Healthy lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle? And what goes into it? Where to begin? And most importantly, how to start? These are the questions I asked myself when it decided to change themselves and their lives for the better. Today it is no secret that a healthy lifestyle. These are: proper nutrition, the correct mode of the day, a healthy and deep sleep, exercise and self-care.
What is a healthy lifestyle? And what goes into it? Where to begin? And most importantly, how to start?
These are the questions I asked myself when it decided to change themselves and their lives for the better.
Today it is no secret that a healthyLifestyle. These are: proper nutrition, the correct mode of the day, a healthy and deep sleep, exercise and self-care. So says the majority of people.

The right attitude

Healthy lifestyle
I believe that we should start first of all withhis state of mind. It is necessary to be happy. Happiness - is not a luxury or a privilege, it is a necessity. Happiness - a state of mind that must be on your way to a healthy lifestyle. So that being said, you want to be happy, be it!
The first thing to do - start the day with a smile! Just waking up in the morning, wash, look at yourself in the mirror and smile. If even a smile is not genuine, do not worry. This should be done every day, and one day you wake up and feel truly happy.
Second, the most important thing - you need to love yourself! Without self-love is much more difficult to start a healthy lifestyle. Falling in love with yourself, you will begin a completely different way to treat yourself and your body. And the people around you will love as much as you love yourself. This is pure psychology. In everything that happens to us, we have to blame himself, and only we ourselves can change your life for the better.
And third, throw out of my head everything, absolutely everything,negative thoughts. Just stop to think about the poor, but instead start to think about the good. And when there are times of hatred and anger, make a note of all this on a piece of paper. Then read it and correct all the words of hatred to the opposite (for example: instead of hate - love; I'm fat - I'm slim, etc.), write it on a new sheet of paper and burn the negative list and discard in the trash. You'll see, it will definitely help you. A sheet of paper with positive words and phrases often see themselves - it will be as auditory training for you.
And another very important thing to tryget rid of the use of the particles are not in his voice back. It is known that particles are not perceived by the human brain is not. E. If you say, "I will no longer be lazy!", Your brain perceives it as "I'm more than lazy!". Better to say in such a case: "I am hard-working!". And always in the present tense.
I changed my lifestyle for the most partthanks to this item. And it is true. After all, thoughts are material and using the power of thought can change a lot. That is why I believe that starting Healthy Lifestyle should be a positive anger management. Gradually, with the power of your positive thoughts will fortitude and most importantly - the desire for change on the physical level. And here it is already possible to start with a healthy sleep and proper nutrition.

Healthy sleep and proper nutrition

Healthy lifestyle
Sleep - a specific physiological staterequired for humans. A healthy sleep - is the key to good health and success in life. The absence of a healthy and sound sleep can lead to disability and weight gain.
For sound sleep needed from 6 to 10 hours. It is necessary by "pick up" the number of hours of sleep you need it for your body. How to do it? Several consecutive days of sleep at 6:00, then at 7:00, and so on ... In this case, when you wake up, pay attention to your physical and mental state. Easy for you to fall asleep, wake up if fast asleep?
In general, a healthy and sound sleep depends on manyfactors ranging from energy the place where you sleep, and ending with the events that happened to you during the day. But it can not be taken into account immediately so you can begin to determine the number of hours required for you to sleep, and time to go to bed and wake up. By the way, to go to bed and wake up to each person comfortable at different times, but the best time to go to sleep 21 to 23 hours, and wake up better from 5 to 8 am. And most importantly, from 2 to 4 am needed sleep. This is all connected with human biorhythms. So it will be easier for your body.
As for the proper diet - it is a very broad question today. After studying it thoroughly, I chose a few items:

  • firstly, to be power mode. Those. you need to eat at least 3 times a day, preferably five (breakfast, lunch (or a snack), lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and bedtime fruits, vegetables or dairy products). Eating is necessary at certain times;
  • secondly, just to reduce the consumption of flour, sugary, fatty foods, fast food and semi-finished products;
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to drink water. Here are two important factors:
    • for each person need their water,It is calculated by the formula: 30-35 grams of water per 1 kg of body weight. Those. If I weigh 54 kg and I want to lose weight I need to drink per day: 54 kg * 35 g = 1 890 grams per liter of water;
    • if you want to lose weight, drink before meals; weight gain - after a meal. Well, if you want to maintain your weight, drink during meals;
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  • Fourth, stop using carbonated drinks and alcohol;
  • and fifthly, eat less fried foods, it is better to throw out all the pans (so there will be less temptation).

