How to choose the epilator

Approaching warm weather, and representativesfair sex quickly begin to put in order their appearance. Beauty - is, above all, well-groomed. What to look well-groomed, if the legs are covered with hairs so ugly. Shave ...
What is better to choose the epilator
Approaching warm weather, and representativesfair sex quickly begin to put in order their appearance. Beauty - is, above all, well-groomed. What to look well-groomed, if the legs are covered with hairs so ugly. Shave them. The simplest solution, but it has its disadvantages. After shaving the hair to grow back rather quickly, so perfect for the type you have to shave your legs every two or three days. If you have enough time to care for themselves, shave - this is your option. Unfortunately, many women live in such a furious pace that carve out extra time for myself sometimes just impossible. We need to look perfect, and frequent shaving no. We'll have to purchase the appliance.

Epilator: how it works

Epilator pulls out every hair with the hair bulb
The hair epilator removed, grow muchslowly enough so that one hair removal per month. The operating principle of the epilator not the same as that of a razor. The razor cuts hair at the skin surface, and the epilator pulls each caught his hair with the hair bulb. This is achieved, and long-term effect of hair removal: the fact that, a new hair bulb (the "root" of the hair) is time consuming. "But it hurts!" - Some would say. Yes, it hurts when epilators only came to our market. But modern epilators are equipped with special pain-relieving devices.
Let's understand with healingandbodyworkdetail. The epilator has several pairs of tweezers or steel wheels. By rotating the wheels touch and pull hair caught between the discs. To reduce pain during epilation, manufacturers supplying their devices with special massage brush. When you move the appliance, brush massages the skin, which has just been removed hairs. Vibration brush suppresses pain. These brushes are equipped with Hair Removal Philips Super Sensitive and Rowenta Epil Active.
Another type of "sedation" of epilation -cooling glove. This contraption is cooled in the freezer in advance and during the hair removal cools irritated skin, relieves pain. Shavers with a cooling ice pack the most expensive, but the feeling when they are used the most pleasant. For hair removal bikini area and underarms apply different analgesia system. On the appliance is put a special nozzle with fewer tweezers that stretches the skin, reducing the extent of the damage and pain relief.
In addition, epilators can combine razor attachment for hair removal in sensitive areas attachment to remove hair on the face (it is not clear why such a nozzle women?).

working speed

At low speed epilator gently removes even the finest hairs
Epilators are single speed andtwo-speed. Single speed epilators cheaper, but it is only their dignity. Two-speed epilators can remove very fine hairs (low speed), epilate in the normal (and / or accelerated) mode. At low speed fine hairs are not torn and removed by the root.
In general, a lot depends on what you want. If you are afraid of pain and want to make hair removal painless as possible, it is better to buy the appliance, equipped with tweezers. In this case, the hair removal will last a relatively long time, but it will not really hurt. Discs epilators are faster, but the pain will be felt more ...


Each manufacturer seeks the mostdiversify the range of epilators. For example, the Philips company epilators different power system. Some models work only from the network, some of the battery and from the network, and some are equipped with a battery. Why do it? It's simple: if the appliance runs on batteries, it is possible to take a trip, then you do not have to look for an outlet, if the need urgently to bring the legs in order.

Additional tips

Nozzles are not always included as standard epilator
It often happens that the cooling glove orSome attachments are not included in the basic package epilator and must be purchased separately. But if you are patient enough to move the hair removal without anesthesia, are not going to epilate the armpits and bikini area, you can buy a budget model with a minimum number of nozzles. This budget option is suitable for women with normal skin and thinning hair. Many women like it when the appliance is illuminated. It's really good when you see well how the hair removal and do not have to dodge, the light shines in the right place.

Well, that's like and all that can be said aboutModern epilators. When thinking of buying the appliance, be sure to estimate, whether it will be able to sustain. After all, there are women with very sensitive skin that can not stand the pain of epilation. My advice: try it out before purchasing the appliance from any of her friends, then you get a clear picture, and you will know exactly what type of anesthesia you need. Have a nice choice!

Popular models of epilators

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