Help in choosing a massage chair

The world's first full-fledged robot doctor, namely theirand is a high-tech massage chair, he appeared in Japan. Of course, the pragmatic Americans could not remain on the sidelines, and the appearance on the market of American-made chair did not have to wait long. I won by this user only. However, the availability of therapists and robots spawned the problem of choice. By buying a massage chair should seriously prepare, because some models at a cost comparable to cars of an economy class. And it is quite natural. Massage chair - is both a luxurious piece of furniture, and a complex mechanism with electronic control, designed for professional full body massage.
In this article we will help you navigate the market of massage chairs, to understand the technical aspects and the differences between models from different manufacturers and to formulate their own selection criteria.

Benefits of massage chairs

Choosing a massage chair The level of technology used in massagechairs, allowing them to perform high-quality massage, seriously competing with professional masseurs and chiropractor. They adapt to the user settings, define problem areas, make individual massage programs that provide maximum comfort and bring tangible benefits to health.
What is very important, the massage chair - itreal personal masseur, who never tired, always at hand and ready to adjust to your schedule, well-being at any given time and to accommodate your wishes.
The therapeutic effect of the massage chair:

  • fully relieves fatigue and restores;
  • effectively prevents headaches;
  • It calms the nervous system and normalizes sleep;
  • It helps to overcome stress and to tune into important events;
  • great prevention of diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle;
  • It normalizes the general circulation and in particular the blood flow to the head;
  • It prevents the emergence of stagnation in the body;
  • It maintains muscle tone;
  • It helps the body recover from physical exertion;
  • reallocates excessive strain on the spine with muscular system;
  • normalizes metabolism and strengthens the protective functions of the body due to the effect on the acupuncture points;
  • It relieves pain in problem areas;
  • improves overall health.

Requirements for modern massage chair

Massage chairs have a beneficial effect on the physical health of the user, and have a positive impact on the psycho-emotional state, effectively removing sress and calming the nervous system.
This effect is achieved by developments infield configuration changes armchairs, chairs and equipment with highly sensitive sensors that reads individual user settings during the pre-scan.
What features are provided in the modern massage chairs:

  • adaptation of seats to the anthropometric characteristics of the user:
    • age;
    • growth;
    • the weight;
    • especially the body structure;
  • identification of problem areas in the user's body and the recognition of the painful areas with built-in sensors;
  • the possibility of making appropriate adjustments to the automatic massage programs;
  • there are several types of massage are automatically programmed with different therapeutic effects:
    • relaxing;
    • calming;
    • relieves stress;
    • regenerating;
    • invigorating, etc .;
  • the possibility of drawing up a separate massage programs: Select the desired nature of the impact, defining the duration, intensity and scope of massage applications;
  • the ability to perform massage only to a specific part of the body: neck, neck, neck area, back, waist, legs, arms;
  • function infrared heating legs, back and waist;
  • there are several types of massage effects:
    • kneading;
    • tapping;
    • pat;
    • vibration;
    • air compression massage;
    • Swedish massage;
    • curling;
    • stretching;
    • acupuncture.

