Habits slim women

Habits slim women

• Get enough sleep.
• Do not make a cult out of food. Search for pleasure is not in the refrigerator, and around the world.
• Love and respect your body.
• To drink a lot of water.
• Get up from the table with a feeling of easy hunger.
• Avoid short-term diets that make life a living hell.
• Do sport.
• Do not be jealous of anemic model.
• Buy yourself a beautiful dress.
• There is only a high-quality and tasty food.
• Do not smoke.
• Do not abuse alcohol.
• Do not have dinner before going to bed.
• There are small portions 4-6 times a day.
• Have breakfast useful carbohydrates (cereal, whole-grain breads, cereals, etc.)
• Drink before bedtime yogurt.
• Do not indulge in any categorical products: forbidden fruit is sweet.
• Carefully chew food.
• «Savor" each piece, turned in his mouth.
• Do not get involved in low-fat foods and sugar substitutes (food should nourish the body).
• Do not eat at the computer and watching television.
• Easy to perceive situational overeating. This is not a disaster, just eat less the next day.
• Do not treat chocolates stress and excitement.
• There is slow.
• Reject the food garbage (fast food, etc.).
• To drink tea and coffee without sugar.
• Lots of walking.
• Regularly have sex.
• Do not wash down the main meal, so as not to dilute the gastric juice, necessary for digestion.
• Do not seek to leave a clean plate as a child. Not eaten - that's fine.
• There are dishes from the cool colors (blue, dark green, purple).
• Limit the use of salt.
• Take a contrast shower.
• Engage in interesting work. Idleness - the best provocateur gluttony.
• Do not "kusochnichat" during cooking.
• Weighed only on an empty stomach.
• Going to the grocery store satiated.
• Most laugh.
• lean on protein foods, vegetables, fruits and herbs.
• Use natural spices.
• Maintain the state of love and happiness.
• Do not surround yourself with people obsessed with diets.
• Arrange fasting days, if you feel that it is time to cleanse the body.
• Forget the negative attitudes like "I'm fat", "I'm lazy" and so on. N.
• Monitor health status.
• Read a good book. Fitness for the brain - is no less important than the body.
• To love soups.
• Do not neglect the massage.
• Avoid baggy clothing, hides figure.
• to fully relax from work.

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