How to choose a fitness club

It's amazing! Why do people go to engage in fitness clubs? Personally, I "suffer" in this business for six years. We go to the gym just because we not only teach to work on the body, but will also ensure that we do not tinker. Therefore, first, going to gym, find out who you will be teaching.
How to choose a fitness club
It's amazing! Why do people go to engage in fitness clubs? Personally, I "suffer" in this business for six years. During this time, I have experienced various kinds of aerobics, fitness equipment and try different, in principle, now have an adequate knowledge base to cultivate, without leaving home. And, nevertheless, staying at least a month without exercise, I feel like I'm losing shape. What's the matter?
In my opinion, the answer lies on the surface, andhe is in a favorite as a Russian man - laziness. Of course, I can play music at home, lay a rug and get a dumbbell. Of course, I know (by virtue of their experience) how to perform the exercises correctly. But I can not bring myself to do, and the right amount for me because no one is watching. A self-discipline, as a rule, lacking no more than two days.
It turns out that we go to the gym just becauseWe not only teach to work on the body, but will also ensure that we do not tinker. Therefore, first, going to gym, find out who you will be teaching.

Fitness instructors

Fitness instructor
The most common are fitness instructorswomen. It is understandable. What more striking example of your ultimate goal, if not a slim and trim figure, is constantly looming in front of your eyes ?! Therefore, the instructor should look good.
Typically, often among instructorscaught graduate sportfakov. This is due to the fact that even at the university under the watchful supervision of teachers they develop their own programs "build of body." However, all other persons who have become fitness instructors, too, should be clearly spelled out and program approvals and permits. Among other persons may appear professional dancers, champions (regardless of level), bodybuilding, yoga masters and a black belt in karate - it all depends on what type of exercise program you choose.
The big plus is the experience of the trainer. Besides the obvious advantages of experience, healingandbodywork would like to emphasize the fact that only an experienced fitness instructor can design your individual program. This, of course, will result in a pretty penny more dignity than, for example, the usual course of training twice a week. But you will have a program with which you will achieve what centimeters be added or taken in the right places, and precious body will be strained in vain.


I say at once, not to be confused with a fitness roomfitness. The last is called "rocker". This is the kind of place (in our country mainly settling down in the basement), jam-packed with "iron": all sorts of monsters-power machines. However, in recent years, "rocking" began to emerge from the underground. Now it's air-conditioned rooms equipped with a multifunctional electronic "smart" appliances. By the way, according to the frequent visitors of these places, one of the main advantages of "rocking" is that it is possible to meet with the owners of the mind-blowing body.
Let's return to fitness halls. First of all, it should be well ventilated spacious room with mirrors. Mirrors need to look at a favorite and objectively judge how movements are performed correctly. healingandbodywork advises you immediately wonder how many people are included in the group for the occupation (typically 5 - 10 people). If fitness is gaining more worth pondering. The more people, the less attention the instructor therefore less efficiency of your work. The room should be all the necessary items: mats, balls (large and small), dumbbells, skipping rope. Remember: you do not need to bring, except himself, of course.
An important point of choice is a fitness roomhaving a good dressing rooms and showers. If there is nowhere to sit in the dressing room, and its total area of ​​5 square meters, after each session you will be blurry impression. Have showers are not required, but you will agree, is much more pleasant to go after training in the world, not only reviving all the cells of the organism, but also feeling clean.

Types of programs

fitness program
If you are, when you hear the word fitness,imagine jumping in black tights girls can disappoint you: you're behind the times. A modern fitness center, or rather, the meaning which it invested, includes a variety of directions and types.
Very popular are the recentCallanetics (or Callanetics), Pilates and stretching. These types of programs are designed for those who do not really want to (or can not for health reasons, such as cores or people with problematic pressure) jump. All of them carried out in a slow and smooth rhythm, exercises focused on deep muscles, improve flexibility and stretching. Each has its own differences and subtleties: in the main callanetics is "freeze" the muscles at a certain tilted or rotated, Pilates can be compared to yoga, because here prevail work with deep breathing, stretching aims to develop flexibility. For more information about these and other types of fitness offers healingandbodywork see the article "Effect of exercise or fitness for life."
Another line of modern fitness - dance. Many health clubs are currently being built on this principle its program: the first part - the dancing, the second - power aerobics. In the second are the standard jumping, and may be above (but not only these) types. The first part involves the well-known method of bringing the figure in order. Remember the song: "Dancing for breakfast, dinner dances on"? Here there and look for the roots. True, except for the tango and the rumba, you can learn and sultry belly dancing during class, glamor of R'n'B and even spectacular striptease.

The choice is simply amazing, range of prices, too. By the way, the cost: is important not only what is included in the package of a fitness club, but also provides patrons discount card to a fitness club, etc. With the right approach and knowledge of some of the little things, you can always find the most suitable fitness for a reasonable price.
healingandbodywork We hope you enjoy your workouts.