How to become the brightest at the graduation?


Look stunning on the prom, catching admiring glances from others and hear astounding compliments dream of every girl.

Therefore, to think their way of graduatesbegin long before last call. Here every detail is important: evening dress, shoes, accessories, makeup, car ... special place is the choice of hairstyles for prom.

Top stylists from different countries converge on the opinions,that is relevant today natural beauty, inspired by the romance and femininity inherent in such a beautiful age. Therefore, the hair styling must conform to fashion trends. Sophisticated weaving give way to an elegant explanation, emphasizing youth and tender spontaneity.


  • 1 Hair on prom night for the young of the fair sex
  • 2 Hair to the prom: the infinite world of curls
  • 3 Hair at prom: braids and pigtails
  • 4 High hairstyles for prom
  • 5 In conclusion,

Hair on the final evening for the young of the fair sex

Beautiful, well-groomed hair - this is a naturaldecoration and pride of any girl giving a great opportunity for the implementation of a beautiful and fashionable hairstyles for prom. They can be put in the form of curls, to collect in an uncommon and original hairstyle, elegant braid in braids.

A graduate of the 9 th and 11 th grades should be abandonedfrom the high and robust stacking experiments. Significantly raised the hair with the help of rods and pins will interfere with fun entertainment and dancing throughout the evening. In addition, similar hairstyles visually make the young damsels older.

To perfect the final version of stackingsuited to the selected image, it is recommended for a few days before the celebration to make it a reality. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the girl will have time to look for alternative solutions.

Also it is necessary to think in advance and on accessoriesfor hair. They must integrate harmoniously with the other decorations in color and texture. To do this, fit pins, hairpins, headbands, flowers, ribbons and original dressings.

Hairstyles to the prom: the infinite world of curls

Curls on the right are a safe betto create beautiful hairstyles. A variety of options allows you to create hundreds of pilings, dissimilar. In addition, they are ideally combined with different styles of dresses. These are: evening dresses with bare shoulders or back, V-neck in the area of ​​neck or collar with an elegant reception.

Especially relevant today, big curls,wrapped in a spiral from the face. They effectively streaming, emphasizing the thin neck of a young charmer, but it does not look pompous, on the contrary, a little careless.

Average largest curls harmonylook at their gathering in the "ponytail". They create the illusion of a lush infinity. If graduates are endowed with hair density, hair style but you can surround volume ghouls. This trend is especially important for young people today.

Hair at prom: braids and pigtails

Fashionable and relevant for a long time remain in the country-style haircuts. They can rightly be attributed braids various tangles.

In keeping with the age of the graduates, and effectivelyAn exceptional looks weave "French waterfall." Laying easily combined with curls of different shapes. In this variant hairstyles will not have problems with hair ornaments.

If the hair of a girl deprived of density, it shouldconsider the option of weaving bulk of French braid. They performed horizontally, vertically, around the head. They braid from one to a dozen pieces, can be collected from the hair of the half, going into curls, curls or ringlets. They are perfectly combined with flowers in different sizes and shades.

High hairstyles for prom

If the graduate is planning to raise the hair andcollect them in a beautiful hairstyle, it is recommended to study the variation of stacking ballerina beam. Simple yet elegant solutions will make a simple girl from a real lady. Besides hairstyle is perfect for dresses with bare shoulders and neck.

The main criterion of success in such a manner is posture. Therefore, if the figure is present stoop, should get rid of this unhealthy habit.

According to leading stylists in future seasons among high fashionable hairstyles will babettys beams and ribbons. Graduates in the past often preferred Babette.

It certainly emphasizes the image and drawsthe views of others. This prom hairstyle you can do with bangs and without it. Decorated with a tight cocoon elegant tiaras, bows and all sorts of original tapes. It all depends on the overall style of the dress, the length of the dress and the other components of the image.

In custody

What hairstyle would not have chosen a young graduate, she should learn some tips with regards to the actual future festivals. Namely:

  1. Not recommended the day before promexperiment with painting hair and hairstyles, if new versions of the image. The end result may not like the girl, but to correct the situation is quite complicated.
  2. A few days before the celebration, you must createfull image with the implementation of hairstyles and attire. The resulting concept will evaluate the results and make adjustments to it, if something does not turn out as planned originally. Perhaps additional purchases will be needed, which will require time and attention.
  3. It is not recommended to use unverifiedcosmetic products for hair styling. In order to be sure the prom as a styling and its reliability should be preferred embodiments previously used lacquers, mousses, gels, and so on. D.
  4. To different hair a healthy shine,beauty and splendor, should always take care of them. It is recommended to use not only shampoos but also balms, conditioners and masks. If you can not purchase products from leading experts, you should pay attention to the recipes of traditional medicine.
  5. Choosing pricheku, should be weighed against its externalview of the structure and density of the hair so that the result was impressive, but not absurd. Alternatively, you can implement the planned laying on girlfriend's head with an identical structure and volume of hair. It will be a kind of a look from the side, which give confidence and confirm the selection.