How to apply foundation?

All women and girls definitely facedin my life with such a useful and advantageous means as foundation. Because, really, with the help of "Tonalka" can quickly adjust arisen suddenly (or torment permanent) skin imperfections, such as some redness, unwanted pigmentation (freckles), small pimples and so on.

Moreover, compared with other cosmeticmeans correcting concealer has a great number of advantages. Firstly, only the cream gently takes care of your facial skin, moisturizing it throughout the day. Apply it on the skin can be quickly and at a certain skill, you learn how to do it efficiently and easily.

However, not every woman knows how to applyfoundation, the effect to be perfect, and the cream on your face, it is invisible. Perfectly matched tool, coupled with the correct version the application can simply amazing change your appearance, give a person a glossy, silk, as well as to create the impression, radiant, youthful and fresh skin. To learn how to apply the "Tonalka" does not need to go on courses of cosmeticians, or re-read a thick volume of literature. It is enough to follow the uncomplicated advice, as well as to experiment several times to finally consolidate the effect.


  • 1 What to do, in any case, it is impossible! Useful tips from seasoned women life
  • 2 Some of the methods for applying foundation

What to do, in any case, it is impossible! Useful tips from seasoned women life

Let's get our priorities straight and find outhow to apply concealer so that then "there was excruciatingly painful," as well-known Soviet writer, and most importantly, to our cute little face is not turned into a clown mask, daubed zinc oxide. We must be fully aware of what we do not in any case, and then the result is sure to please you and others like it (ie, they will notice as you fresher and prettier, but the very foundation, would not see at all).

1. In no case, do not use cheap, poor-quality tool for the application of foundation

In fact, this is not a whim or a whim, but mosta real need, as cheap sponges, sponge or brush, can deliver a lot of unpleasant moments when you try to put your foundation on your skin. Cheap tools may leave traces on her uneven as inept brush strokes of the artist, and this, of course, is simply incompatible with the good appearance. In addition, poor quality brush or sponge can absorb a significant amount of foundation, increasing its flow rate to an incredible amount.

2. Do not go overboard with the amount of foundation!

No matter how hard you try, but if the number of tonecream on your face rolls over, then give it a natural, just will not work, remember it as Scripture. Excess tone not only help to mask minor flaws on your face, but also, of course, emphasize irregularities and fine wrinkles become "Grand Canyon", with all the ensuing consequences.

3. Do not make the layer of foundation is too thick!

How to apply foundation, science is notdifficult, but in any case, do not make the layer means too tight, because it can just block air access to your skin. Consequently, it will "choke" make your entire, in this case, can "float" and the skin may appear pimples, redness and so on, in connection pore plugging h.

4. Do not use powder, darker than the foundation!

In no case, under no circumstances,if you face powder applied on top of the foundation, do not use powder, which is the tone, and even more so by two, it is darker. All irregularities and problem areas that you so carefully masked, immediately become more visible and accentuated.

5. Try not to powder during the summer

Cosmetologists permit after dustingapplying make-up, but in the summer especially, want to look light and fresh, and overloaded tonal means skin can become dull and unkempt. In addition, the heat contributes to further sweating because one light layer of cream will be enough.

Some methods of applying foundation

How to apply foundation using a brush

Like it or not, a brush - this is the besttool to apply foundation on your face. Only high-quality tools must be used, and the purchase, to understand exactly what a good brush, in any way can not have a low cost. The best option would be the purchase of brushes for applying makeup in large retail stores, then the risk to buy a defective product be reduced to zero. Ideally suited for our purposes with a small brush, synthetic bristle flat. Natural brush, of course, are good, but for the application of "Tonalka" they come bad, because natural bristle absorbs too much cream, significantly increasing its consumption. Bristles should be moderately firm and gentle touch.

As for the areas of applicationcream, views beauticians in this matter diverge radically. Some are advised to apply the cream, first on the chin, and then gradually move all of the above, in the manner of how experienced painters make plaster. But the easiest way possible to consider this: apply on face cream four dots, that is, on the cheeks, forehead and chin, drop by drop, and then feather it with a brush, from the center to the edges of the face. In problem areas where "Tonalka" often highly visible, for example, on the wings of the nose or in the corners of the lips, to do light patting movements that seemed to pierce the cream into the skin and not smear it. Do not forget that the very brush after each use it is necessary as you can more thoroughly, wash with warm soapy water, to avoid the development of bacteria and germs.

How to apply foundation, using a sponge or sponge

If you want a tighter skin covercreams, or layer it is necessary to make a little thicker, for example, for an evening make-up, it is best to use a special latex sponge or cosmetic sponge, which can also be easily purchased at any store or boutique. Recommendations for the purchase of these instruments are the same as in the acquisition of hands, because we will not be repeated, and proceed immediately to business.

Apply "Tonalka" on the face can be exactly the same"Makar", as well as a brush, but there is an alternative. It can be a tight squeeze sponge and put on him a little bit of foundation. Lift the sponge and start careful shading of cream on the face, from the center to the edges. Sponge will evenly rub the cream on the skin, producing a light circular motion, and if it is pre-moisten it with water, it turns out a bit thicker layer, and the tone he is naturally thicker and darker. It is through sponzhikom can achieve the most beautiful and uniform coating. Remember that the sponge in the same way as the brush, it is necessary to carefully and thoroughly washed after each use.

How to apply foundation with the help of your own fingers

high-end professional makeup artists are able tomakes perfect makeup wonders, with a single instrument - their own fingers and palms. However, not every girl or woman will be able to repeat such an amazing trick, which is more similar to most real magic. Koldo over the face of the customer make-up artist, with fluttering, musical fingers, really, more like a magician.

Apply "Tonalka" on the face hands onlynd if confident in his own talent of the artist. First, wash and dry your own hands, and then gently rub the tips of the fingers, in order to warm them up a few. On warm fingers tone cream melts somewhat and apply it to become much easier.

The easiest way to use the easiest optionapplying foundation. For him, you just need to squeeze out a few drops of "Tonalka" on the palm and spread them over the entire surface. Spread a light touch "Tonalka" all over his face. Wrong, that hands after "procedures" should be carefully washed, not worth talking about.

What's very important is accurate andquality shading the hair roots, as well as the neck and around the ears. In these places, the boundary of foundation especially strongly noticeable, because as much as possible should be carefully rub the edges with the help of fingers, brushes or sponges. In addition to the face did not look like a mask, apply a little cream on the earlobes, it will make the face more natural. If, presumably you're going to wear a dress or a blouse with a deep neckline, it is best to apply the foundation, in somewhat reduced numbers, and on the exposed parts of the body, as the person may not seem natural.