Hair Removal - Hair Removal

Nothing can be done - to have hair on the bodywoman was indecently as thousands of years ago and now. But the most disappointing that in all that time technological progress has given us not only 100% effective method of getting rid of all the excess vegetation at the same time and for all. Many available on this day - long, painful, do not rule out complications, and some also encourage the subsequent growth of hair. I'm sure, is to style men's hair removal and the situation will soon change dramatically!

As long as there is armed with the modern woman to somehow solve this problem, preferably without much loss - physical, moral and financial?

There are several ways of hair removal - temporary hair removal:

Hair Removal - Hair Removal

- Chemical bleaching - the easiestmethod. Effective, if the problem is only in rare hair on the face and body. The liquid bleach is applied to the skin and rinsed off after a certain time. Hair brighten and become brittle. For this purpose, the hair is rubbed several times a day with a cotton swab moistened with a small amount of 5.10% hydrogen peroxide, to which is added prior to use several drops of ammonia. Also used perhydrol (50% hydrogen peroxide) - it is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10. Packs of this solution are applied for 1-2 hours every day until the hair is not discolored. To maintain bleaching compresses repeated for 3-4 days. You can order the pharmacy ointment consisting of antifebrin (0.5 g), anhydrous lanolin (10 g), vaseline (20 g) and perhydrol (6 g). From prolonged use of this means of pale hair, dried, becoming more fragile, brittle.

Hair Removal - Hair Removal

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