Hot manicure

Nothing gives the woman's age as well-groomed hands. In order that the skin is velvety, smooth and radiant, beauty salons offering a new procedure - hot manicure.

Today, the beauty industry offers usmany ways to care for your hands and nails - it's different types of manicure, paraffin baths, gommazhi, special moisturizing and regenerating the skin means, massage, etc. One of the most expensive and effective procedures -.. hot manicure. What is this miracle procedure and whether it is possible to hold it at home? Let's face it.

Nice Skin Care

Many women experience dry skin of hands,brittle, weak nails, overgrown cuticles, peeling, barbs and other inconveniences. Permanent care of the house - cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, scorching sun, bad ecology - polluted air, could have a devastating impact on the already weak skin.

Hot manicure - a procedure which is easily able to save a woman from all the symptoms of a weakened and tired skin of hands. Spend it in beauty salons and is often called the spa manicure.

The technology of such a procedure is quitesimple. The main component of the cream can be a hand, a special oil or a nourishing lotion. The special agent bath is heated to 45 degrees Celsius and there dropped his hands by an average of 10 minutes. The temperature of funds at this time should not be reduced, so the trays are equipped with automatic heating system.

Paraffin Manicure vs Hot

Despite some similarities in performing these procedures, technology - they are quite different, although they are often confused.

Paraffin has a number of contraindications, which include:

  • phlebeurysm;
  • high blood pressure;
  • diabetes;
  • the presence of skin rashes, ulcers, or open sores;
  • cardiovascular diseases.

Hot manicure is no contraindication has. And it has two differences from paraffin:

  • paraffin is performed by the application of liquid paraffin on the hands, and just;
  • Hot manicure involves the skin stay in nutrient-enriched oils and other additives.

Hot manicure: indications for use

It is worth paying attention to the well-known factor - in the fall and winter our skin withers and more urgent need of nutrition and hydration.

Therefore, hot manicure to maintain the beauty of the hands in the cold season - an ideal option.

Indications for the procedure:

  • faded, dull skin of hands;
  • dryness, desquamation;
  • weakened, brittle nails;
  • wrinkles, cracks, injured cuticle.

To conduct the procedure is no more than once a week, but if there are sores on the skin and deep cracks - repeat the procedure every 3-4 days until complete healing.

Make a manicure at home

This will require:

  • tool polish remover without acetone, wool / cotton pads;
  • skrabiruyuschee facility with small particles;
  • nail file to give your nails the desired shape;
  • coli and tongs cuticle;
  • disinfectant instruments;
  • regenerating lotion or favorite hand cream, aromatic oil (optional);
  • A special bath for heating (heat means can also be a water bath);
  • clean cloth or paper towels.

How is the hot manicure:

  1. Let's start with the process that will remove nail polish, nanesёm on hand scrub and thoroughly pomassiruem palm. Then scrub can be washed off with warm water.
  2. We attach nails shape.
  3. Prodezinfitsiruem all the tools for manicure and put a remedy for hot manicure (cream, lotion) in a water bath or in a special bath, stirring constantly.
  4. Heated to a temperature of 40-45 degrees (the temperature should be comfortable, but not burning), omit the hands tool and wait 10 minutes.
  5. At the end of time We reach the hands of the baths, the remains of tools carefully, massage with light motions until completely absorbed distribute.
  6. At this point the skin better than ever absorb all the "usefulness", recruited moisture, actively regenerated.

  7. You can now start working with the cuticle. You can practice as a European (not edging) and a classic manicure.

An important rule: hot manicure should be seen as a complement to all the other procedures for skin care hands, but not as the main tool in the fight for beauty and grooming.

Well, if the lotion is hot manicurecontain such skin benefit agents such as: vegetable oils (olive oil, linseed oil, peach, use of Melissa oils possible), vitamins A, E, D (A and E can be purchased in capsules in pharmacy and enrich their basis, vitamin D is sold in liquid form), fruit acids and minerals, extracts of burdock, ginseng, lanolin, in the presence of wounds and fractures can be enriched composition of tea tree oil and jojoba oil will give your skin an unprecedented softness.

Electric bath for hot manicure

If you are going to spend the hot manicure procedure regularly - MirSovetov recommends that the purchase of a special bath for the heating lotion.

Baths are different: expensive and professional, for home use. If you buy it for yourself - buy a budget of 25-30 dollars. But on trips to the salon can be a good idea to save money, because the average price of the procedure varies between $ 15 and above.

Bath heated gradually, thereby making the procedure more comfortable. She also maintains the desired temperature, which undoubtedly provides more visible results.

The use of procedures

Already after the first procedure conducted hotmanicure you will notice that the skin became more smooth, silky. Powerful recovery and regeneration of the skin, feeling moisturized and comfort will haunt you for a long time. Cuticle slows growth, cracks and peeling disappear instantly, nails become stronger, no longer stratify.

Hot manicure salons are increasingly offering men and children. Also, some have tried hot pedicure because feet also require care.

Definitely, hot manicure - an innovation that is worth a try. Let your pen will always be gentle and graceful.