Harm Lipstick

Brazilian researchers conducted a study of the composition of lipsticks more than 10 famous brands and have figured out how the cosmetic product affects a woman's health.

The study showed that in the majority of lipsticks includes paraffin. Its density is low, but the daily application of lipstick wax can cause tooth decay.

Harm Lipstick

Chemical elements contained in the liplipstick, will inevitably fall on the enamel. After a few weeks of daily use decorative means of the teeth may appear micro cracks, and a few months it will trigger the development of caries.

Earlier studies suggest thatLipstick that can harm not only the mouth but also the internal organs. This is due to the fact that women often & laquo; eat & raquo; lipstick to her lips. As a result, it may cause the development of malignant tumors.