honey massage

It is no secret that many pharmaceuticals,along with a therapeutic effect give a number of complications, so today, more and more doctors and patients have resorted to the therapeutic effects of natural recreational resources.

It is to such wellness facilitiesrefers honey massage. To learn how honey massage affects the body, at what diseases it is particularly effective, how to prepare for the procedure, tell healingandbodywork.

What is special honey massage

The fact that honey is useful, everyone knows. If you ever treat a cold the natural honey, surely you remember how the body recovers quickly and leaves the disease. The unique combination of the two most powerful health treatments - mёdolecheniya and massage, in combination provide a very pronounced therapeutic effect. If classic massage acts on the organs and tissues through stimulation of receptors, which itself activates many processes in the body, then the honey:

  • absorbed in tissue, blood fills its unique composition - vitamins, macro- and microelements, biologically active substances;
  • Honey gives a pronounced effect of the sorbent, ie pulls toxins;
  • the use of honey strengthens the warming effect of massage.

Bright feelings arise after the first procedure. Further treatment effect is secured.

It is considered that the authors of honey massageEastern healers are, however, similar health treatments used in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, where the cult of physical beauty was given special importance. And in ancient honey and medicinal herbs were the main therapeutic agents.

Indications and contraindications

Of course, honey massage is not a panacea for all ills. But with so many diseases, honey massage is a highly effective means of treatment, not to mention the cosmetic effect.

Indications for use of honey massage:

  1. Treatment of osteochondrosis.
  2. Treatment of arthritis and arthrosis.
  3. The treatment of sciatica.
  4. Muscle and joint pain.
  5. In the complex in the treatment of respiratory diseases and colds.
  6. As a tonic.
  7. Treatment of emotional exhaustion, insomnia.
  8. The complex in the treatment of vegeto-vascular Distanov.
  9. In order to cleanse the body.
  10. Cellulite treatment.
  11. To improve the skin condition.

If you do not suffer any of the aboveDiseases can be used honey massage just to get a pleasant feeling and set the mood, of course, if there are no contraindications to the fact. Fortunately, not a lot of contraindications:

  • allergic to honey;
  • diabetes;
  • all in the acute stage of the disease;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pathology on the part of the hematopoietic system;
  • skin diseases;
  • phlebeurysm.

How is the procedure

Honey massage is carried out on various sitesbody depending on the purpose. Before the procedure, the patient should take a shower. Clean skin with enlarged pores intensively absorbs honey. Lasts honey massage session at an average of 15 minutes. Each session is conducted on a clear pattern.

Part 1 - Preparatory. A few minutes masseur using techniques of classical massage warms kneaded site. The goal - to strengthen the blood and lymph flow. Generally at this stage using methods of stroking, rubbing, vibration, and light kneading.

Part 2 - the main. On the prepared area of ​​the body is applied honey. The amount of honey to 2 tablespoons. Honey is applied evenly on the skin and gradually begin to dent. When the honey begins to stick, it becomes stringy, like jelly, massage therapist changes the tactics and influences more abrupt movements with his hand in the transverse and longitudinal direction. Honey gradually begins plasticized, impact strengthened. Masseur spends little traction, that is stretching over the skin surface. These techniques are aimed at better penetration deep into the tissues of honey. There is an intensive mechanical action, and the patient may feel pain. Therefore, soft techniques alternate with more stringent.

Gradually the honey begins to emerge from the surface of the body, pulling excess salt, slag, metabolic products. This cleans the skin and subcutaneous fat.

Part 3 - final. Ends honey massage several techniques vibration. Then recommended contrasting compresses. Alternate hot and cold compresses. When changing temperatures dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow and lymph circulation, eliminates venous congestion. Packs enhance the therapeutic effect of honey. Number of packs of 6 to 8. Deducted compress for 2 - 3 minutes. For colds and start and finish the procedure with hot compresses. And when tsellyulitoterapii begin and end with cold compresses. As a compress can be used moist towel.

At the end of the entire procedure of honey massageconducted hygienic treatment of the skin. The skin is wiped dry with soft movements. After the massage, the patient has to relax in the warmth, for 20 - 30 minutes.

Some advice to patients

The procedure of honey massage is bestto plan for the evening. Then a therapeutic effect will continue for the whole night. For the honey massage should be chosen only natural honey. This is a prerequisite of success. Many people mistakenly believe that thickened honey is not suitable for therapeutic purposes. I assure you that the process of crystallization of honey - absolutely normal phenomenon, and moreover, natural honey should thicken short time later after distillation.

Do not worry if the first sessionmassage you will feel pain, after a while your body adapts to the load, and it will be easier. Suppose you are not confused and bruises, the appearance, which is possible after the massage. It's not scary - the bruises will disappear quickly. But the appearance of a reddish rash on the body says that of intoxicated intestine honey draws out toxic products.

Many ladies successfully master the technique of honeyfacial massage. This is very useful procedure, combines a cosmetic and therapeutic effect. However, some caution should be observed. The muscles of the face anatomically predisposed to easy stretch, so be sure to fix the skin between two fingers of one hand, making soft massaging free hand techniques.

All readers healingandbodywork recommend using honey massage, to promote health. Do not neglect to consult your doctor, especially if you have chronic processes.