Homemade cream with shea butter

If completely discard the moral aspect, themostly in vain, and that has given us to you Mother Nature, you can, of course, called the beauty and youth. And, in many ways, good-looking, good-looking, or a chic image of the most suitable for us, we decide to do. Well-groomed, neat woman or girl can be seen from afar, it shines and shines and looks undoubtedly better than those who let things take their course, and this often look messy and unattractive. We must by all means keep the priceless gift of nature, trying to maximize the youth, since hardly anyone wants to reverse.


  • 1 What is the notorious shea butter and what it "eat"?
  • 2 The valuable shea butter or shea butter
  • 3 Make the cream at home, fill life with natural substances

What is notorious shea butter and what it "eat"?

The more that nature provides in our hands the mostnatural, the most effective methods of struggle, for their own youth, for their beauty and charm, providing us with an incredibly full "bins of nature," as well as "green first aid kit." That is, every woman or girl can easily use natural remedies to take care of their own skin to keep it for a long time a young, supple, toned. One of the funds, which today and will be discussed, this shea butter, or, as it is called - shea butter. Many beauty, even learned how to make homemade cream with shea butter to permanently preserve the freshness, using only natural, natural ingredients.

It will be interesting to find out that for overseas"Fruit" is the most oil, where it comes from and how long have used people. In fact, Europeans have discovered this amazing beauty, as well as a food product, only in the middle of the forties of the last century, and to be perfectly honest, great value, at that time, this fact does not attach.

In fact, people are aware of the existence of oilshek for a long time, so long ago that all the information about it are lost in the twilight times. Make this oil from a large branching tree, which grows in West Africa, such as Ghana, Mali, Sudan, Nigeria, and so on. Production of oil from the fruit of shea tree of the same name - is an ancient and traditional female occupation. Because the vast majority of shea butter, naturally, it is an imported product, but the providers themselves, may well be domestic, so do not be scared if upakovochke or jar is written, cosmetic plant, the city of Ryazan, this does not mean that before you fake .

The valuable shea butter or shea butter

It is also to understand what is so valuableamazing product, which is a base oil for the preparation of creams and other cosmetic products for skin care. And all sorts of "goodies" in the substance of the seed of the African tree, a car and a small truck, and nothing else. African women have noticed the properties of shea butter to prolong youth, tenderly care for the aging dermis actively, intensely moisturizes, softens, permanently preserve youth and blooming, and only them, under extremely difficult conditions of life, as if you can believe it. Since ancient times they made homemade cream with shea butter, the echoes of which reached to the present day.

The chemical composition of shea butter, actually,unique. Only in this product, there is such a huge number of these triglycerides, which are also called lipids, nearly eight tenths of the total. Furthermore, in the composition of shea butter or shea butter, a huge number of possible to detect a wide variety of fatty acids, and beyond:

  1. linolenic acid
  2. stearic acid
  3. arachidic acid
  4. Oleic acid
  5. myristic acid
  6. palmitic acid


  1. Carbohydrates (approximately not less than one quarter)
  2. Protein (about 10 percent)
  3. Fats (about half)
  4. Unsaponifiable material (10 percent)
  5. terpene alcohols
  6. tocopherol

… and many many others

Make the cream at home, fill life with natural substances

Of course, such a saturated structure, andOutstanding properties of shea butter, could not go unnoticed, and to make skin care even more natural, natural, and, consequently, achieve better results, it is best to learn how to make homemade cream with small Shea, clean and which components can be be fully confident.

Of course, use shea butter, is possible withoutand processing all sorts of special treatment. That is, at any pharmacy can buy a jar or box, with the cherished oil, and just use it by applying to the skin. However, for better quality of care and greater effect, you can do some simple creams and give yourself the joy and excellent appearance, after their application. Note that the ideal home cream for those who have dry or hypersensitive skin, but for the fat, it should be used in smaller quantities, but the harm from him, will not be exact.

  • Cream Body Lotion? There is nothing easier!

The easiest recipe will impress you with hisuncomplicated ingenuousness. Indeed, shea butter so useful, that it can be used in pure form. Because our first recipe is also very simple.

To prepare the cream lotion for the whole body,we must take equally shea butter and grape seed oil and mix thoroughly in a special posudinke that will be used by you solely for the preparation of cosmetics. After that, you need a little warm up our mix to home cream with shea butter has become homogeneous and malleable.

Since the melting point of shea butter ratherlow, about thirty-two degrees of everything, and it melts right in your hands, then you wait a long time, most likely, will not have to. Give your magic brew cool off a bit, and then carefully and gently whisk it with a mixer, you can even use an ordinary household mixer or blender. Whipping need long enough that the cream could not exfoliate and spoil the whole effect.

As a result, should get a light, airyweight, does not require any additives and a completely ready to use. Use a cream lotion for the face and can be, and for the hands and the whole body. Note, however, that the cream out, of course, quite bold, because the best way suitable for winter and autumn period, when the skin is subjected to frostbite, shea butter prevent it, and at the same time tighten, moisturize and "feed" your dermis.

  • Shea butter and almonds. An excellent choice for sensitive skin

Homemade cream with shea butter and almonds perfectlysuitable for dry or hypersensitive, problem skin and prepare it, does in no way more difficult than the first version of the cream. This cream is not exactly cause allergies, does not clog the pores of your epidermis, deeply moisturizes and saturates the skin with energy for a long time.

It is necessary to warm up in a special posudinke onwater bath, dining room spoonful of shea butter (and watch carefully so as not to overheat it as it melts very quickly), and then add to the purchased in a drugstore it has two dining rooms spoon of almond oil. All this should be very carefully stir until a fully homogeneous mixture and remove from heat.

Continuing to stir, not beating, simply dripthe resulting mixture in several drops of essential oils, such as chamomile, lavender, you prefer. This cream can be expanded in glass containers, the good thing is now you can buy a variety of aesthetically beautiful jars and store in the refrigerator, but not on the upper shelves, so as peremerznuv cream loses its magical qualities.

  • Avocado, jojoba, shea butter. This exotic

Another homemade cream with shea butter, and again allextremely simple, understandable, and most importantly - useful. This tool, prepared their own handles, great for aging skin, it helps to maintain skin tone, saturates nutrients and vitamins, moisturizes and does not allow to lose its plasticity and elasticity.

Melt a tablespoon of butter spoon pharmacyShea, of course, in a water bath. The obtained already melted substance add one teaspoon of jojoba oil, and avocado, which also have an extremely wide range of useful properties. Stir well to be very careful, but quite intense, but beating is not recommended as a cream and as it can spoil creamy consistency, and we do absolutely no good. After removing from heat, add two drops of essential oils of rosewood and rosemary. This home cream with shea butter smells "oduryayusche" nice, but the effect will not hesitate to surprise you, so feel free to try, experiment, and you will not regret it!