Hair tattooing eyebrows

It is now widely popular service inbeauty salons is permanent makeup (tattoo) eyebrows. This cosmetic procedure performed in the hair technology, allowing them to create a new form or to emphasize the already existing. Such a tattoo with a thorough portrayal of each hair allows to achieve the maximum effect of naturalness.

What is a hair tattoo

Currently, as a fashion trendperform well maintained and most expressive eyebrows. sometimes you have to largely work hard to achieve a similar effect. Not all women can boast of ideal shape of eyebrows, some by nature, they are not very expressive. In addition, as a result of a regular shape correction the brow arcs by plucking the hairs become thinner over time, become less strong and grow rarer. Restore method otraschivaniya neat and fairly thick eyebrows is not always possible. In such cases, many female representatives are thinking about carrying out correction. In modern conditions the services of the salon tattoo eyebrows are largely in demand. In the course of this procedure, the master cosmetologist enters into the upper layers of the epidermis coloring pigment shades suitable mineral or vegetable based.

Permanent makeup can solve several problems of cosmetic and aesthetic:

  • to emphasize the shape of the existing brow, slightly adjust or completely modify it;
  • to give a higher density of the eyebrows, as well as the necessary symmetry;
  • in the case of unsightly scars in the area of ​​the brow arches - to disguise them;
  • make eyebrow more expressive, emphasizing the advantageous shape of the face;
  • to achieve a rejuvenating effect.

Thanks to well-designed as a correctiontattooing eyebrows, appearance is of particular emphasis, that allows you to look more impressive. Hair tattooing technique in which to create the most natural result produced a thorough portrayal of each individual hair on the eyebrows, in our beauty salons began to use recently. However, this method of correction has already gained popularity. After such a procedure, performed by a professional, eyebrows look the most natural.

As a rule, even with the most carefulconsidering it is very difficult to distinguish the strokes caused by tattooing on natural hair. At the same time the effect of expressive eyebrows persists for a long time, and at any time of the day, in all weather conditions, without makeup or with a minimal amount of it you will be confident in their own irresistibility. Permanent tattooing eyebrows, made in the hair technology, will allow any woman to look great in a variety of situations, including in the mornings. In addition, at work, in the event of a sudden a party at the pool and on the beach you can not worry about the stability of makeup, give expressiveness to your eyebrows.

Do not skimp on beauty - fromprofessionalism of the master, the quality of analgesia and application of pigment will depend on many things. The use of proven high-quality dye, it is absolutely harmless to the skin, guarantees the absence of problems in the future, and lasting results in the long-term procedure.

Types of hair tattoo

There are two main ways to do hair tattoo:

  • European - in such cases the pattern,simulating the hairs on the eyebrow, applied in small strokes uniform thickness and the same length (5 to 10 mm, depending on the input data and the desired result). Thus all hairs are oriented in the upward direction, the ends are slightly rounded bottom. The result is carefully traced and impressive arched eyebrows, which look very elegant. To correct their form might need to refer to the salon a couple of months;
  • Oriental or Japanese method is somewhat more complicated inimplementation, since it implies an individual approach, in which is possible to achieve the most natural type of eyebrows. Figure strokes applied light, wherein the hairs can be of different lengths. They are also oriented upward, but at different angles, some of which are interwoven. In addition, the individual strokes, imitating the hairs can also be distracting from the overall design. Such a permanent make-up, in the performance of which requires creativity, will look the most natural, with guaranteed long-term result. Correction required about once a year when using the eastern method of eyebrow tattooing.

The technique of hair tattoo

It's worth noting that the day before the holding of such a procedure, it is recommended to give up smoking, alcohol, coffee and spicy foods.

Depending on the individual data of the client,her face shape master selects the appropriate form for her eyebrows, draw a sketch on paper and offers the best option for processing. If the client approves it, then you need to choose the right shade of color pigment. Many people are convinced that the most advantageous to look natural color of eyebrows. However, this is not always so - most women use different hair dyes, this requires that the eyebrows looked quite distinct in combination with colored strands. For blonde girls is recommended to stay on the brown scale tattoo, the intensity of the effect pigments need to pick up in conjunction with the master. For brunettes intense dark colors suited to the greatest degree, combining gray, brown and olive shades for brown-haired women - gray-brown or chocolate. Red-haired ladies recommend using warm colors with reddish, olive or brown tint.

Stages of hair tatuzha:

  • after the selection of the color pigment master treats the skin in the eyebrow with a disinfectant solution;
  • eyebrows are smoothed and trimmed, then the desired contours drawn cosmetic pencil;
  • since the procedure for applying the tattoo can causediscomfort, according to the customer is performed local anesthesia - in this case, a beautician does cauterized or causes special gel;
  • then you can proceed directly to thedrawing the eyebrow hairs - for this using a special instrument in a sterile epidermis to a depth of about 2 mm is introduced coloring pigment. Depending on the complexity of the correction, such a procedure can take from 40 minutes to two hours.

It is worth noting that after the proceduretatuzha eyebrows at first will look on your face clearly enough, after one to two weeks to stabilize their tone and become more muted. Depending on the application of the coloring composition, resistance like permanent makeup eyebrows can reach 3-5 years.

How to care for the eyebrows after tattooing

When planning a tattoo of hairit is worth considering that the procedure for the skin is largely traumatic character. The impact of color pigment dries the epidermis, forming a crust on it, which subsequently spontaneously fall off, revealing the skin to regenerate. Thus, following the procedure tattoo recovery period occurs, during which it is important to carefully take care of the eyebrows. During the healing of prohibited watering, can not be touched by hands, and scratching.

First, dry cotton swab should be removedichor, then every day the skin in these areas will need to handle 3% tetracycline ointment or other antiseptic composition. On the eyebrows eventually formed dry crust that can not be removed - you must wait until it will disappear on their own. After that need to process the brow arch for a couple of hours before bedtime moisturizer (or Troxevasin Lioton can be used for this). After the hair tattooing eyebrows skin recovery period averages 25 days.

Contraindications to tattoo eyebrows

Despite the fact that the correction of eyebrows is considered gentle and harmless to the health of the procedure, there are some contraindications to its performance. They can act as:

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • inflammatory and viral diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • coagulation disorders;
  • oncological diseases;
  • epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, diabetes;
  • High sensitivity of the skin;
  • idiosyncrasy components of the ink composition.

Carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons", andmaking sure there are no contraindications, you are ready for the procedure in the hair eyebrow tattooing technique. This correction is performed by a professional, allowing a safe method for a long time to get well-groomed, neat eyebrows - as a result you will be able to look "one hundred percent", with the resulting effect will be to please you and others for a long time.