This is the basic and most important principles of goodsupply. Agree, nothing complicated. Starting with these five items, you will see how to change your body and skin; your body will reward tide of vivacity and energy. And then will want to go to the following items Healthy lifestyle - proper regime of the day and physical activity.

Daily regime

Healthy lifestyle
The correct mode of the day - one of the conditions HealthyLifestyle. Mode of the day - it's strictly comply with the order of work, rest, sleep and nutrition. With sleep mode and power we have already decided. It remains only to set the time for work, exercise and be sure to rest.
If we consider human biorhythms, the besttime for 10 to 18 hours. This is the biggest operation comes at a time from 10 to 12 pm, and then gradually decreases performance. From 13 to 14 need to take a little break, have dinner or just relax.
For physical activity, the samethe best time for sports from 16 to 19 hours. You can (and should) be engaged even in the morning, after waking up in the morning but it is better to do simple exercises to warm up and finally wake up. Active sports a better deal in the evening. In the evening hours, muscle strength is greater than in the morning.
For your body's need to developthe correct mode of the day and try to stick with it. And most importantly, listen to your body and give him a timely rest. And maybe you will create for yourself your own individual mode of the day.
Over time, we have decided to physical activity. Now you need to think about exactly how to do sport.
It is best to consult a professional course. But not everyone has the opportunity! You can choose the exercises yourself. Start with light exercises in the morning. Gradually add exercises, which do you think are necessary for your body. At the same time watch your body, if to do something very difficult, it is better to replace this exercise to another. Once you will type a whole range of necessary exercise, divide them into: morning exercises and a set of exercises for your figure. You can do all the morning, and you can set of exercises for the figure to do in the evening, as you wish. The main thing is to do it regularly, and laying out as much as possible. It is more useful to train for 15-20 minutes every day than 2 times a week for 2 hours.
As a complement to the exercises you can use: hulahup hoop (can be normal, but iron), expander, a trampoline and a rope. These are the sports equipment that will help you train the body as much as possible and correct the flaws, if any.
If you do not like to do any exercise,you can choose any other physical activity. These may include: dance, yoga, running, simple fitness equipment, skating, biking and much more. Most importantly, this activity was to your liking. And then it will be easier to deal with. Always, when you are engaged in physical activity, remember: the movement - that's life! And actively live a life much better than passively!

Personal care

Healthy lifestyle
This is the most enjoyable part (who does not want to look beautiful and well-groomed).
To get started, simply take a bath. It can be relaxing, with aromatic oils and scrubs, with foam and salt. Or you can just soak in warm water. And when you leave, remember that feeling of freshness and purity. Now you are ready for regular care for themselves.
1) Take a shower 2 times a day, morning and evening,(Preferably with a gel which does not disturb the protective film skin). Taking a shower, rub the body is very useful hairy mitt, sponge, brush starting at the toes and working your way up the body in a circular motion.
2) 1-2 times a week, you should take a warm (37-38 degrees) bath with sea salt, decoction of herbs, essential oils or other beneficial agents for the skin.
3) 1-2 times a week is required for gentle exfoliationwhole body - it will remove the top layer of dead skin cells, thus stimulating the process of cell renewal, improves the penetration into the skin moisturizing and nourishing funds, making it smooth.
4) Every time after a shower, bath and peeling skin should be applied appropriate to your moisturizing and nourishing agents. Pick up means for care depending on skin type.
5) 2 times a month do not forget the manicure, pedicure and waxing.
Here are five simple items to care for themselves,which do not require a lot of effort and a big waste of time. Personal Care will feel beautiful, and beauty is always to keep pace with self-confidence. The main rule - you need to take care of themselves on a regular basis.

These are the basic rules for a healthy lifestyle. Sticking to them is not difficult. The main thing to start and not to relax and do not stop! You just have to regroup, while continuing to move forward. Start with the positive anger management and gradually move on to the following rules of healthy lifestyles. You'll see, all you get!