Harm hookah

The fact that smoking - is harmful, they know everything: from small children to old men deep. And even despite the fact that the world turned global war on tobacco, and people continue to smoke. Moreover, they are for their habit invented a lot of excuses: and relieves stress, and suppresses appetite and improves brain activity.

And not so long ago, fans of "popyhtet" appearednew game - now they smoke hookah: it does not matter, either alone or in the company of friends. And this pastime gained such popularity that hookah smoking in many places: at home, outdoors, in the clubs and bars.

The process of hookah smoking is somewhat different thana conventional cigarette. The smoke did not immediately enters the lungs - it is first necessary to pass through the liquid - it is poured into a vessel, and then through the so-called "mine" hookah. Indeed, after such a long way, many harmful substances, and even part of the nicotine is "lost" on the "road" to the human body, but that does not mean harmless hookah. MirSovetov describe in more detail why the hookah can not be considered an alternative to cigarettes, cigarettes and cigars.

What is a hookah

This "right" Hookah is a device which consists of a tank where the water pour, bowls, where tobacco is filled and the tube, through which the tobacco smoke is necessary.

Hookah invented several centuries ago in the East. Hookah smoking both during rest and during official meetings. In Europe, the hookah was only ten or fifteen years ago, that did not prevent him to win the fans over time in all countries of the world.

In itself, hookah smoking has been a mystery,ritual for the elite, but today - this is a fad and a fashion statement. Moreover, many do not even think that such seemingly innocent fun as hookah smoking is very harmful for the body.

Why hookah harmful

  1. Addiction. Until now, scientists and consumers argue - Is there a hookah dependence? The answer to this question is actually quite difficult, as there are two sides of the same coin. Firstly, in itself leads to a hookah, depending only on very rare occasions. There is documentary evidence that 90% of those who smoked up to three hookahs during the week, there are no dependencies. At the same time, nicotine dependence is seen in those who smoke hookah more than three times a week. Approximately 60% of the hookah kuriteley point at relationship arose. This low percentage depending indicates that the nicotine in the smoke water pipe is much smaller than a conventional cigarette. But smokers have a considerable "experience", confidently say - hookah never replace a cigarette, as to fill so the lack of nicotine is simply impossible. The dependence on nicotine occurs only in the event that several smoking daily water pipes. But it is worth noting that this dependence is much more dangerous than cigarettes. The fact that a person gets from a cigarette a small dose of nicotine for five minutes, while smoking a hookah is much longer, causing the need to smoke very often. Many experts believe that hookah addiction - is the psychological aspect. By itself, the process of hookah smoking relaxes, calms and is associated with relaxation. That is why people who want to disconnect from the problems often resort to hookah - a lot, experienced a false rejection of the outside world, often used subsequently to such problem-solving. It should be noted that this relationship is very serious - it is necessary to treat the art.
  2. Nicotine. When smoking a hookah tobacco use either conventional or variations with the addition of flavorings. It is clear that harmful smoke greatly increases the risk of developing serious illnesses, because of his suffering in the first place the heart and lungs. Needless to say, the harm of hookah lower than from cigarettes, but it is still present.
  3. Tobacco. It is believed that all smoking blends are not very high quality, as they are produced by artisanal methods. It is clear that the damage at the time of smoking tobacco of unknown origin at times increases the damage caused by the body. Besides smoking tobacco often it contains much more nicotine than cigarettes.
  4. Smoke. During hookah smoking tobacco smoke passes through the filter - a liquid which is poured into the vessel. But do not be too much to hope that through this part of the harmful substances will be lost, and the smoke is cooled. The fact that the combustion products are not able to cool to a safe degree. To all other scholars argue that the harmful components of tobacco smoke does not dissolve in liquids - they are transported, as well as "put" in light of the man who smokes a hookah. It should also be noted that cigarette a person smokes more than five minutes, while the ceremony hookah smoking takes an hour or even more. Thus, in one "session" you can smoke is harmful components, the total number of which is equal to 60 cigarettes that clearly would not benefit. And all this muck contains only 25 grams of tobacco for hookah (standard single dose).
  5. Hygiene. Hookah smoking in the company - in a circle passed tube with a mouthpiece at one end. It is unhygienic procedure, as it is transmitted through the saliva of various serious diseases - such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, herpes. Some fans are trying to reduce the risk - use disposable or reusable mouthpiece.
  6. Carbon monoxide. For one "session" a person inhales a very large amount of carbon monoxide. Just imagine that in a liter of smoke 1.79 mg CO. For one "approach" a man who smokes a hookah, making one hundred puffs, and that, on average, 179 SB. This is much more than by smoking cigarettes. The action of the gas acts on the respiratory system, bringing a very serious harm to the body - namely, lung, bronchus, trachea, pharynx, tongue. The risk of contracting throat cancer or lung cancer when smoking hookah is much higher.
  7. Second hand smoke. Any smoke is harmful, and only from a hookah, and even more so. Passive smoking is a uniquely harmful pastime, as a person who is in the room, where the company is smoking a hookah, inhale all the burning of tobacco products, including nitrogen, and carbon monoxide.
  8. Liquid. Hookah smoking is not "dry", and with the help of a liquid. The safest is a hookah water or milk. But the most harmful - alcoholic beverages. Fans believe that it is alcohol and tobacco are able to relax - often used for this purpose wine. But in fact, "the effect of" no - "taste" a little bit of smoke is changing, and more harm, because to smoke and even added a pair of alcohol.
  9. Alcohol. Absolutely contraindicated mixed hookah smoking and drinking, or can be much severe headache, dizzy, nausea, and even vomiting. Moreover, the body can thus receive poisoning harmful substances.
  10. Cancer. The researchers argue that Rakoobrazuyuschaya substances in the smoke of tobacco for hookah is much greater than in conventional cigarettes. Of course, a person who consumes a huge amount of crustaceans substances, and even so often, most will experience the sad ending than the one who smokes cigarettes, and, of course, this trouble can totally pass for someone who does not smoke.