Overview manufacturers of massage chairs

American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - Innovative Japanese massage chairs. Due to the fact that Yamaguchi specializes in massage chairs, its products have won itself a firm position in the lead. The quality of the massage and the magnificent assembly seats provided them with a stable market demand, Yamaguchi even called the "Rolls Royce" among the massage chairs. Yamaguchi Science Center is one of the leading developers in the area of ​​massage technology, setting the development direction of other manufacturers. However, focusing on the production of massage chair and foot massager, the company is expanding its product range. In Russia presented the budget chair Yamaguchi low price category, so Yamaguchi chair - it's only representative elite model.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - US-based, reliableproven in the market of recreational equipment. Although originally written as a kind of "national brand" in the world of products for health, US Medica has set itself the aim of enabling people to take care of their health. Assortment of US Medica consists of about ten groups of massage equipment. However, the hallmark of the company are massage chairs. The product range is truly rich. Along with elite models, equipped with the latest in mechanics and electronics, are presented high quality massage chairs of economy class, the price of which manage to keep at an affordable level, by facilitating the design and eliminate costly slozhnotehnologichnyh functions.
On the basis of US Medica Moscow office in 2012 it is planned the opening of the school of osteopathy and chiropractic.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - Japanese massage chairs. Company FUJIIRYOKI one of the first in the world to produce luxury massage chairs, optimally combine multi-functionality, high quality and elegant design. The assortment of armchairs is wide enough to satisfy all the demands, but budget models Fujiiryoki you can not find. This executive chair, having a large number of variants and combinations of massage programs. In recent models of chairs - Fujiiryoki EC-3700 and Fujiiryoki EC-3700 VP - has added a twist function, mild stretching the legs, deep study of muscles and cascading hand massage.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - Massage chairs from Japan. Suitable for use in different applications. For example, models such as the Sanyo DR-7700 and Sanyo DR-8700 have an innovative mechanism of regulated tilt. Option zero gravity povshaet efficiency of procedures. A large number of massage options, with emphasis on the back and neck massage. Chairs upholstered in a special "breathable leather" simulator durable genuine leather.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - More cost and simple massage chairs. Accessories for this brand delivered from Japan and Europe, and engineers meticulously control the quality of the chairs. Armchairs iRest practical and comfortable, as a rule, they acquire vending company. For example, such a model as iRest SL-A33-1, which is located in the office for general use by all employees. The peculiarity of this model - function projector jade thermotherapy, which increases the effect of massage treatments. The chair is equipped with modern chetyrehrolikovym massage mechanism with the function of vibratory massage.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - The manufacturer of the original stylish armchairsdesign with some massage function. Focusing on the appearance of their products, the company's designers did their best to disguise massage mechanisms, but for the sake of the general style of some of them had to give up altogether. Nevertheless, the design of their products bright and interesting.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - Low chair with a basic set of massagefunctions. Such seats should be placed in business centers, offices or in the halls of private companies for public employees or visitors. The short massage during working hours to support efficiency and relieve tiredness employees. And visitors will help to spend time meeting expectations.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - One of the areas of the world-famous brandThey are massage chairs. They are quite technologically advanced and easy to use, but in the pursuit of the scale of the company is not always possible to keep up with the times. These massage chairs can only qualify for the category average, as inferior to industry leaders and build quality, and combined massages and extra features. Most likely this is due to the fact that the production of the massage chair is for the corporation just one of many areas, though is not the key.

Massage chair formulate selection criteria

Choosing a massage chair Before purchasing a massage chair is to answer the following questions:

  1. For what purpose you want to buy thisEquipment: for himself, as a gift to a friend, to start the vending business, to install it in the office, or to install it in a public place.
  2. Massage any part of the body yavalyaetsya priority for you: (neck massage, neck area, a massage of the back, massage of hands, legs, feet, toes, foot warming function and lumbar).
  3. Do you need additional features,providing increased comfort of use: the function of zero gravity ZERO-G, scanning anthropometric characteristics of the body composition of the individual massage programs, and others.
  4. In what price range you are looking for a massage chair.

The massage chair for yourself:
Massage chair US MEDICA What to look for:

  1. Appearance.
    The chair should be harmonious look in the room,where you place it, whether it's a bedroom, living room or office. This seat should be located in a prominent place so that whenever he felt tired, you arrange a massage, not postponing it until later. In this case, buying a massage chair opravadaet itself in the shortest possible time.
  2. Memory function Individual user settings.
    With this feature, you do not have to re-adjust the position of the back, steps and arrangement of rollers before each massage.
  3. Configuration footrests, armrests and backrest - indicate whether this model performs massage neck, neck, hands and feet.
  4. Automatic massage programs.
    massage programs made to the selected memoryyour chair should fit your needs (soothing or invigorating, light kneading or deep intensive massage, rejuvenating after physical exertion or relieves stress and nervous tension, etc.).
  5. The function of infrared heating.
  6. This feature not only increases comfortuser, but has its own therapeutic effect, but also helps to relax deep muscles, improving the efficiency of the massage effects.
  7. Additional high-tech features.
    They certainly enhance usabilitymassage chairs and massage performed by quality (zero gravity position of ZERO-G, recognition of painful areas HRI back massage adaptation programs function according to user age, and others.); however, at the cost of the chair are also recognized.
  8. Location.
    Ideally, the chair should be placed in a room in which a person spends more time in time to remind you to take a break and take care of his health.

The recognized leaders in the field of personalhome massage chairs are the following manufacturers: Yamaguchi, US MEDICA, Fujiiryoki. A curious fact: the model massage chair Cardio from US Medica has been selected to design a country house in the television show "Summer answer" on the NTV channel. Beautiful and respectable, it looked harmoniously in the interior of a study or living room.
Council. When buying a chair for personal use is not necessary to rely on vending massage chairs installed in airports, hotels and shopping centers. For vending used nizkofunktsionalnye chair high strength, not differing design refinements and equipped with a basic set of massage functions. Appointment vending chair - to earn money to its owner. Appointment of a personal massage chair - take care of your health and perform manipulations that are necessary for you.
The massage chair as a gift:
Massage chair US MEDICA What to look for:

