Homemade Face Cream

Every woman, of course, claims to be thebeauty, and, to paraphrase a famous saying, we can say with certainty that such is, and looks just as much of a good care. The general condition of the body, it is certainly very important and need to think about it in the first place, however, about the appearance should not be forgotten. Like it or not, and the main component of a blossoming, a young and healthy look is well-groomed and radiant skin complexion. In order to make it look to all the stations and must first correctly pick-care products, such as creams, masks, emulsion and so on.


  • 1 Is it to create their own masterpieces of beauty?
  • 2 Preparation for "magic"
  • 3 A couple of traditional recipes

Is it worth it to create their own masterpieces of beauty?

It would seem, why once again, "bother"if you can come to any store and buy everything you need, the good thing is the choice of cosmetic products on the shelves, just scatter eyes. Famous brands are competing with each other, promising great results from day one, and beckon showy, colorful packages with names of world famous brands and companies. However, not so easy to find exactly what you need, and the value of well-publicized means is far from democratic. In such cases, and may come to the aid of a home facial cream, cooked according to the ancient, awe-save, grandmother's recipe.

Homemade Face Cream is easy to cook inhis kitchen, the experiments do not take too much time either, and the risk of losing the ingredients, rather small, especially since most of them, they are quite accessible and are not very expensive. Making homemade cream liters, you will not be, and this is an additional plus in favor of this option. Firstly, in order to save the unit, and secondly, because the shelf life of such means is not more than three to five days. It is also a nice thing because you can be fully confident that the cream is fresh and you definitely can not hurt.

Preparing for the "magic"

To start, you need to determine what is required to make a quality that is suitable for you, homemade cream. Let's deal in stages:

Get a special utensils for preparing homemade cosmetics

It is necessary to immediately make a reservation, that all usedcapacity, pan-jars, bowls, and you are going to use to create their masterpieces of beauty, must remain inviolable your territory and prepare Borschik or hot, it is better in another saucepan. Useful to you as a measuring cup, a few large syringes, with clearly visible divisions, home scales, whisks, spoons, and so on. You will also need mini-mixer, and it is possible and simple, everyday that you use in everyday life by purchasing additional nozzles for him.

Decide where you will acquire the necessary components

In fact, seemingly quite complex question,It is not a dilemma. Most of the materials and ingredients you can buy at your local pharmacy, for example, essential oils, glycerin, extracts of medicinal herbs, dried herbs themselves, emulsifiers, and even lanolin. Honey, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly can even be found in specialty stores or even on the market, however, it is necessary to check the certificates of conformity of products with this purchase option. In addition, all kinds of internet resources offer everything you need, that only may be required.

Determine the type of own skin

This question is quite complicated, but the subject isI discussed quite often. If possible consult a beautician not, then have a few days to observe the skin. We need to figure out how it responds to various external factors: washing, exposure to sun, wind and so on.

When the preparatory process is completed, remainsonly to find those recipes that you and want to implement. Be sure to note also possible allergic reactions, which may occur at certain substances. For example, if you have intolerance to cereals, the home and face cream, based on wheat germ, you, of course, is hardly suitable. If certain components you have not previously encountered, then they can be put on the inside of the wrist, and left for a few minutes, carefully consider the skin on the site of application. If redness, or worse, a rash, then this ingredient definitely have to give. If everything is in order, then you can safely proceed to the "magic" and prepare the perfect homemade face cream that will suit you perfectly.

A couple of traditional recipes

They say that the wisdom of the people intransient andThis, of course, is true. Why in the old days, when there was no trace of modern cosmetology and fashionable brands have not even appeared on the horizon of scientific thought, women of all ages (of course, provided that they were willing to do so), may look young, fresh and appealing? In fact, everything is simple, they know that nature itself gives us numerous recipes, just have to be lazy, and to apply them in practice.

Watermelon and cucumber. Not fast, but cheap and effective

For this recipe homemade face creamIt needs five hundred grams of fresh cucumbers, and exactly the same pulp of ripe watermelon. Grind cucumbers can be on a coarse grater, or just chop, watermelon is just enough to knead. Mix the ingredients in an enamel saucepan, put it in a water bath, and take care not to allow the mixture to boil for ten hours.

The process, of course, a long and laborious, butif successfully pick up point, your brew, you can just leave, putting the pre-alarm or timer, which, incidentally, our grandmothers, was not available. Once cooking is complete, clean marlechkoy Cover the colander and place in it what happened after installing it (colander) on some dishes. Ready homemade face cream can already expanded into sterile jars. This option means perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, saturating it with high quality vitamins.

White lily and garlic

To make this homemade cream havestring up and look for the very, white lilies, which are circling many women heads as its just fabulous and magical aroma and its striking beauty. But the delicate petals lines can give not only aesthetically pleasing, but also bring significant benefits to our skin, no less delicate, face.

Take equal parts thoroughly crushedpetals lines, garlic juice, natural, beeswax and honey, and blend neatly and putting in a water bath, heat the good. When the wax is completely "float", all carefully stir, then, strain the mixture and cool, beat with a mixer at the highest speed. Grandmother, of course, had to actively work whisk, so that we have with you a distinct advantage. This homemade face cream perfectly prevents premature wrinkles, nourishes the skin and whitens it, it is suitable for all skin types.