How to buy a cream for skin: Tips experienced

Many of today's girls and women, standing in front ofnice window dressing cosmetics stores, feel a sense of utter confusion as to choose something concrete out of all of the abundance that sparkles with glass sides of bottles, packages and beckons bright tubes, it is simply unrealistic difficult. Whether business, our grandmothers, who were disproportionately easier - that made itself, and the smeared, all natural, the, as we say, from the garden ...


  • 1 Why do we buy creams
  • 2 What are the categories of creams are available for sale
  • 3 Useful tips from "experienced"

What we buy creams

However, in fact, purchase skin creamnot such a difficult thing, if even slightly acquainted with the subject closer. Of course, I miss everything, as I want to do, watching beautiful commercials or having heard the advice of friends and acquaintances, after all, not worth it, because most of what you brought home, would be simply for anything not suitable, since It does not fit you any skin type, nor for basic needs. Another part of the "arsenal", at best simply will have no effect, and at worst, might "get out sideways" in the form of redness, rash, itching, and similar unpleasant "charms" mindless shopping.

Initially, you should understand what thespecifically not enough for you personally and then buy the cream for the face, because superfluous, excessive care was not going to benefit, because try not to overdo it with all possible means. Determine the type of their own skin can complete any woman, but it is easier and more reliable and, of course, consult your beautician, who is always ready to give useful advice and warn of inappropriate purchases. However, after watching a couple of Springtime at his face, you can figure out on their own and, as a beautician in some cases, simply not available.

As with the type of skin you have decided you needthink carefully about what exactly is missing the skin of your face. For example, dry skin is absolutely necessary moisturizing and active power, saturation oils and fats, and fatty, on the contrary, I want to remove an ugly gloss, matt it, and so on. Before you buy a cream for the face, you need to understand that there are several categories of creams, of which and will have to choose. Moreover, it is always better to buy complexes, for example, night, day and nourishing creams, from the same manufacturer, they usually like planned, perfectly combined with each other, complement their effects, and the risk of getting caught on crafts, and is also not excluded, somewhat reduced.

What categories of creams are available for sale

Day creams

Day face cream should perform verymany functions. Firstly, it must qualitatively nourishes and moisturizes the skin throughout the day. In addition, it is a day cream is used as the basis for the basic, daily make-up, so it should be easy, does not clog the pores, allowing the skin to breathe freely and to retain moisture. Generally, day creams immediately imply for any skin type they are intended, and that should be written on the package.

Night (nutritive) creams

Night cream for the face, often fatter thanday. He has a qualitatively saturate the skin with all the necessary materials for it to the morning, you looked again, like candy. Night creams are full of a variety of active additives, such as lecithin, a variety of vitamins, such as Group A, C, E, collagen, as well as many others.

Cleansing creams for the face

Not all women or girls suitstraditional procedure of washing with water. Especially since the water from our modern water system, may leave much to be desired. Then came the time to think about what to buy cream for the skin with the effect of purification. These creams often contain special oils, which do not penetrate deep into the epidermis, can completely remove the dirt from the skin, including the remnants of make-up day. Apply the like at night, before the application of Nourishing Night Cream.

Fortified creams and creams with biologically active additives

Vitamins, in reasonable doses, of course, stillno one hurt. Because many women are willing to buy cream for facial skin is based on vitamin A, which can nourish your skin quality, saturating all the necessary components. However, we must be very careful, because the excessive use of such creams can and damage, cause allergic reactions and so on. Because medical fortified complexes should be purchased only after consultation with the beautician, and it is desirable to use, under his own supervision. Bio-active creams are able to activate the recovery processes in the skin, bind free radicals, to give the youth and freshness for a long time, of course, if used properly.

Bleaching creams

Buy for the face cream with whitening effectIt can be used only if you are one hundred fifty per cent confident that the problem really exists and whiten skin, you absolutely need. The fact that any bleach or cleaning agent, for example, to remove freckles cream that removes a very thin layer of the epidermis, making the skin thinner and more vulnerable, and for a while, even more vulnerable, and so on.

Useful tips from "experienced"

All of the above - it is only theverhushechka iceberg, and in fact, to list categories and subcategories for face creams can be very long. However, this is not necessary, every woman, knowing a few simple rules and quite acceptable, she will understand what's what, and what she personally is not enough to be completely happy and, of course, beauty. Even knowing exactly what is needed specifically to you, come to the store, you can be completely trapped and buy the cream for the face, which then will be a long time to lie on the shelf in the bathroom, unclaimed, and then, on the expiry date falls on the direct purpose - in the trash.

  • Go shopping only provenshops, there is a guarantee that you will not be deceived and slipped a fake, made with dirty hands, in at least a dirty basement of the unknown to science components.
  • Try to always consult a beautician. Having some knowledge in theory, but also a great experience, cosmetologist quite able to give good advice, and even suggest what specific for the face cream you better buy.
  • Demand probes or test your cream straight toshop. Do not be afraid, but even more so, to hesitate sellers. After applying the cream on your own face, you run the risk of allergic reactions. Especially as many good shops have the proper probnichki creams, and even the staff beauticians, ready to make a consultation on the spot. If there is none, simply put quite a bit of cream on the wrist, but on the inside, and wait somewhere for 10-15 minutes, look at this place. If all goes well, the skin turns red, not a rash or discomfort, a burning sensation or itching, then, means you can buy.
  • Pay attention not only on the date of manufactureand shelf life, but also on the period of use, with the open container. Of course, do not buy the cream, which has a huge storage and use of the term, as is likely, it contains no preservatives, it is not useful for the skin of your face.
  • Choosing a standing upakovochku cream, in whichit is less likely contact with the air, as well as with your own hands. Glass jars are good as a container for storage, but when you open this package, the cream has a direct contact with the environment. But if you used to use just such a container, at least, a special cream scoops up a spatula, in order to avoid getting germs.
  • The cream should always smell nice and welllook, otherwise it is not worth taking. Notice the smell and texture, the cream should be uniform, not delaminate or clot on his fingers, not contain fluid and pleasant fragrance, not exude the aroma of rancid butter.
  • If anything has caused your suspicion, it is better to abandon this tool and buy the cream for the face of another brand, manufacturer, or simply because the other party.