Hardening of the body, dousing

What is hardening in general know everythingbut as it is carried out correctly, few know. You've probably noticed that in recent years people are persecuted SARS. Currently hardening - is one way to maintain health. If you start hardening of tomorrow, you have a chance to participate in Epiphany bathing in January ... What is hardening in general know everything, but how to spend it correctly, few know. Currently hardening - is one way to maintain health. Explain why: You may have noticed that recently people literally persecuted SARS. First, it involves the use of a plurality of allergens in the diet with which our immune system is forced to fight. Secondly, the use of a population with a large number of drugs childhood. Third, due to climate warming, autumn and spring slush is stretched, and it is very favorable for viral replication; and finally, the last - viruses instantaneously adjust to the new drug in this "race" most likely, they win.

General principles of hardening

Hardening of the organism At the heart of hardening is the use of natural factors of nature, namely air, water and sunlight. Since hardening, remember a few simple rules:

  • tempering procedure done daily, can be 2 times a day;
  • gradually reduce the temperature of the air and water;
  • gradually increase the duration of the impact of these factors;
  • in the case of illness is not severe to stoptempering is not necessary. When health is weakened, to the procedures for the hardening of the body should be treated with more caution. It is necessary to reduce the force of impact (increased water temperature and reduce the time perfusion), but to carry out these procedures are required;
  • if you are still seriously ill, temporarily cancancel the procedure, but the break should be no more than 5-7 days. If for some reason, the interval between the hardening lasted more than two weeks, you need to start all over again;
  • children tempering carried out under the supervision of an adult;

healingandbodywork would like to explain whyhardening of the body necessarily spend it on a daily basis. The body strengthens its protective mechanisms, only if it violates the normal operation of external factors affect it permanently. And if at some time hardening to terminate, then our body is no longer necessary to adapt to the conditions that artificially recreated at tempering procedures. Even the daily pouring water on the 5C lower our body temperature will be more effective than the same perfusion, but at 10C lower body temperature and a one-day break.
An indicator of the correctness of the procedures is a good health and good spirits.

Tempering water

Water Treatments better to start with wiping leather mitt wet terry cloth Water Treatments better to start with the skin cool offwet glove of terry cloth. The principle of gradualism is no less important than in other tempering procedures. In the early days of wiping recommended water whose temperature is close to body temperature. Over the next weeks should reduce the water temperature 2-3S.
Sami wiping carried out as follows. Starting rubdown with hand, moving from the toes to the shoulders, then chest and stomach in a circular motion clockwise. Wiping the back are held from mid spine to the axillary lines, legs - toward the bottom up, starting from the feet. Each movement should be repeated only two or three times, and the whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes. healingandbodywork stresses that in order to make you feel comfortable during rubdowns ambient air temperature should be around 18C.
After 2-4 weeks of systematic rubdownsgo to pouring water. The initial temperature of the water wiping and pouring in the first few weeks is + 34C. After gradually reducing the temperature of water necessary to +26 ... + 23C or lower. Start pouring in the first few days with the lower body, gradually rising to the shoulders. As a general hardening of the body can pour themselves all at once. After each procedure, water is necessary to rub the skin turns pink. If before pouring cold hands or feet - they need to warm up beforehand. When properly selected temperature water while pouring the skin it should not become pale, and did not appear to "goose" skin again as the air temperature should be around 18C.
After 2-4 weeks of systematic rubdowns go to pouring water Shower is a very effective optionhardening of the body. The initial temperature of the water is close to the natural body temperature, the first procedure is not more than one minute. Then gradually increase the duration of the shower to 10-15 minutes. Once you reach this milestone, you drop a few degrees temperature of the water, and a little shortening duration of hardening process. In the future, the icy showers and Winter swimming.
To prevent frequent sore throats and pharyngitisIt recommends gargling 1-2 times a day, starting with water at room temperature, lowering it to 1-2C in the week, reaching 5-7S. We must always be sure of success, and not be afraid of exacerbations of chronic diseases of the throat.
During warmer months, you need to use the slightest opportunity for swimming in open water, here in addition to the positive effect of water, a huge role is played by the harmonious contact with nature.
There are also methods of pouring water on theoutdoors, standing barefoot on the ground. In this case, we restore their own energy and merge with nature. While many doctors and do not accept this recovery method. Therefore, each person chooses the way of hardening of the body, which fits him best. Bathing in the hole - is "aerobatics" in tempering, which we should strive.

Tempering air

Air baths useful at any age Air baths are useful at any age. healingandbodywork recommends these procedures as a newborn child and an elderly man. If you are from birth coddle the child to create his "hothouse" conditions and thus deprived of "work" of his defense mechanisms, the latter, being idle, will not develop properly. And then even a small breeze - is a threat to the child, he is helpless and ill. Therefore, should train the thermoregulatory apparatus.
Air baths are held in a room thatpre-ventilated, it is better if it is cross-ventilation. During warmer months, a small draft does not hurt. the room temperature should be + 20 ° C with a decrease in the future with the help of windings to 15-16S. Duration of air baths at the beginning there will be only 4-5 minutes, but then seek to gradually increase this time to half an hour. When the temperature is mastered, you can go to the colder outdoor air.
outdoor walks are beneficial tothe health and condition of the nervous system. Walk preferably not less than 1 hour, the walking tempo is selected individually. When tempering at ambient temperature 5-10 degrees and below need to help your body, performing any exercises. Useful jogging, walking, skiing. Dress for the weather, dress code - casual.

Hardening the sun

Sunbathing extensive use of every one of you intheir daily life, and especially if you stay close to the river and the sea. Here, the main sense of proportion, all extremes are harmful to health. And do not forget to put on a hat, preferably a light head. Recommended time of the day sunbathing in the south of 8-11 and 17-19 hours. Initially healingandbodywork recommends sunbathing is not more than 15 minutes, especially those who are fair-skinned. Gradually increasing the duration sunbathing on a 5-10 minute walk from 2-3 hours, but every hour must make a break for 10-15 minutes. Another caveat: eat one hour before and after these procedures is not recommended.
Under the influence of tempering air, water,sunlight increase resilience and endurance of the organism to changing environmental conditions: increased immune resistance to disease, improved mechanisms of thermoregulation, balanced state of nervous processes.

Highly recommended walking barefoot. First, it can be done in the room, and in the spring, summer and already seasoned man - in the fall, around the house along the path in the garden on the grass and sand (from a few minutes). Note the walk barefoot in the dew in the early morning and late evening. It is especially recommended for women.
If you start hardening of tomorrow, you have a chance to participate in Epiphany bathing in January ... the next year.