Homemade Facial Scrub


A very important role in every girl's life orWomen, of course, plays the attractiveness and beauty. Each of us wants to be the most-most, a queen of beauty that all women around throwing envious glances, and the men sighed dreamily you go. However, natural beauty, is one thing, beauty, we do ourselves, it is completely different, because in many respects, the appeal of this case our own pens. After all, even the most rasprekrasno beauty, not tracking the appearance, not caring about the health of the skin, in the end, it could very well turn into a untidy slut, which is impossible to watch without pity.


  • 1 Clean the skin from dead cells - this is important
  • 2 Why do you need a home facial scrub
  • 3 main components - what does is scrub
  • 4 How to make homemade facial scrub

Clean the skin of dead skin cells - this is important

Many girls, and women, too, complainproblem skin, dry or oily, the presence of blackheads or pimples constant, and so on, while not taking any steps to improve it, cleaning and tidying. In fact, you can take care of themselves, even their own, making homemade facial scrub that is not difficult.

Of course, go to the beautician notIt hurts, and only a beautician can say exactly what your skin needs most of your cute little face, to effectively cleanse it from keratinized and dead cells, and it is such a problem, and performs a home facial scrub, and shops too. Scrub has a peeling effect on the dermis, efficiently removing all is not right, because it should be used with special attention not often, and most importantly do not overdo it.

Why do you need a home facial scrub

In order to quality to fight with deadcells, not necessarily to buy cosmetics at fantastic prices. Especially that the very Mother Nature gives us a huge number of the most natural and pure components that can be manufactured and homemade facial scrub. What are the advantages of using a scrub, to other cosmetic products:

  • Qualitatively little face your skin smoother and unevenness and roughness and simply removed.
  • The dermis is extremely high quality purified, without a profound impact, ie scrub exfoliates dead cells from the surface of the epidermis, without penetrating deep into the layers of healthy skin.
  • After using the scrub, the dermis becomes soft, velvety, smooth as silk and pleasant to the touch.
  • After you apply the scrub, the skin will no longer signs of peeling, as all unnecessary, superfluous particles are qualitatively removed.
  • The pores of the epidermis qualitatively cleared, opening and as a result, the skin also gets the maximum dose of oxygen, activated all metabolic processes, as well as circulation.

So, we need to understand first of all:

The main components - what does is scrub

Like it or not, and is all the scrubs thatstore owned manufacturing huge cosmetic giants that domestic "works of art", prepared by a caring hostess, usually consist of two main components. Firstly, this base usually take creamy substance and exfoliating particles themselves. As a basis for the home scrubs can easily serve as such, it is familiar to every housewife ingredients like:

  1. Honey
  2. Sour cream
  3. Raw eggs
  4. Vegetable or olive oil
  5. Kefir and more

For exfoliating particles perfectly descend the following components:

  1. Ground coffee or coffee grounds
  2. Rubbed dry black or green tea
  3. A wide variety of chopped nuts
  4. Salt
  5. Sugar
  6. Bran
  7. Oat flakes
  8. Lemon or orange peel, The dried and shredded
  9. The ground egg shells, etc.

Natural oils, fruits and vegetables
Many women prefer to cook in the scrubsnatural oils, however, will approach such funds is not all in a row. Therefore, one should, of course, first to understand what the problem in the first place should carry your homemade facial scrub, and how to respond to the requirements. To do this, you just need to remember what natural oils have effects on our epidermis, and apply it in the future in practice.

  • Olive oil

Ideally, scrub with olive oil, will becomethose ladies who have an aristocratic, dry skin type. Olive oil has the ability to moisturize the dermis, thus, does not clog pores, and this will agree, it is extremely important. In addition, virtually all natural oils have some antibacterial properties.

  • almond Oil

Almond oil is extremely stablearoma, and its main "trump card" is that it could qualitatively protect the skin of your little face on the negative impact of harmful, excessive solar radiation, because homemade facial scrub, based on almond oil, it is best reserved for the summer, when we had a lot are on fresh air. In addition, almond oil "knows" how to align the natural skin tone.

  • avocado oil

This oil is extremely rich mostvarious "useful", including numerous fatty acids. That they allow the skin to moisturize and for a long time to retain water within the epidermis, without letting it evaporate quickly, thus preventing over-drying.

  • coconut oil

Coconut oil contains in its structure a hugeantioxidants, ie it can miraculously prevent premature aging, to bind free radicals. Coconut oil can be used for the manufacture of scrubs, at any age.

The homemade facial scrub can also be addedfresh products that will gently care for and take care of our dermis, in the process of purification, but it is necessary to consider that from such ingredients useful life of your home scrubs can actually be reduced. However, if this tool is not to stock a long time, because you always want to use for himself only the most recent, the use of natural, fresh fruit and vegetables would be appropriate:

  • Strawberries can lighten the skin tone will make itmore smooth, and brings with it an invaluable stock of himself, so we need vitamin C. In addition, the tiny seeds it can serve as exfoliants (solid, particle cleaning).
  • Pineapple can magically remove the effect of acne, as in its composition there are special substances that dissolve dead skin cells.
  • Cucumber can qualitatively rid of the swelling under the eyes, and in general significantly reduces the propensity to edema.
  • Kiwi substantially equalize skin tone, and bone may also act as exfoliating particles.
  • Tomato incorporates lipokin, which also protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultra-violet.


How to make homemade facial scrub

Knowing all the above, it is not difficult to becreate your own recipe scrub for face, taking into account the individual characteristics of the dermis. In addition tog, hardly homemade facial scrub can damage you if you use it without too much fanaticism, applied gently and wash off in time. Because safely cook dishes, and get to work, especially as nothing complicated about it does not.

  • The easiest scrub - a minimum amount of time

To create the most simple scrub at homecircumstances simply displace the sugar with any of your existing farm in oils, such as olive. Sahara will have to pour, as they say, "how much will" to the mass of acquired crystallized slurry. Use to scrub the sugar with melenkimi grains as large crystals may injure skin.

Enough in the morning or evening, apply a scrubon the face and gently massage a few minutes, and then rinse with warm water. At the end of the procedure, always wash yourself with cold water to close the pores, which field can apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream.

  • Quality exfoliation. Pineapple and black salt

To prepare this scrub you needuse coconut oil, which is in contrast to the olive, it is found in our kitchens, not often. Buy this oil in a pharmacy or in specialty stores. It is not difficult to order it, and also through the Internet.

Take coconut oil, and add theblack salt, which will act as an exfoliant. Try not to make a lot of scrub, since its composition should include also fresh, rubbed on a fine terochke, pineapple. This scrub can be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container or jar, no more than two weeks. However, it would be better to limit the expiration date, and up to a week, it will protect you against unforeseen problems. This homemade facial scrub is perfect for oily and oily skin.

  • Improvise, your imagination can benefit

Do not be afraid to make experiments, sincecareful and accurate use is unlikely to be able to bring a homemade scrub the skin is not good but harm. Of course, should not be abused, for example, do not apply too much coarse particles, exfoliants, so as not to injure the dermis. Also, do not forget about the shelf-life and are not stocked scrub a month in advance, it is better to do then is fresh, it will be much more useful.