Holistic massage

Holistic massage - healing balmbody and soul. Thanks to smooth pulsating movements acting on the body is relaxation of all muscles of the body, secrete hormones of joy, and the person enjoys. Vitality restored after the first session of holistic massage, and you will want to again experience the healing properties of acupuncture.

procedure Overview

The author is a holistic massageIsraeli doctor reflexologist, osteopath and massage therapist with extensive experience Tovi Browning. Developing massage theory, Tovey concluded that only one of the physical effects on the human body is not enough. It is necessary to create harmony between the emotional, spiritual and physical levels of the patient.

The human body is like a sponge, it absorbsemotions and experiences, keeping them in their "memory". Hence, stiffness and chronic stress, resulting in abnormal movement of energy in the body. As a result, the limited mobility of the body.

Unusual Equipment pulsating massage relieves stress impact, releasing energy in the body, which starts its proper circulation. The result is a self-healing organism.

Western and Eastern massage schools have long been toned muscles using pulsating rhythmic wobble movements reduced stiffness and joint pain.

Given the western eastern spiritual teachings and began to apply the technique of pulsatile holistic massage in conjunction with the practice of Taoism.

Massage technique is vibration,created on the body of the patient hands of a master. Flowing undulations create the impression that you are immersed in the water and get useful hydromassage sessions.

The frequency of oscillation of a holistic massageIt corresponds to the frequency of heart contractions. The clock movements synchronize their work, many organs, hormone balance returns to normal, stabilized operation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

It is not necessary to compare the holistic methodology tothe usual massage, which is based on rubbing and kneading. This massage is based on the gentle rocking and stretching. It is based on the technique of body-oriented therapy, when performed ripple open hand, pushing his thumb, treated with all areas of the body.

Use a holistic anti-stress massageat any age. They treat cerebral palsy, administered in a period of recovery after a heart attack or stroke. Patients joints and tissues regain flexibility and mobility after a few sessions.

Many spas also serve breakfastholistic massage, which differs from the usual heavier touch. masseur's fingers penetrate deep into the tissue, rubbing seals, stretched muscles and neurovascular points. Carefully worked out a problem area of ​​the patient. It creates vibrations and feelings. Swedish massage is performed slowly, with some patients fall asleep under the influence of pleasant swaying.

Holistic pulsing massage, in turn, is based on several principles: the relationship, not coercion, integrity and service life.

The principles of holistic massage

There are several types of holistic massage

  1. The principle of the relationship. In this case we are talking about the deep connection between the hands of the masseur, his psychological mood and condition of the patient. After all, customers are the most sensitive on the end of the session immediately feel the lack of such harmony. In a dramatic massage work felt a feeling of something unfinished. Thinking about their problems also can not master during the procedure. You can not be nervous, tense and worried. internal spirit should be maintained and the rhythm, or the psychological relationship is missing. When abruptly interrupted by body rocking, the patient may even feel discomfort and pain. When the massage specialist must always face the patient.
  2. To maintain energy ties held sway at a slow pace, and completing the procedure, a massage therapist while keeping hands on the patient's body.
  3. The principle of no compulsion says about himself. Its essence lies in the conduct of peaceful, soft and relaxed movements, without unnecessary jerks. In this case, the body loosens and releases the negative energy and unfetters muscles.
  4. integrity principle is based on the healing of allorganism, but not its components separately. That is, when found in the body of hearth problems, treatment is not specifically assigned this center, and full recovery of the organism.
  5. The principle of resource includes methodologyself-hypnosis and self-healing. The main thing in this principle - is the ratio of the masseur. The patient should not feel as if he is the victim of the slaughter. On the contrary, the person should fully trust the hands of a specialist and get the feeling. If this principle is to work, then there will come the healing of the body.

Technique holistic massage

Holistic massage is performed as follows:

  1. Massage begin to perform from the back, makingtransverse motion with the left hand. The wizard then puts his hands on the patient's back, to feel its breath and adjust under the rhythm of your breathing. Carried out with rocking of the upper back in the direction of the spine. Figuratively speaking, "pushing" your back forward, the expert "catches" it when you return and translates their movements into the right side of the body. Hands is not detached from the body.
  2. The left and right sides of the body are joined together,rocking occurs. From the spine of masseur's hands move down to the pelvis and legs, and then return. Thus, there is a complete muscle relaxation.
  3. Bending left knee specialist makesmassage movements from the bottom up. Ongoing procedure light tossing shin. The patient in this case does not help and tense, his task - complete relaxation.
  4. Hand massage with oil, whereincaptured the shoulder joint, muscles of the shoulder and axilla. There is a massage to the fingertips. From the wrist to the elbows and sipping carried compressive motion, stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory system. The capture of the forearm and wrist of the patient discharged hands behind his head, flowing movements massage therapist pulls the entire left or right side of the body. Parallel swinging motion carried.
  5. During the massage head specialist captures fingersbase of the skull, lifting his head and sipping on. Wobble fingers head tilts forward and back, left and right. Circular movements massaging the skin produced by the growth of hair. Masseur's fingers glide over the hair, gently slipping.

Indications massage

This medical therapy is indicated for peoplein a state of depression and fear, suffering from insomnia, stress, lowered immunity. Massage helps to regain strength after physical and emotional stress.

Recommended therapy for pregnant women to relax the back muscles and the normalization of water metabolism. Besides, great uplifting the expectant mother.

This massage is indispensable to conduct complex operations, as well as in cancer patients during rehabilitation of people after surgery. Showed method for complex treatment hormonal and fertility.

Fully recover from anesthesia also helps holistic massage. The procedure normalizes not only the physical but also the psychological condition.

On the basis of the principles of Taoist massage promotes disclosure and the potential energy of the body.

Contraindications to the use of holistic massage

As if all the beautiful sounds in the description of methodsholistic massage, he, like any medical manipulations with the body, has some contraindications. Not carried out the procedure for people sick of SARS and other infectious diseases, skin diseases, injuries and fractures, varicose veins.

healingandbodywork does not recommend to patients with cancer in the later stages, and heart failure in the acute form.

Come to the session is not necessary on a full stomach and a sober.

Results holistic massage

As a rule, a holistic massage course consistsof 10 sessions. After all the sessions with a qualified professional, you certainly will feel the burst of energy. Your sleep is normalized, boost immunity and energy potential. After treatment, massage, migraine and irritability goes away, you also forget about obsessive pain in the spine and joints. Due to stimulation of metabolism is a natural cleansing of the body and the reduction of excess weight.

The world around us is full of surprises anddifferent situations, both pleasant and stress. Experiencing these emotions every day, people accumulate a certain energy, usually negative. Reflexologist learns to perceive what is happening around us like an environment where safe, and only then we will be healed. Holistic massage allows the patient to get rid of all your negative emotions, anger, and resentment, freeing space inside for love and joy.