatthe desired effect is not achieved and a new haircut is not its owner. Given that barbers also make mistakes, it turns out that the lady is suffering for months and can not look at myself in the mirror until everything grows back.

To avoid such accidents, use the services of a good master, or even try to pick up hair on one of the many services available online.

The latter, incidentally, is easy to do -go to the site, upload your photo and try on different hair. Typically, these sites offer a choice of different hairstyles, which differ in style and hair color. However, you should not rely on the result of this fitting. It's a kind of game in real life this or that hairstyle can look very different.

So in order to make things right andthen do not cry into my pillow regretting tainted hair, is to use only proven masters. You may already go to one master, and if not, read reviews on the net, good thematic forums are now abound.

A good specialist can not cut his hair to make a few images, or try on wigs.

In order to make the right choice, youit will be necessary simply to give this time. Be patient, the Wizard will make you different hairstyles - as a result of you together can "bump" on the perfect option.

What to look for when choosing a hairstyle

Blindly copying cut from the picture, probably not worth it. Especially that fashion is constantly changing and constantly follow it will be difficult - the hair grow back will not have time.

So, choosing the image, follow some rules that will help to create a unique, suitable for you style.

Rule 1

Consider your physical parameters - height, weight, body type, length and texture of your hair.

This will help you in choosing a hairstyle that will emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses.

Rule 2

Take the trouble to choose a good and experienced master, having sufficient experience ...

It is not necessary to give the fate of your hair in the hands of a stranger, the ability and experience of which you know nothing. Ask for advice from friends or acquaintances in women.

Rule 3

Leaf through specialized magazines, see what offers the stylists select the most cute you options and consult with the master.

Rule 4

Remember, not only fashion trends, but also on their personal preferences.

Think about how long the hair you feel more comfortable, whether you prefer to go with her or with the collected hair, if you have a long annoying bangs falling over his eyes, etc.

Rule 5

Look for items that can bediversify the hair without changing it radically - bang, coloring, extensions or individual strands of hair over the entire length, artificial hairpieces and braids.

Hairstyles for special occasions

Of course, the hair does not mean "haircut" andI want to create something special for some special cases. Stacking hair, pay attention to where you are going to go, and whether it will be that the intended look appropriate.

For casual hairstyle must beas natural. Gather hair into a ponytail, immolate brooches, leave loose, but not messy. Going on a romantic date, make wavy hair, braid plait interesting.

But you can contact the salon for special occasions. Wizard will make you a special hairstyle, suitable for the occasion. Again, choose a barber wisely

Following the recommendations, you can easily pick up the hairstyle that will suit you and will make your look complete.