  1. Size and color.
    By choosing such a gift is not a miniature, youis predoplozhit advance whether the chair to stand in the apartment, in the office or the office of the country and depending on the situation, choose the size and color performance of the massage chair.
  2. Design.
    Depending on what goals you are pursuingyour gift, you should choose the chair of specific brands. The original design can be found in the human touch chairs, perfect massage at US MEDICA, big man ideal YAMAGUCHI models, fragile girl - chair delicate shades, with the ability to control the massage intensity - Anatomico, Comfort, US MEDICA.
  3. Price.
    To buy a decent and not veryexpensive massage chair, look at the list of additional functions. The more budget models price maintained at a low level due to the lack of high-tech features designed for increased comfort. For example, the Indigo chair of the US MEDICA or office massage chair Chicago by the same manufacturer perform the most popular and effective massages without costly innovative features, and they have a fairly compact dimensions and easy to be placed even in a small room.

Massage chairs for vending:
Massage chair US MEDICA Installed in locations that are frequently equipped with bill acceptors, they perform a short massage and designed to organize their own small business.
What to look for:

  • Durability.
    The successful arrangement of vending massage chair is especially in demand, and therefore must withstand up to fifty 10-minute massage sessions per day.
  • Easy to operate.
    Intuitive control panel provides ease to any user control massage chair to massage after payment did not have any difficulties.
  • Set functions.
    Vending seat located at the airport,railway station, at the mall or rest room should offer several types of massages, as well as to be able to fix the massage in the selected zone by the user.
  • Configuration footrests and armrests.
    Typically, vending chairs standleg does not cover the feet and armrests are constructed only for the convenience of hands location. Massage the feet and hands on the vending chairs are not made in order to secure the seat. But the user does not need to remove their shoes during the massage session.
  • Appearance.
    The upholstery of the chair should be made of durable material that can withstand up to 50 thousand. Abrasive cycles and retaining a flawless appearance in spite of the frequency of use.
  • Place position.
    The main principles of the location of vending massage chair - a good cross, the visibility of the chair and at the same time user coziness during the session.

Leaders in the field of vending seats: Company iRest, RestArt, Sanyo.
Massage Chair for the staff:
Massage chair US MEDICA What to look for:

  1. Location.
    Caring for the health of employees - an important part ofcorporate culture. Regular quality rest will help your employees to maintain the excellent performance all day long, to solve complex problems faster and get to work a pleasure.
    Set the massage chair in the loungenot far from the water cooler or coffee machine. If the massage chair has no place, but there is a smoking room are converted it into a winter garden and a place where the massage chair and a small simulator.
    So you reduce the fire hazard, slow the spread of rumors and increase the performance of their subordinates.
  2. Reliability and convenience.
    Most likely, the chair will be used during thebreaks for tea / coffee. In this case, better to choose a model without a foot massage functions to employees did not have to take off one's shoes, equipped with a table for the same securities, or coffee, for example, in the YA-2500 models of YAMAGUCHI or iRest chairs.
  3. Price.
    It is not necessary to acquire the common room of restexpensive chair, because hardly anyone will control the degree of accuracy of handling. A good option would be wear resistant armchair with a set of basic types of massage neck, back and waist: kneading, shiatsu, tapping, vibration massage.

For corporate use suitablelow-end models US Medica, iRest, Anatomico. A curious fact: Moscow Metro has equipped room of psychological relief drivers massage chairs Indigo models from US Medica. They are comfortable, reliable, high-quality massage performed; have compact size and affordable price. At present, more and more companies set in their offices and rest rooms at the production facilities massage equipment. Routine sedentary work that requires constant concentration rapidly exhausting the staff that has a negative impact on the work. Possibility quality rest during the working day relieves stress and improves mood. Thus, equipping lounges, business leaders effectively invest in their own business.

Where to buy a massage chair

Massage chair US MEDICA Showroom. If you have the opportunity to visit the exhibition hall or showroom and personally tested several models of massage chairs, do not miss this opportunity. You will receive detailed advice and answers to questions, and also be able to personally verify the effectiveness of massage functions and to choose the optimal ratio between price and seat options.
Specialized exhibition-sale. Regularly held trade fairs, which are models of massage chairs from different manufacturers. They can not only see, but also to perform a massage and consult with experts.
In the days of the exhibition from the stand when ordering products enjoy exclusive discounts on the purchased equipment.
International Exhibition Centre "Crocus Expo", an exhibition of medical and cosmetic equipment INTERCHARM professional (twice a year - in spring and autumn).

Online shop. Conveniently order the massage chair in the online store. On Web sites, the official representatives of manufacturers are detailed descriptions of seats, the basic and advanced features detailed photos, demonstration videos and short user guide. Pre-calling, you will be able to ask any questions and clarify all your details.